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iDigitalMedium: I Am Part Of The Whole, My Voice Is Heard

iDigitalMedium is a project started in 2014 by Keith Clark of ITC Bridge. The iDigitalMedium team has a mission to help broaden ITC and spiritual understanding for all of humanity.

With this goal in mind, we hope you will enjoy the content posted on ITC Voices courtesy of iDigitalMedium.

iDigitalMedium Mission Statement

To share all aspects of spirituality and creativity as they relate to our everyday lives in this age of technology, on the cusp of the re-enlightenment of the consciousness of mankind.

To remind every person that they in their true form are spirit, with the ability to imagine, manifest, and create, using the power of thought.

To demonstrate that everyone has the inherent ability to develop their own spiritual gifts, and we can learn how to connect with our higher self, purpose, and spirit.

To endeavor to use all forms of mediumship in combination with individual personal spiritual development and experiences to demonstrate the continuity of life.

To share the expression of those who work in the light; to help collect, organize, and disseminate this information while simultaneously fostering a positive spirit of networking and contribution.

To fully utilize technology to reach out across the world, linking a myriad of individual paths together for one purpose – the evolution of the consciousness of mankind.

To clarify both difficulty and success as experienced by those who embark on this path, in a candid and truthful manner that people can resonate with.

To iNspire creativity and be iNspired, to release the unlimited source from within, and to channel that energy towards manifestation in our physical world, as creators.

We are here to say:

“I am spirit, I am a creator, I am a contributor.
I am part of the whole, my voice is heard.”

Welcome creator, welcome friend, for you are an integral part of this transformation.

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