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Jürgenson’s Voice Transmissions with the Deceased PDF

In our ongoing effort to shine some light on the history of ITC, we will occasionally be putting forth PDF’s of historical publications relevant to modern-day ITC.

As many of you know, Friedrich Jürgenson was one of the forefathers of ITC. He was a filmmaker and while recording bird songs in the summer of 1959, he noticed voices that should not be there – including one from his mother. He subsequently wrote about these experiences and published them in his first book, Voices From Space published in his native Sweden in 1964.

While not the first to record electronic voice phenomena, Jürgenson was the first to publish a book on the topic.

Here is one of Jürgenson’s later books, Voice Transmissions with the Deceased (Sprechfunk mit Verstorbenen: Praktische Kontaktherstellung mit dem Jenseits), published in 1981. This version was translated by Tom Wingert and George Wynn.

You can download your free copy of Voice Transmissions with the Deceased by clicking here.

If you haven’t heard it yet, Tim Woolworth of ITC Voices may have recorded the voice of Friedrich Jürgenson! Check out the video with a comparative analysis of Jürgenson’s voice!


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