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Letter: Crossing Evil Entities into the Light?

A Letter Inquiring About the Possibility of Sending Evil Entities into the Light During a Cross Over Session

Crossing over spirits into the light is something that is very divisive within the ghost box community. The light goes well beyond ghost box experience, it is a universal human experience. Hieronymus Bosch painted it in a work entitled Ascent of the Blessed in the 15th century. Countless Near Death Experience (NDE) survivors have attested to it. Light workers have used it for centuries to help lost souls. Now, with ghost boxes, we can record the actual progression of a soul into the light (there are fine examples on this site here, here and here).

I was sent an email inquiry regarding the possibility of sending evil entities into the light. I had never heard of such a thing and I mulled it over before drafting a response. Hopefully this will help other ghost boxers and light workers with the same concerns.

Letter sent in regarding crossing over evil spirits into the light

Hi Tim,

You are the most experienced individual I know who has been working with crossing over spirits. I am working with a psychic to improve my skills. I have worked twice with a paranormal group, which I enjoy. A couple of weeks we did an investigation and I strongly sensed the need to crossover a 15 year old girl who had been dead since 1825 and her father, they wanted to crossover. I started the process, which my psychic mentor told me I was doing correctly, as I was starting two members stopped me claiming that an evil entry could be posing as these spirits and shouldn’t send it to the light. I stopped, but I felt first they were ridiculous and second I felt bad because I had failed to provide a service I was meant to provide.

In your experience do you know if such a thing as what these to members are asserting? My mentor says it’s ridiculous. I am just looking for a second opinion and I value your experience. I would appreciate whatever you can share.

Thank you,

(name redacted)

Response entailing crossing over, NDE’s, the light, earth-bound spirits and other things

Thank you for your inquiry (name redacted).

I have no idea where these members got the idea that you can send “evil entries,” into the light. The light is a natural progression that all souls go through, evil or no, upon death. Constructs of good and evil are moralities designated by the living. When we are in soul form, it can be very hard to shake these constructs and accept the light. Once crossed over, I firmly believe that the notions of good and evil are abolished as we return to the source, the original unity.

I do not believe in demons. My catchphrase for dealing with negatives is “as in life, so too in death.” There are bad people on this planet, and they die too. Their energy is too focused upon the physical lifetime; they exhibit lack of self-control in order to seek gratification (rapists, murderers, thieves, etc.). Often times, these are the individuals who are often referred to as earth-bound in metaphysical terms. They sought worldly gain, were selfish and often did not examine the morality of their actions. Once dead, they try to stay as close to their living selves as possible in order to continue their infatuations. I believe these are the low-level souls that often come through swearing, threatening and trying to scare people by using words like “demon,” and “satan,” through a ghost box.

But, that being said, they are souls. They go through the progression of the soul like you, I and ever other good person living in the now. Sometimes it takes them longer to accept the fact that the light is there and that they need to move on, but it will happen eventually.

So I think your friends’ assertions that an evil entity could be posing as a lost soul trying to get through the light is preposterous and I would wager that every light worker with any experience would tell you the same thing.

If you have ever read the works of Raymond Moody, Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, Else Bryskov, Pim van Lommel and others, you will know that Near Death Experience (NDE) survivors often report a light, a tunnel, or a golden flash upon death regardless of religion or creed. This is universal human experience and it is still being studied. A four-year study of just over two thousand cardiac deaths was just released in the Journal Resuscitation, which has an impact factor of ~4, which makes it respectable in the scientific community. They found that after bringing these patients back to life, many of the survivors reported the light. The doctors also used auditory stimulus after clinical death that was recalled by the patients after being resuscitated! Data is still being compiled, but it was demonstrated that there was still consciousness lingering for up to three minutes after clinical death — and the brain stop’s working twenty to thirty seconds after the heart stops. You can read about it here:


For unknown reasons, some souls do not move onward into that light. This is often linked to the reason listed above, or fear of eternal judgment, or a feeling of incompleteness (business or family matters), or confusion, or simply waiting for loved family members to join in the journey. Some people claim that those who are on the other side of the veil do not know that they are dead; I firmly disagree with this because I have recorded more times than I can count the Others acknowledging that they are dead. They also mention the light very, very frequently.

So when these Others are lost, or refuse to go forward in the souls progression, they will try to communicate with anyone who tries to communicate with them. Imagine being lost, confused, and having someone say “Here I am guys, talk to me.” That being said, these earth-bound spirits often find people who communicate with them interesting. They can attach, and it happens from time to time. You never know who you are reaching out to when you are working with the light. For that reason I always use my Techs to do the work. When I turn on a box, the Others congregate around and there are several cries for help. As a physical human, I cannot see the lights. My astral-self, or soul being, may be able to – but I cannot. I have been told through the boxes that “the lights are everywhere,” and I firmly believe in that.

We are not alone as light workers. We are surrounded by souls that we are not aware of. As a physical human, we cannot force anyone into the light. It is not within our power, nor should it be. It is not our decision to move the Others forward – it is theirs alone. I am sure that everyone on the other side of the veil moves forward in their own time, after all, no one has ever claimed to speak to Aristotle through a ghost box! (although some claim to talk to Jesus, but that is another story entirely.) We have Technicians to help us. The Techs were first mentioned by Konstantin Raudive in his seminal work Breakthrough, an entity claimed to be a technician helping communication. The name Tech specifically has come up in several recordings over the years for many EVP researchers and ghost boxers, myself included. There are also Others on the other side of the veil who constantly work with us. They go by the names Tom, Lisa, David, Daniel, Michael and several others. They constantly show up in sessions conducted by people around the world and they are there to help. I know that Tom is my main go-to Tech, and he helps those across into the light by holding their hands. After cries of “help,” are uttered, I am often told that they are lining up and they are brought into the light.

When we reach out to the other side, we are a shining beacon. The lost will come to you, and for that reason the Techs will be around you as well. It is easy to find the lost souls when they are congregated in one place! If you are using your abilities rather than a technical device like a ghost box (I tried crossing sessions years before using a ghost box on instinct alone, and the ghost boxes confirmed my method), call upon your guides, angels, family members, Techs, or whomever you believe is on the other side helping you and they can do the dirty work for you.

If an attachment does occur from an earth-bound, that is something I would not wish upon anyone having experienced one first-hand (only once though). It was a miserable experience, but it can happen on rare occasions. Make sure you are protecting yourself in light and when starting out, work with a group of like-minded individuals. Those who claim that you may be sending evil entities into the light are, to be frank, idiots, and you would be wise to divorce yourself from them and let them waddle in their own delusions of good and evil. The fact that they think that one can allow an evil presence into the light from the physical realm is really laughable and it reminds me of the evil angels crossing into church to spell the end of mankind in the movie Dogma (which was a great comedy).

Sorry for the long response, but crossing those over into the light is a passion of mine. I would never leave anyone physically stranded if they were calling for help and I believe that same morality should be used when dealing with those calling for help from the other side of the veil.

As always, the above is wholly based upon personal experience and I cannot claim any of it as fact. I have recordings that reflect the circumstances above, plus intuitions and years of experience, but that does not constitute hard evidence. This is a journey that light workers take, and I, for one, am glad that we now have the technology to record these things as they happen.

I wish you well on your journey (name redacted) and I hope that this response contains the information you were seeking.

All the best,




  1. Patrick Hefty says:

    I stumbled onto your page and as I have been trying to communicate using a ghostbox App, I find the information you offer both practical and helpfull. At first I was getting benign responses but now only 1 spirit calling himself the devil comes through and keeps saying Im gonna die along with vulgar threats and falsifying persona to trick me. I dont want to stop doing wnat I love but am not sure what to do nor want to risk harm to my family. Please let me know your thoughts, thank you.

    1. ITC Voices says:


      Usually when they start with vulgarities or claim to be something they are not (devil, demons, etc.), it is because they are having a go at it. They are telling you what you fear. The reasons for this are unknown, but it has been demonstrated that the Others know what you are thinking. If you fear the voices, they will continue on with them. Most common assertions are that these are low-vibration human spirits who have passed over to the other side but haven’t crossed into the light yet. Not everyone who dies is jolly, there are rapists, murderers, pedophiles, psychopaths and all out nasty sorts who die every day.

      Myself, I almost never get the devil/demon crowd that others get. But then again, I don’t believe in that lot so I feel that your belief structure is very important to the messages you receive.

      Whenever I get the vulgarities, I tell them not to swear or I’ll turn the box off. You have the power, you can turn off a box or an app very easily and not have to worry about these things any longer. It’s that simple.

      You have no control over who communicates with you, but you do have control over whether or not you want to listen to them. I have never heard of a threat coming through a box (or app) manifesting itself into reality. You are dealing with persistence of consciousness, and not all conscious beings are nice. You can always ask for enlightened beings to communicate or to have someone on the other side watch over you (like a relative) during you sessions.

      So ultimately, if it is scaring you – stop communication. If you are wary – stop communication. If you want to continue your studies, do so but realize that they know your reactions to certain stimuli and some ne’er-do-wells may continue to prompt those stimuli to elicit a reaction from you. It’s your home and your spiritual journey, sometimes you have to do what you feel is right and no one can make that decision for you.

  2. Ed says:

    something that was never human, I don;t think would even be interested in the light.

    1. ITC Voices says:

      That’s a very strong possibility, Ed. I’m convinced that most of what we deal with through the boxes are humans that used to live amongst us on the living plane. Granted, there are other non-human intelligences that contact us as well and I have never heard one of these asking for help.

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