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ITC Ghost Box and Software Resources

Ghost Box Makers and ITC Software Creators

The following list includes ghost box creators who are currently taking orders for ghost boxes. It also includes the most reputable ITC software creators today whose applications and software we here at ITC Voices support using. These are the people who are creating the best ITC tools for our niche.

All of the below products are unique, innovative, and have been fully tested by some of the most respectable ITC users in the field. There are some box makers not included on this list because they only build a couple boxes a year and are generally not for sale to the general public. There are also software designers whose software is not included here because their work is either a derivative knock-off of the software creators below or has been found to be faulty upon use.

Ghost Box Creators:

Chicago Spirit Wave (AKA Andy’s Box)

Andy's Boxes from Chicago Spirit Wave

Andy’s Boxes from Chicago Spirit Wave

Models A, B, E and the PRD-1000

Designed  by Andrew Openlander



Andre’s Boxes

AGBX-3 Ghost Box Featured Image

Andres Box Model AGBX-3

Model AGBX-3

Designed by Andre Wullaert

Andre’s Ghost Boxes


Mastercraft Ghost Boxes


Mastercraft PPRS-1 Ghost Box by William Plimbott

Mastercraft PPRS-1 Ghost Box by William Pimblott

 Several Mastercraft Models designed – including analog, digital and video ghost boxes.

Designed by William Pimblott

Boutique Ghost Boxes

Pro-Measure Spirit Boxes

Pro-Measure P-SB11 Spirit Box

Pro-Measure P-SB11 Spirit Box

Models P-SB7, P-SB11 & RT-EVP

Designed  by Gary Galka



ITC Applications & Software

Big Beard Audio

Big Beard Audio Echovox III

Big Beard Audio Echovox III

Android and IOS applications (Echovox, EVR, etc.)

Designed  by Danny Roberge

Google Play Store for Android

Apple App Store


eXtreme Senses Software

eXtreme Senses Spirit Radio

eXtreme Senses Spirit Radio Software

Windows Software (Spirit Radio, Phasma Box, etc.)

Designed  by Martin Bellefeuille




Appydroid Android ITC Software

Appydroid Android ITC Software

Android Software (AD-III, Hellbox, etc.)

Designed  by Osum Puggster

Google Play Store for Android


EVP Maker

EVP Maker - Free Windows Software from Stefan Bion

EVP Maker – Free Windows Software from Stefan Bion

Windows Software

Designed  by Stefan Bion

Free Software Download





  1. Robert Leedom says:

    What ITC app or app can i buy for my i phone 6 plus that i can run through my Huff Portal ? Thanks RL

  2. Keng says:

    I have man and his symbols in my clutches atm

    1. ITC Voices says:

      I bought the paperback years ago and then I saw a hardback copy for sale online and I grabbed it. I’m glad I did, the illustrations and photos are much better.

  3. What about the RT-EVP recorder by Gary Galka? Although it is linear sweep, it blows away the random sweep devices in my opinion, plus you can sweep at 50ms, thus proving that responses of 2 seconds are paranormal because you are using a calibrated device sweeping over 40 radio frequencies. . Hook it up to an external speaker, and you have a spirit box that blows away the competition. .

    1. ITC Voices says:

      You are right Stanley, I had forgotten about the sweeping capability of the RT-EVP. It has been added to the Pro-Measure section.

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