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ITC Experiments: Can they Change Man’s Viewpoint on Life After Death

Konstantin Raudive on how perspectives about life after death can be changed through examination of ITC evidence…

“The question of life after death has become a dominant consideration in this investigation. Leo Tolstoi, once firmly convinced that death was the end of all things, eventually repudiated his own conclusions after a lifetime of passionate questioning, his spiritual energies consumed in the attempt to bridge the gulf between the seen and unseen.

Konstantin Raudive's Breakthrough

Konstantin Raudive’s “Breakthrough: An Amazing Experiment in Electronic Communication with the Dead”

Perhaps no one can fully understand the true value of life, his own or others, until he experiences the terror of facing complete annihilation. To innumerable thinkers throughout the ages,  life has appeared as more than a puppet show; they have rejected the idea of dissolution in a limitless void as a denigration of human intelligence and dignity, and have looked for a deeper meaning behind man’s existence.

We all realize to a greater or lesser extent the abilities of out human “animal nature,” but precise knowledge of matters beyond the boundaries of this life is withheld; there is no exact knowledge about what happens after death, all is guesswork, conjecture, supposition. This book records the results of research into physically verifiable phenomena which seem to some of the researchers to point to the existence of another world and beings who, with the aid of a tape-recorder, radio and microphone, seek to impart a certain amount of information about the place they inhabit.

Insight into another plane of existence might be expected to free us from the concepts of our temporary physical abode, limited as they are by our culture and customs, our passions, prejudices and preconceptions. Hitherto we have had little choice but to strive to realize intangible truths through ourselves and within ourselves, but the facts now being investigated through strictly controlled experiments present a challenge to the restrictions and preconceived ideas of modern man, and perhaps offer an opportunity to prove at last, as Leo Tolstoi believed at the end of a long life of trial and error, that “the soul of man contains an element that is not subject to death.”

You can purchase Konstantin Raudive’s Breakthrough: An Amazing Experiment in Electronic Communication with the Dead, the must-own book for all ITC researchers, by clicking here.

(Raudive, Konstantin. Breakthrough: An Amazing Experiment in Electronic Communication with the Dead. PPS 145-146)



  1. Seeker says:

    Tim, sometimes I just get so fed up with the hypocrisy of society implicitly requiring literature in this field to sound so formal, scientific and precise, as above… in order to save any iota of face against the inevitable onslaught of ridicule from at large. Anyone that dares to challenge the undisputed pillar of society called religion, which rests on blind faith in religious dogma, and an unreasonable surrender to the right side of the brain…. anyone that dares to challenge the unquestioned pillar of society called science, which rests on blind faith in scientific dogma, and an unreasonable reliance on the left side of the brain… has to work ten times harder than everyone else in order to command any sort of presence in our collective reality…. because most people dont want to do the difficult labor of using both sides of their mind in balance and in tandem. The social consequences of any such attempt are severe and swift…. They say that the truth may be recognized by its simplicity. The truth is simple. It is not decorated in dogma, or Phds. It is simply experienced. Like all the recorded audio experiences that ghost boxers so prolifically produce day in and day out. I feel like why even bother to explain to people anymore…. just keep pumping out this audio en masse like we have all been doing in ever growing numbers for over a decade now, and dont stand for questioning… simply put them out there, keep flooding the internet with it, challenge people to explain to YOU why we are all at random getting these same results, all over the world, over and over and over again….I feel like with traditional evp, its relative scarcity makes it harder to stand on its own, unaccessorized by literaure… but not ghost box communication… it is unfathomably prolific, many people new to it question how it can even be so without being an intentional hoax, pareidolia aside, but it simply is…. the truth is simple…… not much explanation needed: There’s something happening here…… I dont need a scientist in a white lab coat to confirm that my last phone conversation took place, or that my processing of its content is not due to pareidolia. Unlikehood of an event as defined by personal and societal prejudice, is not a good indication of whether this event actually comes to pass. The soul of man contains a teensy bit more than just an ELEMENT that is not subject to death, and neither science nor religion in current practice, can demonstrate it convincingly enough, and yet we most all of us cling to the one or the other, like the abusive codependent relationship that it is. Done ranting now 😉

    1. ITC Voices says:

      And a good rant it was!

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