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Janet Passmore – Bio of a Ghost Boxer

Ghost Box Biography of Janet Passmore

by Janet Passmore

Like most people involved in the many aspects of the paranormal field, my interest began at an early age. However, unlike those people, my interest did not stem from my own personal experiences, but rather from my lack of any experiences!

I was gifted with an inquiring mind and an insatiable curiosity for all manner of mysteries; anything unanswered or unsolved I would delve unreservedly into and attempt to formulate a reasonable explanation that would fit the known facts and offer a plausible explanation. Of course, the more I read and questioned and thought, the more questions I came up with! It became an intriguing, never-ending pursuit of mostly elusive solutions. It also laid the background for my love of research and my ability to remain skeptical, which in the true sense of the word means to keep an open mind.

When I was eight years old, my mother, sister, and brother all had supernatural experiences in a housing unit we lived in on Patrick AFB in Florida. I was the only one who did not witness or experience any type of bizarre activity! This is what set my feet firmly onto the paranormal path, and propelled me into a life-long quest to seek answers to the “why” of different phenomena–in particular, why some people experience uncanny happenings and some people, like me, do not; why certain places, things, and people, either old or new, become associated with paranormal happenings; and why certain types of paranormal activity occur in one haunted location, but not in another.

While the realm of the spirit world will always be my biggest fascination, I also enjoy exploring other facets of the paranormal such as Reincarnation, Cryptozoology, Dreams, Psychic Phenomena, Ancient Vanished Civilizations, and all forms of ITC. I tenaciously continue my hunt for ghosts and hauntings, with the hope of one day finally finding answers to so many of my “whys”. At present, I am actively and passionately engaged in practicing and researching Ghost Box Communication, with hopes of helping to shed light onto this misunderstood and disbelieved phenomena. I believe, given enough time, much research, and continued development of better communication devices that this interactive method can become the key to unlocking the door between our world and the next. I have no doubt that GBC will assist my colleagues and myself in our pursuit of the answers to the biggest mystery of all: what happens to us after death?

You can always contact me by emailing Jan@ITCvoices.org.


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