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Infinity Box EXP Edition Windows Software FREE

eXtreme Senses Infinity Box EXP Edition Software for Free!

Infinity Box Screen Shot

Infinity Box EXP Screen Shot

The good people over at eXtreme Senses Software have elected to give away their Infinity Box EXP edition Windows software for free. No gimmicks. No strings attached.

The Infinity Box came to fruition based upon the experimentation of ghost box builder Greg Manchester. Greg worked with Martin Bellefeuille, the software designer and innovator behind eXtreme Senses, to develop Infinity Box experimental ITC software.

Infinity Box allows for the user access to ten pre-loaded sound banks for sweeping. The user can also upload their own sound banks for custom tailored experimentation.

In addition to having the sound banks ready to go as soon as you load the software, the user can also

Infinity Box Controls

Infinity Box Controls

apply their own desired adjustments to the audio present. The individual sound bank adjustments include: reverb and echo with intensity adjustment; reverse playback; tempo and playback rate adjustments; and pitch adjustment. Each type of adjustment can create a completely new sound for every session.

The ghost box mode is the most exciting mode of use for the Infinity Box EXP software. If you elect to use the ghost box mode, the software will scan all ten banks to provide a truly random audio source for communication. In addition to the sweep controls, you have access to all the adjustments usable during the sweep.

Creating software is an arduous undertaking. It takes hundreds of hours of programming and testing before it can be released. The Infinity Box EXP worked on this software release for months. Because the market is getting flooded with second rate applications that charge obscene prices, Martin decided to give this great piece of functional software to the ITC community for free. There is no better deal to be had. For both seasoned random audio sweeping researchers and  people who have wanted to try ITC software but were still unsure which software to purchase, eXtreme Senses offers you an amazing introduction to random audio sweeping and the price is unbeatable…FREE. This software for Windows is a real service to the community and I hope you download it and try it for yourself.

If you like the software, there is the Infinity Box GBX version which offers you much more for less than $20.

Check out the following video and then head over to eXtreme Senses to download your free copy of Infinity Box EXP edition Windows software!



  1. Casey Parnell says:

    Has any one ever heard from their deceased loved ones or friends using the light side pack for the infinity box gbx?

  2. DeAnna Foster says:

    where can i download this infinity box

  3. Denise Crank says:

    Update on Infinity box,I have tried to post comments on their website but to no avail haven’t been able to, Well will some one tell me, Am I nuts? I use the P SB7 box all the time, was doing Reseach on effects on holidays activity to afterwards, busy bees at Christmas 2 are 3 days,,,,, nothing, but the one voices I’m use to hearing, I used the Infinity Box around new year s,I got what sounded like a kid. ,micky mouse sound, still working on setting, ,, ,I then use my P SB7 box, some place else. all of a sudden the voice of the( kid? ) yells out Hi I,m Zinnia! Shockwave s went all over me to say the least, I been using the spirit box for a long time ,and the voice from my pc was on my digital recording, so I ran it again and got completely sentence s and answer’s, I turn off all settings on Infinity and they just started talking to me! I don’t think it was a kid,I, m pretty sure that I was being fooled, How did one thing end up on something. Else my P SB7 box? Anyone know? I was shaking up by this, I really don’t know what to think,

  4. Denise Crank says:

    I got this also and at first I felt sorta strange talking to it,i was wondering if anyone are something was hearing me,I recorded it with my digital recorder and at first I thought hmh,didn’t sound like I got any thing. But I realized I had my recorder on an slow speed,so OK I sped things up,And was surprised to hear 2 males talking .At first they said did you here something? It was sorta funny ,it went on and I asked who are you ,well after a bit I heard ,We,re Demons” ha ha ha The other laugh to and said thats a good one” and more ha ha ,Well I liked it but got an big headache after using it the first time, And some foreign languages ran threw and I said” English please”,and I got “Did she not hear us” ? I had to laugh I didnt know what to think,Its interesting.Thanks it is an good app and easy to use ,But I had to talk loud over it to finally get someones attention.They also said” this is just strange” .I dont know who was amused the most me are the app! Were do you up load anything you get?.I,m having trouble finding the right place Thanks again.

  5. Ken says:

    I downloaded this to my computer a few days ago and had a short ITC session just to see how it worked. I had good results with a couple of Class A ITCs right of the bat. This app is really nice, easy to use, and, most importantly, it works. Thumbs up and thank you to eXtreme Senses.

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