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Welcome to the ITC Voices Forum

The new ITC Voices Forum was launched on April 20, 2015. It is the goal of this forum to bring all levels of experience together so we may learn from one another and expand our collective knowledge. This forum will be evolving over time as different areas will receive more attention than others. New topics may pop-up and unused forums may go away.

Everyone is welcome here and I hope that you stop by frequently. Don’t forget to subscribe to your favorite forums so you can keep up to date on the topics at hand.

Forum Minor Glitches

This is the main page for the ITC Voices Forum. There have been some users who have had a problem receiving their login password emails after registering. There are two options that may fix this.

  • The first option is the best. Go to the registration box where you entered your name and email. There is a “lost password” link that will take you to a page that asks for either your user name or password. This will generate another email to be sent to you with a link to reset your password.
  • If the first option does not work, please email itc@itcvoices.org and I will physically enter a password for you when I can so you can log in. After logging in, you can reset the password at your leisure.




  1. Denise Crank says:

    Hi,I,m in a frantic mood right now!Someone explain how just using the .Infinity Box App a few times,some how managed to get on my P SB7 box ,a voice from the pc came Thur on my sprit box, I wasn’t no where close to it and only had one going,it was the same sound and voice,I have never heard a voice on the P SB7 box that even comes close to it? Anyone know how this happened?

  2. ITC Voices says:

    Please note that the passwords are auto-generated by the bulletin board host and their can be a delay in receiving your password email. If you do not receive your email within a few hours, please click on the “Lost Password” option in the registration area. This will send you a link to renew your password.

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