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ITC Voices Forum 2.0

ITC Voices now has a Forum (again…)

Some of our early readers will remember that we had a forum on ITC Voice from 2010 through early 2012. The Forum was a great place to meet new people and exchange ideas. It was so well received that innovators like Frank Sumption and Ron Ricketts used to post there on occasion.

Fending off spam was a full-time job and we had a couple great moderators who worked on it daily. Eventually spam won and posts about designer sunglasses and pocketbooks started to outweigh the awesome ITC content we had. I was forced by my server to remove all content and delete the board because even after I uninstalled it from the site, spam hits were tremendous every day. So, in 2013, I completely deleted the forum from the server with all the posts, ideas, EVP’s, photos and ghost box sessions that were there. If I did not, this site would have been suspended.

ITC Voices Forum Location

ITC Voices Forum Location

Now, in the Spring of 2015, spam filters are much better and forums keep it at bay much easier without manual weekly patches. I am hoping the ITC Voices Forum will be a “set-it and forget-it” when it comes to spam this time around or the forum will be very short lived.

To start the forum off, I have added a few generic topics to get everyone started and as the forum grows, the topics will get more targeted and precise. I am hoping to bring everyone back into the fold to have a vibrant discussion space once again, like it used to be. We have a lot to learn from one another! The goal of this site was to become a repository of ghost box knowledge and by joining the forum and sharing your ideas, questions, observations and sessions – you will be helping people who find the forum years from now.


ITC Voices Forum Registration

You will need to register your user name and password before you can post in the forum. There is a section in the sidebar that allows you to do this and also supplies a lost password prompt in case you forget your password at some point. For your first visit, please simply click on register and then enter your name and email address. The system will then email you a secure password to use that you can change at a later time if you so desire. Once you have registered your user name and password, click on the menu option for forums and you are on your way!

NOTE: Some users are experiencing a delay in receiving their user passwords. These are auto-generated by the server and can take a few hours to receive.

I look forward to expanding our ITC horizons together as we get to know each other and learn from one another.




  1. dcreiter666 says:

    Great! I’m happy to see this forum.

  2. Gary says:

    When I try and register I am getting: User registration is currently not allowed.

    1. ITC Voices says:

      Try again Gary. There was a minor glitch that has been fixed.

      1. koken says:

        Working now! Thanks.

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