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ITC Voices on the Radio

A List of Radio Shows Featuring ITC Voices

In addition to presenting at conferences, Tim Woolworth of ITC Voices is often asked to be interviewed on various radio programs, both in-studio and online via Skype, Telephone and Google Hangouts. These radio shows are a great way to get a lot of information first hand about ghost boxes in a short period of time. During many shows, there is often a live ghost box session as well.

If you are interested in having a ghost box ITC specialist for your radio show, please send an email to ITC@ITCvoices.com with your request.

Radio Show Interviews (starting in 2015)

True Paranormal 01/17/15; with Jonathan Lento & Deb DeRousse

True Paranormal 02/28/15; with Jonathan Lento & Deb DeRousse

True Paranormal 06/13/15; with Jonathan Lento & Deb DeRousse

MN Ghost Box Radio 06/25/15; with Greg Bakun

True Paranormal 08/15/15; with Jonathan Lento & Deb DeRousse

Paranormalities and Ponderings 08/18/15; with Frank Lee

Black Cat Lounge 09/12/15; with the Reverend Tim Shaw

Crystal Visions 09/15/15; with Cathy Ciliento & Bill Hauser

Dead Tribe Paranormal 09/24/15 + Minibox Session Analysis; with Dan Patrick Gilman & Kellie Gilbert

Mystical Awakenings 11/11/15; with Deb DeRousse & Debbie Marcum

Paranormalities and Ponderings 12/09/15; with Andrea Wullaert & Frank Lee

Mystical Awakenings 03/23/16; with Deb DeRousse & John Cassidy

Live Paranormal Spotlight Radio 04/20/16; with Rob Szarek & Niki Paranormal

Ghoul Talk Radio 06/28/16; with Gail Peters, Beth Ann & Barry Gilmer, Lisa Girard, and Cas Henzel

Paranormal Ex; The Ex-Files A Journey Through the Unknown 08/11/16; with Myst Hornyak and Daniel Mackin

Into the Light 09/20/16; with Seth Michael, Teresa Kleve, Randy Kovach and Beth Lunceford


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