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Joe Cioppi’s Joe’s Box Full Circuit Diagram

Courtesy of Joe Cioppi

This is the full circuit diagram of the Joe’s Box, a type of ghost box created by the late Joe Cioppi.Joes Box Full Diagram



  1. Jake says:

    Here is a little more detailed schematic on the Joe’s box. http://i.imgur.com/53XLyNJ.png

  2. Pimblott says:

    Under the type of boxes section. It states the joes box is a linear sweep. This is not the case. Joe was utilizing the internal scan/reset functions of the tda7088 buy sending pulses from the 555 timers to pin 15…scan…and pin 16…reset…. through pnp transistor gates.

  3. Terry says:

    Some of the parts values are missing in the Joe Cioppi’s Joe’s Box schematics.
    Do you have the missing information?

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