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ITC Voices on National TV this Saturday, 10/17/15

ITC Voices Joins the Motor City Ghost Hunters on NBC’s 1st Look!

A couple months back, the team I investigate with, The Motor City Ghost Hunters, was contacted by NBC to do an investigation for the television series 1st Look.

We went to the oldest light house in Michigan located in Port Huron. We investigated both the light house and the keepers house with the NBC Crew. It was a fun experience, but taxing.

NBC’s 1st Look airs in both the New York City and Los Angeles markets at 7:30pm and right after Saturday Night Live. Check your local listings to confirm and set those DVR’s!

During the investigation, I used my trusty Minibox Plus for a short while and got some interesting results, despite being in a basement with no windows, and hence, lack of radio reception.

For everyone who has supported ITC Voices throughout the years, I thank you. This is a big break for ghost box ITC and if the 1st Look segment turns one person on to what we practice, then I will consider it to be a smashing success. – Tim Woolworth


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