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Letter: How to Stop Insulting Communication

Is There a Way to Stop the Insulting Ghost Box Communications?

I received a letter asking specifically about insults coming through the box. We’ve all been there. You get into the proper state of mind for a session. You have carefully set-up your camera and your audio recorder. Your ghost box is ready to go, you turn it on and insults start to fly through.

It happens to everyone who has taken ghost boxing seriously. It can be frightening to some, and to others, it is a major annoyance – especially if the insulting communication happens with some regularity.

There is no surefire way to deal with insults other than by turning the ghost box off, but I have tried a couple methods over the years and one of them has worked well for me as outlined below.

Remember that there is a silver lining from foul language insults – most of the words you will hear are not allowed to be broadcast on public radio. These words coming through a commercially tuned radio is evidence of communication that is most definitely not radio broadcast and therefor must be of another origin!

Letter sent in regards to insults and foul language ghost box communications:

Been using my radio shack 20/125 for 4 months now with fab responses.The last month a trickle of insults emerged [slag ,slut whore, skank, rip, bitch…which I am definitely not] and the past 2 weeks full on; at first it was a male but now 3 or 4 woman have joined in.

I am polite and respectful using the GB, any ideas how to stop it? I do say I will close the box until negative access is stopped, but it fires up soon after. A friend says sounds as if women are jealous as I always receive lots of constant male names and voices and very few [if any] woman.

I’m not scared it just spoils the session and is very distracting. Any suggestions would  be welcome…

Regards …(name redacted)

My response to this person based upon my experience with like matters:

Hi (name redacted).

Thanks for reaching out!

First of all, congrats on the 20-125. It is one of the finer shack hacks out there and it is a very nice communication device.

As for negative communications, it happens to all us, male or female. It can be really annoying at times because we are trying to make solid contact with the other side and instead we get those who want to railroad each session with foul language. I do find it a little odd that you are getting mainly female voices swearing, I get those very rarely as it is usually male voices that come through on my end.

I believe part of the problem is that they are testing the waters. If you threaten to turn the box off and do not, then they have no reason to stop. Be firm. They want to communicate just as much as you do otherwise they would not be speaking in the first place. When I get negative swearing or insults, I simply tell them “stop the language or I’ll hang up.” If the language does not stop, I make true on my promise. They have learned this about my sessions over the years and when I ask for the language to stop, it usually does.

It wasn’t always that way though.

I believe the other part of the problem is your spirit group. I don’t know how long you have been practicing ghost boxing, but contacts on the other side take years to develop. You begin to learn their voices and how they speak. You look for these contacts. These are the contacts that help foster communication and also to weed out the malcontents. Some of the contacts will be Techs. Some may be family. Others may be people you have never met but they find you interesting. This happens frequently if you are an active field investigator. You pick up contacts at a location and based upon your dialogue, they stick around for more. I still have a little boy who contacts me from a place I used to investigate six years ago and is located seven hundred and twenty five kilometers away. Look for these voices and ask for their assistance. It is not always easy to learn their names, it takes a lot of time and patience and dozens of sessions before you can associate a name with a voice. For example, I did not recognize that my primary Tech, Tom, was a Tech until a couple years had passed!

Rely on your instinct and your contacts and you should be able to get most of the vile voices to abate. Do not be afraid to ask for your contacts to escort the vile ones away.

Finally, you may also want to take the direction of learning who is swearing and why. I do not worry about swear words unless they are a direct threat or insulting to myself or anyone else in the room. I do not tolerate insults because they can go away with the click of a power button. But, if the voices are consistent, you can always ask why they are treating you this way and try to get to the source of the problem. I have to admit, I’ve only tried this method once and it did not work for me – but as with any research, you cannot rule something out based upon a single test so it may be worth trying again.

Have you tried different locations? If you are doing these sessions in your home, that may be where these ITC voices know where to find you. Try doing field locations – any place with radio reception will do. Go a town or two over, or travel to the opposite side of the city. It can be a street, alley way, next to a church, a cemetery – any location will do. See if the insults follow you.

Having a session spoiled sucks. Remember that ultimately you are the one in control of the session. Without the ghost box they cannot speak to you audibly. They know that and in time will learn to respect that.

Thanks again, (name redacted), for reaching out. I hope that this helps a little bit and that you will be able to get back to solid communication in short order without the insults.

All the best.




  1. katya says:

    I just stumbled across this site and as I am so new to it, I don’t understand your use of the term ‘tech.’ Would you mind explaining what that is, exactly?

  2. Kym-n-Mark says:

    Thanks, Tim, for the intro as well as sharing your original correspondence and advice. We’ve spent so much time in the field over the past year, cultivating new acquaintances, we’ve assumed each session was all new contacts.

    But we have noticed one voice and name in particular that has popped up at several different locations, which we thought curious (or at worst, a “stuck record” in our GB!)

    Guess we need to start paying attention to this communication and stop turning our backs on recurring voices and instead cultivate them as well. As always, useful info for N00bs like us! 🙂

  3. Sherif Wahba says:

    Thanks! Tim! 🙂 You have a great experience 🙂

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