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ITC Voices: Expanding Our Knowledge in 2015!

A New Year, A New Purpose

As we enter 2015, ITC Voices enters its fifth year providing you with articles, observations, audio, video and quotes related to spirituality and ITC. This post is more of an observation than the typical article I pen for this site as it contains no theory, nor evidence; instead this post tries to put ITC Voices in context with how the ITC community is growing.

On the Original Purpose of ITC Voices

When I started this site in the spring of 2010, the goal was to unite various ghost boxers (a term this site created) in research. A few ghost boxers adopted this site early on and submitted articles and evidence. Eventually, participation dropped off and soon I became the only one submitting material to the site. This made me quite sad as this site was designed to move progress forward by having all ghost box theory and ideas in one place as a reference point for current and future ghost boxers. As I have had written on our About Page – formerly the Home Page – since day one:

ITC voices seeks to provide a safe space for ghost box audio, articles, and schematics. It is our hope that researchers will utilize this site to post their thoughts on this field.  Anyone can submit an article, SoundCloud file or a YouTube video for posting on the main site.

It is time to organize the shared knowledge that Ghost Boxers have into one place on the web. Hopefully, ITC Voices will become a repository of knowledge and audio that both current and future researchers can learn from.  Ghost box research is still in its infancy and we all have something to learn from one another; there is no one person who has all the answers and certainly no one can be qualified as a ghost box expert – all theories are simply unproven because we cannot answer the fundamental question of why these devices work.

These words still ring true, ghost boxing is still in its infancy. The first one was invented by Frank Sumption in 2002. The first Shack Hack ghost box was discovered in November, 2007. The P-SB7 wasn’t introduced until late 2010. Most people out there have been using a ghost box for three years or less!

Sadly, as more people use ghost boxes, the more divided the community gets regarding the purpose of ghost boxing. There are those who look forward to communications and sharing them with the world. There are some who use them strictly on ghost hunts to gain information about a location. There are some who are in it for personal fame. There are some who want to monetize ghost boxes through simple modifications to existing radios or reselling boutique boxes for huge profits. There are some who create new types of boxes and are innovators of communication. Finally, there are those who want to tear down the work of everyone else in an attempt to gain more public regard.

Be this as it may, as more people use ghost boxes for these various reasons, there are more experiences; and inevitably, there are more self-proclaimed “experts,” who feel they know everything there is to know about ghost boxes and contacting the Others. There are some who say we are talking to spirits or souls of dead humans; some say demons; others state we are talking to angels; and some say aliens, or a combination of all of the above!

The truth is that we simply do not know. We cannot know anything regarding ghost box communication with certainty other than the physical mechanics of the box being used. Until we do, I will continue to refer to them as the Others for it is all-encompassing. The only thing I am certain of is that there is conscious intent behind the communication.

That is why this site is needed more than ever before, to discover where this conscious intent stems from. We, as a field, need to get people thinking and to continue formulating a knowledge base for all to use. Facebook groups cannot do this, and when a good idea or observation emerges, it is buried in the Facebook memory hole.

ITC Voices can be that knowledge base. I set this site up specifically for everyone to use, and if so desired, to submit materials to. This was my original vision of ITC Voices and hopefully as ghost boxing moves forward, so will this site.

The Future of ITC Voices – You Belong!

This site was branded for ghost box use. The longer I have been in this field and the more connections that I have made with fellow ITC researchers have tuned me in to a lot of ITC that is seriously underrepresented in our paranormal communities. I think it is time for ITC Voices to live up to its name and start bringing in all the voices from the various forms of ITC out there, not just ghost boxes.

ITC Software. Image ITC. Photography. Video looping. Steam ITC.

These are just a few forms of emergent ITC that this site will begin to embrace as we progress into 2015 and beyond.

With progress in mind, you may have noticed that I have posted articles and videos regarding the influx of new ITC software. I chose ITC software to begin with because the functionality is very close to ghost boxes and I can understand them looking through the particular lens of ghost boxing. My postings on ITC software have caused me some grief in the community as the old-timers (but, are there really any old-timers given the timeline of ghost box communication?) deride software as being fraudulent and using prerecorded sounds. I intentionally put a new spin on this with my article regarding random audio ITC in an attempt to show ghost boxers that there is more than meets the eye when it comes to ITC software.

This site will start to carry more ITC software related videos, audio, and hopefully, articles, should anyone feel the need to put their experience into words for others to read. So if you are reading this and you use Echovox, GB-1, Paranormal Rift or even EVP Maker – don’t be a stranger! Get your stuff on this site so you can add to the knowledge base for everyone to use.

I have also noticed that image ITC is starting to be recognized as a viable form of spirit communication. Water ITC, smoke, steam, photography and video are all becoming mainstream in a few select ITC circles. Some of the images have blown me away. I would love to have fellow ITC researchers submitting their images, techniques and observations for the world to learn from. I have not practiced image ITC nor would I want to represent the field by penning articles on it when there are so many who are much more qualified than myself who can do the field justice. Are you one of these people? I hope so. Share your voice with the world!

The same goes for every other type of ITC out there, excepting, for now, EVP, because there are well over five decades of research dedicated to EVP and several recognized associations for its advancement.


This site was meant for all and lately I believe it has become a one-man show. This is partially my fault as my life had some minor deviations  and as a result, this site sat dormant for almost two years with no new content. I was not posting anything new, and no one was sending me emails to submit new material.

That is never how this site was intended to work. This site was created to incorporate everyone’s input, even if divergent to existing theory or methodology. Contrary opinions are always accepted as long as they are well written with the focus on adding to the knowledge base!

No one has all the answers!

So, if you made it through all this, please forward this to anyone in the field that you think can help ITC Voices grow in any of the ITC fields mentioned above. This site is meant for you and everyone else to use.

The site remains free for all as I pay all expenses for the site out-of-pocket. There is nothing monetized on the site at this point and we sell nothing. We freely give information to the world to use.

Please join us, let your voice be heard.

You can always email me via Tim@ITCvoices.org for any submissions or enquiries.



  1. Well spoken as usual my friend. As the moon waxes and wanes, so too will the voices of many soon speak as one.

  2. leebaker66 says:

    Always enjoy reading yours and others articles.

  3. Tom Forsythe says:

    Excellent points and I look forward to all of the new technology in the future !

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