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Letter: Forcing a Resistant Spirit to Move On

How Do You Force A Spirit Into the Light?

Today I received a letter and I am writing the response here because the sender’s email was entered incorrectly and my response was rejected by their email server. I hope that this response will find the original sender.

The letter is another inquiry about crossing over spirits into the light, but this time the focus is a little different. The spirit in question is obstinate and refuses to move on. This can cause for difficult situations, especially when the spirit is affecting you and your home life.

Letter sent in regards to helping an angry spirit into the light:

I am in a home with multiple spirits. There is young girl (age 10) and a cat. There is also an adult male spirit who has tried to ‘hid’ himself from me. He has been banished from the home and property and appears to be following the boundaries I have established. But, at the same time, he continues to ‘battle’ me.

I am having a hard time with research. If I can see them and communicate then I can help them to move on. The little girl and the cat are receptive – the man is not. He is literally caught up in his torment. I saw his tunnel, his light is far and distant – a pinhole. I have been talking with him about moving towards it – freedom from the pain of life he led. I’ve been very positive and encouraging – but he continues with excuses.

So – How do I get him to move towards the light when he regrets it? When he despises it! He and I have talked much… He is, literally, refusing to acknowledge the light, despite the fact that he can see it.

I am an empath and I want to help-I am overwhelmed with compassion… but I have many lessons learned…He needs extra help and I don’t know what to do…He battles me – but I keep him in check. He is listening to me, In to the respect of boundaries laid out by the divine source.

But – he is pissed! I feel I would have no trouble helping the child and cat move on – but him – he’s stubborn. I already called him on his BS, stuff changed after that. He got more stubborn – more angry. The more I make him acknowledge the source – the greater the battle becomes.

I just want him gone – If I can help resolve something that is my greater goal. Even thou he is nasty I sympathize with his past – that which made him what he is and my past, beyond this life, has made me what I am. So – how do you force a spirit move on who is resistant to go?

Name Redacted.

My response regarding this inquiry based upon experience:

(Name Redacted),

You can no more force a spirit into the next stage of the afterlife than you could successfully herd cats.

As you know, “he” is an intelligent being. With that comes consciousness and all the baggage that carries: memories, fears, will, emotions, etc. From your message, it appears that you have tried to appeal to him emotionally with no avail. It is an impossible to force him to move onward, for you are dealing with willpower. You have no physical nor mental sway over him and simply cannot force him to do anything he does not want to.

As you likely know, the earthbound stage is one of confusion and darkness. The memories or the physical life are still very strong and the earthbound is trying to cope with his new surroundings after death. It is a place where one gets lost easily and the longer one is lost, the worse their outlook becomes. This is why communications from the earthbounds are typically fraught with anger and lashing out. A perfectly peaceful person who dies unexpectedly or gets lost in the transition can become angry due to the lack of closure. Being stuck in transition, with others who are just as confused and emotionally vulnerable, is the equivalent of hell.

Luckily, they always find their way through in due time.

Long before I used ghost boxes to help those cross that needed it, I used to do it instinctively. As an empath, you can get a better read on a situation that instinct alone, but this is how I used to address them (more or less – each situation is different):

Addressing an earthbound spirit directly:

Sir (or Madam) – I know you are in a place of pain right now. Things are confusing and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight.

But there is. There is an end to all the anger and loss you are feeling and your loved ones are awaiting your return. The light you saw when you entered this realm, the same light that may be dimmed now, but still visible, is your path. It is the natural path for all of us: man, woman and child. It is the path to love and renewal. It is where your loved ones on your side of the veil await you. They will pull you up and restore you to yourself again.

The path is one that ultimately leads to reflection upon the life you’ve lived. It will connect you again with the source, that vibrant life-force that you wish to have again.

Fear not, there is no judgment nor pain going into the light. It is the natural order of things and you will continue to wander until you accept it. All humans go through this, and those who left before you are waiting.

You will find peace. You will find love. You will find closure.

But none of these things will find you until you take those first steps. Know that once you move on, you can always come back to check on the living, but most don’t.

It is time to move on to get the peace you so deserve Sir (or Madam).

Talking to them gently, letting them know what is ahead is the most effective way to communicate and to put the lost at ease.

There is another method that I use almost exclusively now. When I use my ghost boxes, I almost always get calls for help. We all have Technicians (Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels – whatever you want to call them) that can do the work for you. First, the person has to want help and without that, there is nothing that can be done. Once they realize they need help, that is when you can call upon your guides to help them out directly. I ask them to look for my particular Tech, Tom. I am lucky enough to be able to hear Tom’s voice and I have worked with him dozens of times to do this. I ask the lost to find Tom for he is by me, and hold his hand. Tom often then says “they left” or “I’ve got them” to let me know he’s guided them across. If you have a guide that you know, you can always try this method.

But under no circumstances can you force them across. You do not have the power, nor does anyone, to make such a thing happen. The only thing you can do is be helpful, understanding, and understand what lies ahead for his spiritual journey in order to alleviate some of the angst that his situation is causing. If you can get him to admit he needs help, or reassure him to the point where he no longer fears moving on, then he will go in short order.

I hope this helps, (Name Redacted).  Thank you for trusting me to give you advice on this matter. By no means do I have all the answers as none of this can be “proven;” but I have worked with these methods for years and have recorded tangible crossover sessions as a result.

All the best,


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