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ITC Voices on NBC’s 1st Look

For the First Time, a Ghost Box was used on one of the Big Three Networks on National Television

NBC’s 1st Look with Audrina Patridge

The founder of ITC Voices, Tim Woolworth, is a member of the Motor City Ghost Hunters, a team out of Metro-Detroit. As a member of this high-profile team, we receive a lot of media requests. One of these requests was from NBC.

The produced of the NBC show 1st Look wanted MCGH to bring them to a haunted location for filming. We gladly obliged by bringing the production crew and show host Audrina Patridge to the Fort Gratiot Light Station in Port Huron, MI. The light hose in Port Huron is the oldest in the state, dating back to 1837 and it always yields great evidence during our investigations there.

I brought several ghost boxes (Minibox Plus, Andy’s PRD-1000 Box, Andre’s AGBC-1 Ghost Box) but the producer liked the sound of the Minibox Plus best. I did a 10 minute session and only about 20 seconds of it was used after the producers had their way with it.

I can proudly say that ghost boxes have now been used on one of the big three networks and that is a first! I am proud that ITC Voices was a part of this experience.

This segment aired 17oct15.




  1. Thx 4 the YouTube link, Tim. Just checked it out. Very cool.

  2. Tim, truly a landmark event for ghost boxers everywhere. Here in the boonies of Colorado, we weren’t able to tune in, alas, but we celebrate with you from afar!

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