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ITC Communications – Expanding Consciousness?

Is it the goal of the Others to expand the consciousness of the living?

Anabela Cardoso's Electronic Voices: Contact With Another Dimension book“A lot could be said about this subject. Besides the obvious purpose of informing us that life does not finish with physical death, one of the main goals of the most comprehensive ITC communications appears to be an attempt to contribute to the expansion of human consciousness, by conveying to us information of high ethical content which breaks with conventional human values. The Technician said in Luxemborg, ‘ITC is the most important instrument to make human consciousness get out of its state of sleepiness. To achieve this goal we need bridges and builders between your world and the world of the spirit…’ (Schäfer, H. Ponte entre o Aqui e o Além – Teoria e Prática da Transcommunicação, 1993. PPS. 113-114). It is also reported that the deceased Konstantin Raudive spoke about the importance of consciousness development during a port-mortem telephone conversation with a French lady, Aline Piget, in 1997. During this remarkable event, the first one of it’s kind in France, Raudive said: ‘I would like you to know, dear Aline, that the object of an earthly life is not just the goodness. The object is to be conscious…’ (Théry, P. First Telephone Contact in France by Konstantin Raudive, 2000. PPS 42-43).”

Researcher Anabela Cardoso is one of the foremost European EVP researchers. You can learn more about her and her experiments documented in Electronic Voices: Contact With Another Dimension by clicking here.

(Cardoso, Anabela. Electronic Voices: Contact With Another Dimension? PPS 92-93.)


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