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Intuition, Intention, and Ends: Is What We Think We Know Enough to Justify our Actions?

A Meditation on the Light and a Consideration for Crossing Over Spirits

By James Warren

Author’s Note:

I think we all need to try to shake off that comfortable lens we look through from time to time. To be someone else for a few minutes. Feel their world instead of being clouded by our own. This writing is more of a philosophical thought experiment than anything else. I will take you into an experience and then connect the experience to our own lives. In the end there are more questions than answers.

Right now I’d like you to open up to a receptive meditative state of imagination. Experience as vividly as you can the following situation by not only just reading words on a page but filling in details you feel, see, sense or know. Feel what the people are going through and connect on a deeper level with their experience. Know that you will still be you in the end, safe and sound back in your life with your lens to view it intact. Please take a deep breath. Let it slowly out, and enter the woods now…

You were on a vacation somewhere new to you and foreign. You took a casual hike on your own into the woods nearby. You saw a forest path off of the main trail that beckoned you in. There, and on what you thought was a clear forest path you allow your mind to wander as you travel too far.


What was thought would be a short stroll of discovery and adventure somehow unwound on you. A quick glance around and it is clear that nothing is familiar. You check your cell and see no reception and not much power. Panic doesn’t start quickly, instead the mind convinces you it’s still in control and safe. Feeling misguidedly confident but actually clouded by emotion you make choices that in your right mind you would not have made.

You take a short walk to a high ridge and scan the area seeing a familiar tree in the distance like one you remember near the trailhead. Its convincing outline jagged and craggy with limbs stretching out like lightning bolts. You quickly decide to blaze a new trail heading in its general direction. Thirsty and cotton mouthed from nervousness you swallow what is left of the water you brought along.

Distorted by dusk and distance the tree was much farther than you thought. It was actually more than a mile away from the ridge you once stood. You never do see that craggy looking wooden siren again though, not tonight or any other. Dropping below the tree line it was easy to lose your bearings. As you wind down a slowly and imperceptibly twisting forest trail, the woods blend together on you all looking the same.

You reach a small clearing that stops you dead. From the ridge looking down there was clearly a forested area that only opened up to the tree you found familiar. There was no clearing like this!

Panic now ramps up in earnest, adrenaline increasing the pace and intensity of your thumping heartbeat. Your panicking mind and body works against you making your thoughts more erratic, your head aches as the tension in your neck and brow constrain blood flow and movement, your mouth becomes dry and sandy, stomach twisted and cramping, and the overwhelming reality of your situation much more intense.

A single thought brings the frantic thinking to rest in cold sweats and a silence so profound that even the forest holds its breath. You could easily die out here. You sit on a nearby stump and slump forward on yourself, closing your eyes and resting your head in a nest of your arms.

Some time passes and you check your phone one last time. Never has a small icon with one bar ever meant so much to you. How is this even possible? You’ve checked your reception multiple times in the last few hours. Your heart pumps again but this time with hope. Your thumbs fumble to find the keys to dial emergency rescue and right after you hit send peace fills your heart as you hear the phone ringing.

First an answer in a language you don’t understand. You quickly spout out that you don’t speak their language but you are lost and need help! There is a painful silence on the line and then a voice.

“You are needing help? Sorry but it is hard to hear you on this line, what kind of help do you need?”

Words flow from you telling of where you started your hike and how you are lost, alone, without supplies, fearful, and that your cell phones battery is next to dead. The person on the phone’s  sense of calm mastery is enough to carry you through this moment. You completely place your trust in their hands. They must know how to help you, and it feels good to let them carry this burden you have hefted around on your own. It felt like you had been lost for days to you, weeks even.

A surreal sensation overcomes you now. A mix of déjà vu and having something on the tip of your tongue. What is it that you are trying to tell yourself right now? The feeling fades to the sound of your own voice speaking seemingly on its own and that of the person on the other end of this call.

“Listen, you’re breaking up and it’s very hard to hear you but you are going to be okay. I’m going to help you and make sure that everything works out for you. Please stay where you are and be patient because I have sent local authorities to your location.”

You notice your battery icon flashing and know from past experience this means your cell probably has about 30 more seconds before it goes dead. You quickly explain this while ending by saying, “Please help me. Please just help me!”

“I barely caught that but I hope you can hear me. I think I heard ‘help me?’ Please know that help is on the way. Sit tight, look for the lights. The men with flashlights will be looking for you soon and they will help you.”

Your phone goes dead and it must have darkened tonight while you were talking. As you lower your arm and glance around you the complete darkness overtakes your world. Nervous but hopeful you do as you were told. A person in a position of power has given you clear instructions and now all you can do is wait for the flashlights and await the rescue.

You sit in darkness reflecting on your life so far. You think about people you love and wish to express it to them! You think of what is important to you and what actually has taken up most of your time. You plan on doing better, doing more meaningful things. It feels like this experience has given you a new start and a fresh perspective.

Sure enough in the distance you see the beam of light coming in your direction, ripping open the grip of darkness through the landscape and washing any last fear from your mind!

Two people come slowly towards you with their arms outstretched and beckoning as they speak to you in the local language. You don’t understand their words but they were here to help you and you go willingly where they guide you to. After a slow careful night hike you come upon their truck. They offer you a small open water as you hop in the back seat in the cabin. You thankfully accept the water and gulp it down quickly like you hadn’t had water or anything to drink or eat in days you feel it enter your cells as it swims  into your body.

The two rescue workers get in the front and start slowly driving down the rocky and rutted forest road. Their truck suspension loose, the cabin sways in a relaxing and hypnotic way. You suddenly feel very tired and as you’re lulled to a slumber you think, “I must be exhausted with this whole crazy experience.”

The truck is stopped and the two men in the front seat are both staring back at you. The driver says something to the other that makes the passenger chuckle. The passenger then  raises a bottle of water, showing it to you while you see his mouth moving, filling the truck with sounds of language. Shaking the bottle, he then pretends to drink, followed by a mock snoring sound and then pantomiming sleep like a child would, hands pressed together and head resting sideways on them like a pillow. His eyes close and slowly open. His smile gone and face cold and set in stone. You see a deep wild in his eyes as he stares back at you. His gaze makes you feel like a prey animal.

Your heart thumps weakly, newfound panic but your body is powerless against the sedative now deep in your system. As your drugged body takes your mind completely from you, a new truth realized too late. You have been kidnapped. Your last thought was not of your situation or your family. It was not of the hot tear welling up and over the dried salt crystal that formed in the corner of your eye while lost in the woods.

It was a thought of that rescue worker that you so totally trusted.

That confident soul that opened this doorway of terror for you so willingly. Walked you right into the clutches of the hands of your captors. Your head swoons with one final tsunami of darkness. The last thought, “Who could live with themselves after doing that to me? To anyone? Why? Did they know this was going to happen?”

…Take a moment to come back to yourself now. If you found yourself able to let the travelers trail surround you. Take a breath and slowly exhale.

How did it feel to be in that situation for you? Why did I ask you to journey in the shoes of the condemned? In this story you experienced the traveler’s point of view and I hope none of you have had to live through an experience like that! This story is analogous to our possible connection to other dimensions. The spaces undefined of spirit and energy.

The Traveler is not you in this story, well not yet! The Traveler represents the experience of a possibly self-aware intelligence in a place not as we experience it. The kidnappers represent unknown consequences for the Traveler in their world. They don’t have to be bad, good, or any label in between but for this analogy they had to be negative.

The emergency operator on the phone is where we come in. There you are, a beacon of hope guiding a lost traveler where you thought they would be safe. All you did was follow your training. You mean well and really feel good at the end of the day. You can’t really be burdened with the responsibility of the actions of the kidnappers! It’s not like you knew they were doing these things to people.

You might be an active participant in a story just like this in the spiritual life you are actually living. If you are a medium, psychic, sensitive, instrumental trans communication (ITC) researcher, paranormal researcher or investigator, paranormal hobbyist, or only just connected with cultural stories or religion that says something about going into the light when we shake off our body.

You or someone close to you might be anywhere and hear, feel, sense, or know a spiritual energy is needing help. Without much thought and with courage from our convictions and with trust in our own senses it’s easy to act without much thought. It seems there is nothing to question in the moment. Like coming upon a car accident helpers jump into action. Wrecked car, bleeding body, first aid, and like that we do good for people.

So when we sense spirit energy we might quickly jump into it as well by sending healing energy, guiding, or advising in the same action oriented way. The things you might feel guided to do are countless based on the situation but based on our lost Traveler analogy you might say or hear people around you saying things like:

“Go to the light, you will be fine.” “Go with the angels.” “Go with my spirit guide,   they will take you where you need to go.” “You have nothing to fear, you will be okay.” “Nothing we are telling you will hurt you.” “None of our equipment will hurt you.””Trust the beings around you.” “Trust me.”

I am not sure we have been honest with ourselves or with those we feel are asking for help.

In interacting with the spiritual we start out extremely handicapped. Our senses could be useless to us not designed or evolved to completely to interpret where the spiritual resides. Sure, we do sense something.  Whatever it is though we get from our perspective of being human.

Even if you are not in your body there is a huge barrier for us that may be folly to ignore. You may be remote viewing or out-of-body traveling somewhere else, perhaps not far away but in deep in meditation pushing out ward from your shell. Even then what we experience is connected to the fact that our body is still alive filtering our experiences. Should we be so quick to offer help to those that might experience a world or universe that we know nothing about? The possibilities of unintended and unknowable consequences, good and bad alike are endless.

If this thought is a struggle for you I completely understand and it would be stranger if it wasn’t a bit troubling. I ask for you to sit with that buzzing discomfort. It is hard thinking the world that we see is not what we thought. I get the same feeling thinking about this as when thinking about the vastness of the universe, or what the concept of infinity is. It might be our bodies way of affirming my point here though. The dissonance might be our bodies way of saying it cannot comprehend what we are pondering. It doesn’t have the ability to!

When you think about what we don’t know about our own world it also gets much easier to imagine we have no idea about these other places. I am not going to begin to explain here where we are in understanding the psychology of why or how we likely experience and act in our world. Just know for now that we have a very good start on things. Even with years of study and massive amounts of research we can’t say for sure a few huge things about our experience. The biggest mystery that I know of is there is no consensus on what consciousness is exactly, how it comes to be, or where it may be located in or around us if at all. Consciousness is an experience we all have and although there are some real good theories, not one has come out on top.

To be you, to experience, interact, and to remember is all part of our consciousness. Still there is no for sure answer to where it all comes together. Three basic theories are that our conscious sense of self is in the mind or body somewhere, in our spirit or soul, or that consciousness is almost an illusion formed from our bodies many streams of senses all flowing separately from each other but coming together in order to keep us living.

If science still doesn’t know about our own experience of self and being, how can anyone say they know for sure what it is like to be an entity in a completely different body or space? It is even more unlikely that we are qualified to advise them on anything at all. I can’t tell a goldfish how to better breath through water and I surely can’t say I know what is best for an entity or spirit in their own place of existence.

I did not write this with a dogmatic answer for you but only with the hope that a couple of people out there might just consider in a deeper way what they do when lighting up some other world. That someone out there might consider unintended consequences before having the audacity of advising beings on how to be and what to do in a world that we do not fully inhabit. I do not have an answer, but the question is the thing. Pondering the possibilities that our good intentions alone are not enough.

I’ll leave you with how I plan to deal with this when next I sense a need for help from somewhere else. I will hope that they can hear me or understand me even though what I hear from them probably is not even a fraction as good as trying to understand someone calling with a horrible cell reception while lost in a forest. Besides the usual communication I try to let them know that I cannot be sure I am understanding them right, or even pretend to know what choices they should make. I will be as clear as I can about who I am and my lack of qualifications to advise them. I will still offer solutions as I feel guided to do, but only with a spiritual disclaimer stamped to the package. I only hope I am doing no harm, and what a tragedy to be wrong this could be.

What are you going to do if you ever get that call to help?  How about when it is your turn to be the lost traveler after your body is done with this world? What if you call out in a feeling of need and a voice answers you from a distance? Will you follow their advice with blind trust or will you ask their qualifications?

Hello, my name is James Warren and I come to you here as a lifetime seeker of understanding.  I reside in the healing ocean air of the pacific northwest.  I have focused on service, psychology, and mental health for work and have always sought  to understand the paranormal as a passion.  I am the founder of a small paranormal investigation team that focuses more on helping people and spirit than on attempting to prove anything to anyone.  I am an instrumental trans communication (ITC) explorer trying to establish meaningful connections with the Others that we speak with.  Currently I am working on a few inventions in ITC, two of which I have seen improve real-time communication!  I am also a spiritual energy healer and have practiced and honed my craft since 1990 offering healing for free, at first in person and now remotely anywhere in the world.

Please come join us in exploring paranormal topics and documenting our journey together.  I look forward to your presence!

Website: www.oregonparanormalpack.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/oregonparanormalpack

YouTube: www.youtube.com/oregonparanormalpack



  1. Seeker says:

    I can see both sides, we should not be so casual about the words we speak to those who call for help from an unseen place, but at the same time I cannot say that we ought to be silent either. It is comforting to hear another voice when you are lost and alone. However we should realize how much of an impact we have if we are the only voice they hear. Speaking lovingly, but factually to a lost one is ideal, I think. Your name, where you are located in time and space, as clearly as possible…. comments and questions that add physical and non physical perspective to a lost one. Empathy is key. Do this with empathy, and it will guide you on what to say, not say, how to say it….

    1. James Warren says:

      Love your thoughts Seeker 🙂

      Empathy is so very important to me as well. What might a person have to say that could matter without understanding at heart?

      Also love your last thought too about how you say it is not the thing. Empathize and go with your heart. Thanks for contributing! <3

  2. leebaker66 says:

    What a great article! It gave me a new perspective on the intention of helping spirit! Thank you!

    1. James Warren says:

      Thank you Lee, it means a lot to know you took away something positive. 🙂

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