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Jeffrey Wands on Spirit Communication

Are there doors to the spirit world? Do they say “enter,” or “exit,” or could they be revolving…

“Therefore, from my perspective, “another door opens” means first of all that there is more than one avenue of communication available to us. We can communicate in the usual ways with other people, but we can also communicate information on a psychic or soul level. Beyond that, however, the words “another door opens” mean that when someone dies, one door may close on our ability to communicate with that person but, at the same time, another door opens to a different kind of communication.

There are an infinite number of vortexes, or doors, on the plane where the souls come through. A vortex is a point of irresistible attraction, so once we realize that all souls are pure energy, we can visualize these entry points as pulling their energy towards us. Sometimes, however, it takes a soul time to find those points and learn how to come through.”

(Wands, Jeffrey. Another Door Opens: A Psychic Explains How Those in the World of Spirit Continue to Impact Our Lives. p.2)


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