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What We Know, and Don’t Know, about Ghost Box Communication

Ghost Box Communication is Still a Mystery.

Tim Woolworth

15 May 2014

The mechanism by which the Others communicate with us via the ghost box is a mystery.  There is no positive, repeatable science regarding the formation of EVP, let alone ghost box communication.

That being said, there are some things that I have gleaned from countless hours using various ghost boxes.  I hope that condensing these points into a manageable form will propagate other  ghost box researchers to build upon these points via their research to create more finite definitions.

We simply do not know how this communication occurs.

Nobody is an “expert,” when it comes to ghost box communication, but there are those who have more “experiences.”  With that being said, here is what we positively do know from ghost box experiences, ghost box recordings and ghost box builders:

  1. Radio tuners are used in ghost boxes;
  2. White noise is inherently generated from the continual scanning of a radio tuner;
  3. The commercial ghost box (PSB-7) that most everyone utilizes intentionally adds white noise;
  4. This continual scanning through available radio frequencies (AM or FM – ghost box dependent) occurs either randomly or linearly (ghost box dependent) at a rate that varies by the ghost box being used;
  5. Some ghost box scan rates are fixed, others are variable (ghost box dependent)
  6. Some ghost boxes allow the ghost box user to manipulate the amount of radio bandwidth that is heard from the scan;
  7. Ghost boxes do not work as well in a Faraday cage since they block RF signal (but EVP can be recorded in said cage); and
  8. Two-Way direct communication is produced.

There are several types of communication from the Others that has been produced over the years:

  1. Manipulated voices broadcast over the radio (including different voices forming a spoken communication that may utilize choruses, and sing-song voices in addition to standard speech);
  2. Manipulated songs broadcast over the radio;
  3. Unearthly or electronic voices are often heard;
  4. Voices of living humans known to the ghost boxer have been recorded on multiple occasions;
  5. Sometimes beeps will be heard before or after Breakthrough Communication;
  6. Clear, conversational quality Breakthrough Communication that has no radio broadcast manipulation occurs, and
  7. The culmination of the produced communication is tangible (names, nicknames, swear words, location specific information, etc.), but the process by which this communication is achieved by the other side is unknown.

We are sure that that there is conscious intent behind the communication.

And now for some speculative, scientifically ignorant, ghost box theory…

There are no cohesive theories which encompass the full span of ghost box communication.  In a completely unscientific manner (since I am a scientific laymen), I have attempted to produce one here.  This theory is based off of an idea that just popped into my head back in 2009 regarding the method by which ghost box communication occurs.  I am hoping that one day I can sit down with a qualified scientist to flesh the possibility of this theory out.

That being said, here is my idea of how ghost box communication occurs.

  1. Sentient beings, not physically present, recognize when a box is turned on;
  2. The sentient beings then attempt to communicate with us either through thought or vocal communication;
  3. This communication has a frequency base (wavelengths) like all energy – in this instance it may be sound energy via vocal communication; or if they express themselves via conscious thought, it may be brain wave energy;
  4. White noise that is produced by the act of a radio tuner scan contains all audible frequencies;
  5. The energy expressed from the sentient beings has quantifiable wavelengths – vocal communication happens over hundreds of wavelengths (measured in Hertz, the base wavelengths of a male voice are typically 85hZ-180hZ and a female voice has typical base wavelengths of 165hZ-255hZ; note that all the frequencies used have paired frequencies, called harmonics, that go beyond our range of hearing);
  6. These wavelengths (and their subsequent harmonic pairs) match up wavelengths with the white noise, and/or raw audio (including broadcast voices, songs and song bits) produced from the random nature of radio tuner scanning;
  7. When these wavelengths match up, their wavelength amplitudes (volume) increase because the white noise makes the frequencies (both base and harmonic) expressed by the sentient beings stronger – this is a well known phenomenon called Stochastic Resonance (basically white noise carries a frequency with lesser amplitude and makes it louder than the white noise itself by the doubling of equal frequencies [as well as tripling, quadrupling, etc of the base frequency and it’s harmonic pairs]);
  8. With stochastic resonance, the sentient’s communication wavelengths (both base and harmonic) have an amplitude that is now loud enough to be heard through a speaker;
  9. This communication is received and becomes a ghost box communication.

Once again, I have no idea if this is the mechanism by which ghost box communication occurs, it is strictly intuition insofar as the words stochastic resonance popped into my head at a time when I had no concept of the term. To view an expanded version of the stochastic resonance hypothesis, please read this article.

I sincerely hope that a physicist, or other qualified scientist, will work through this one day to confirm, deny or add to this theory of ghost box communication.



  1. DR ROB LEE says:

    Can someone refer a builder of ghostboxes?

  2. Bob says:

    I, like a lot of curious people, have watched the various “Ghost Shows” that are on TV these days. Like several people that have commented here, they are about theatrics, basic EVPs and sketchy evidence at best.One group uses SB-7, SB-10 spirit boxes, an Ovulus device and all sorts of devices and capture nothing as relevant as direct communication via better spirit boxes, and now the new SCD-1 app that has everyone buzzing.

    I would like to communicate with the “Others” as they are referred to here, but I am concerned that once you open the door to direct communication, it can not be easily closed. When I listen to these sessions that are posted it sounds like, at least to me, a franic group of people all trying to speak at once, to get their message in and in that process become garbelled, or hard to understand. But what disturbs me is the apparent sheer numbers of spirits or others trying to communicate.

    I am the last living member of my blood family and I would very much like to try and communicate with those that have passed, but frankly, I am more than a little frightened to try. An extremely sensitive medium whose was a dear friend of mine and has since passed, always told me he would never open that door to direct communication because it would never be shut.

    I supppose what I’m looking for is some good advice about attempting this task and everyones thoughts about starting. I’m just an average guy looking for some answers and closure. ANY help or advice would greatly appreciated.



    1. ITC Voices says:

      Hi Bob! Thank you for reading. You just gave me an idea for an article on the very topic you are asking about. I hope to have it up next week on the site. I will be addressing your concerns in the article. If you haven’t done so, enter your email into the subscribe box at the top of the left-hand column to keep up to date with all new articles and posts – that way you’ll know when the article is posted.

      Thanks for the idea! Tim

      1. Bob says:

        Well, I’m happy that I provided some inspiration for you. This is a huge conundrum for those of us who would like to experiment with these devices but haven’t had the background or training that most paranormal investigators have. In other words we have the desire, but lack expertise. And as with anyone, who is contemplating an unknown experience, there is some fear and anxiety attached to it. I look forward to your article with great anticipation.

    2. Bob…
      I began attempting communication (via spiritbox and spiritbox apps)after my father passed in 2013. I originally intended only to contact him and to quit afterwards but…thats just not how this thing works. It took me 2 years into my communication before I was finally able to reach him. Had I not cultivated relationships with helpful spirits along the way, that would not have been possible. They were the ones that saw how much I loved him and located him for me. Before I found those good spirits I ran into “lower vibrational” entities that threatened me, cursed me and scared the hell out of me on multiple occasions. No matter how scared I got, I hung in there and did my sessions. Bottom line: I’m still here. No boogeyman has carried me off. No horrible demon has gained control of my body. The most that happened to me was some bad dreams (spirit can effect those. Sounds crazy but yeah…) and some irrational fear. Reaching him was worth that and more. I grew to love the communication so much that I kept doing my sessions with the spirit radio and apps (yes apps work. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. Heard my father tell me he loved me through an app. THEY WORK!). I still communicate to this day. The bottom line is…if fear of the unknown keeps you from seeking communication with those you love, then you don’t want it that badly. I say chin up and forward into the unknown. Horror movies and ghost stories are fictions. Spirit is beautiful.

  3. I’m a little curious. I listen to everyone using these ghost boxes and several people come through saying help me. Why do the operators cut it short saying “well I’m turning it off now”? I have yet to see any person help anyone. Don’t we have a responsibility to at least try to get them to go toward the light? It seems like some operators use the ghost box, just to boast that they have made contact with the dead.

    I have my own ghost box and if anyone should ever ask for help, I will try my hardest to help them cross over. The same goes for shows like Ghost adventures….all they are looking for is their EVPs and theatrics and then they leave, even if someone asks for help. All of us will die one day and I pray that none of us get stuck, like they are.

    1. ITC Voices says:

      Sharon, that topic has been addressed several times on this site and in many of the ghost box forums out there.

      When you are conducting a ghost box session, you don’t always hear everything in real time. Yes, people help them when they can, but how to help somebody asking for it is a can of worms that needs to be opened from time to time.

      I will not go into the whole argument about if we can even help them because I have written a few articles on it already for this site:



      are two great examples. On either one of these articles you will see the words “Crossing Over” right above the title and that will pull up every article / video tagged with that.

      Very recently, I demo’d my new Andy’s Box and there was a full crossing over part near the end:


      It is done all the time. I am of the opinion that we do not have the power to help these people, but we can direct them to those who may be able to help them most.

      I hope that these articles / videos help (pun intended).

  4. Thank you for this article Tim. I am a firm believer in the ghost box WHEN it is used properly. We experiment extensively with ours, and regardless of what the “scientific community says, you cannot tell me that when you get responses that contain several words and are completely relevant to the question asked (I am not talking about hearing the words yes and no) that there is not something to it. We have gotten information via the PSB7 that was previously unknown and then verified through old documentation once I knew exactly what to look for. (I am a genealogist as well as a paranormal researcher and I do extensive research on our cases). It is my hope, that in the future ITC will be realized for what it is.

    1. Tim says:

      I couldn’t agree more, Shannon, on all points.

      I belong to a ghost hunting group that has three researchers, two of which are board certified genealogists. The ghost boxes have turned up information that has been useful on several occasions.

      As for your comment about using a ghost box properly, I would refer you to an article on this site. It is a few years old now, but it is still applicable to ghost box communication; now more so than ever due to the proliferation of ghost box owners over the last 3+ years since the article was written.


  5. Adriana P. says:

    “We are sure that that there is conscious intent behind the communication.” This is what keeps us ghost boxers persevering through thick and thin, boredom and excitement, and everything in between. We KNOW. We are SURE of this. That there is conscious intent. Even if we are not able to prove or ultimately even guess its origin in some cases, we know that it is conscious beyond a shadow of a shadow of a doubt. We have countless pieces of audio evidence among the growing lot of us which undeniably confirm this, more and more, day after day. The more something becomes a collective experience the less it can be discounted as a subjective experience. We are communicating with intelligent self-consciousness that exists outside of a living biological brain. And that much we are SURE of. Chew on that for two seconds. Yes, it is extremely exciting. This is why I am still here. I have confidence that science will confirm these things eventually. Tim was it you who said that… ghost box communication is an area that is a challenge to science because it involves an often uncontrollable variable – intelligent consciousness, which typically possesses a free will. In as much as human science can be applied to make natural reality conform to human will, I believe that human science can also conform to natural reality, in order to explain it. Even when that natural reality is intelligent consciousness. It requires impeccable objectivity, on all sides involved, and this article is very encouraging. Thank you Tim.

    1. Tim says:

      Adriana – thank you, as always, for your continued support. You are a good source of ideas and clarity when it comes to this field. I have talked to you several times about the uncontrollable nature of the paranormal in general because we cannot control the actions of another with consciousness. A researcher would be hard pressed to sit down with a person in a room and make them say the exact same thing several times in a row on multiple occasions. This is what would be required for scientific validation of ghost box communication – but the problem is that the consciousness that we are trying to elicit a response from has no physical presence (at least to our limited sensory perceptions) and whose voice may be modulated with every word even though it is the same consciousness. This field will never conform to science. The job of science is to adapt the events in our environment to processes we can understand; for ghost box theory to become scientifically validated, there would first have to be acknowledgement of persistence of consciousness and that will not happen in our lifetime.

      1. DR ROB LEE says:

        I’m currently writing a book “The Origin of Consciouness” using German research on memory in water. In my religion “LongHouse” we believe water retains consciousness of all sentient beings which includes Earth herself. With that said I’m proving the hypothesis using building blocks of science for repeated testing.

        Currently I need someone to teach me how to build a Spirit Room using multiple boxes.

        Thank you

        Dr Rob Lee
        LongHouse Priest

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