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ITC Researcher Fiorella Lattaruli Crosses Over

Fiorella Lattaruli, Founder of a New ITC Image Method, Crosses Through the Veil

Fiorella Lattaruli

Fiorella Lattaruli, 1948-2016

Fiorella Lattaruli had a great impact on the world on Image ITC with her method for Reflective Paper ITC. She was relatively unknown in most ITC fields until 2015 when she started posting her images in various online locations. Fiorella had worked as an EVP researcher since 1992 and developed her reflective paper technique in 2007.

Sadly, she crossed through the veil on April 05, 2016 from lung cancer.

We are in the ITC community are exceptionally grateful that Fiorella shared her method of communication with the world before Fiorella left us. Her Reflective Paper ITC method has been successfully duplicated by many researchers due to the great instructions she left to explain her method on this website (see “Lattaruli’s Reflective Paper Method” article). The method works brilliantly and unlike several other methods of ITC, it is relatively inexpensive to accomplish.

Fiorella was always forthcoming and would answer any question about her techniques. She will be missed in the ITC community, but her method for communication will be continued for decades to come.

Fiorella blessed ITC Voices with many of her photos. Over the coming days, expect to see more of Fiorella’s photos added to the original technique page on this site, going back to 2007, as a way of preserving her works for future generations of ITC researchers.

Fiorella had a saying, “This is life. We have to live it full, in the light.” Her ITC work was created by light, and now she has become one with the light.

This is great advice Fiorella had for all ITC researchers:

However, in my point of view, we must be extremely careful when making contact with the other side, because depending on the vibration we send, we can reach beings that inhabit the shadows and this alliance could cost us too high a price to pay. I cite as an example, disturbances of all kinds: mental torments, unexplained illnesses, moral and physical pain, heavy losses in business, etc. It is always necessary to remember that the contacts between the planes are among living things, and some caution is necessary when dealing with living human of our physical world as well as with the species that inhabit the immediate interdimension of the Earth, for the spirits of ‘human dead’ cause no harm at all.

The important thing when it comes to communication with the interdimensional plane is to disclose more and more the existence of these species or beings, who above all want and strive to preserve the fauna and flora of our planet.

Rest well, Fiorella.



  1. Kim Sleep says:

    I have heard about decoding emf for spirit voices. It seems logical, and easy, but I cannot find any articles regarding this, and how well it works. Any comments?

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