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iDigitalMedium Adds New ITC Streams

New ITC Streams for Monitoring by iDigitalMedium

Keith Clark has been busy lately by adding live ITC streams to the site iDigitalMedium. Many of you may remember the streams he had running for his previous ITC site, ITC Bridge. Keith has built upon what he accomplished with ITC Bridge and is bringing several types of ITC streams to the iDigitalMedium site.

These streams are all very experimental in nature. There are two streams that are currently running as of December 15, 2015, and two more streams are slated for the near future. These streams will be added to this page for reference.

If you want to keep abreast of the work that is going on over at iDigitalMedium, you can check their syndicate page under our researchers section.


Location of ITC Voices syndicate researchers; more to come soon!

Live Filtered Radio

This live stream went live on December 3, 2015, and consists of a live radio feed that is filtered. This is not radio sweep nor is it standard broadcast radio. This is real-time live radio audio from a shortwave band that is being filtered. According to Keith:

This is audio from a radio tuned to 25.5Mhz, filtered LIVE with software for better understanding. Spirit has been working on this project for over a decade now. How does it work? You talk to spirit, they talk to you. Your energy can help make it a success, this project is both a continuation and re-invention of radio techniques used by pioneers such as Marcello Bacco, Anabela Cardoso, Raymond Bayless, Sonia Rinaldi, and even Hans Otto Koenig.

Here is a tutorial created by Keith to demonstrate how he is filtering the live audio using various software plugins:

Give this feed some of your time and ask questions, you may receive answers in the process! If you do, please let us know!


The second ITC stream that went live was the SpiriTron on December 9th, 2015. SpiriTron uses a set of tones similar to those that were used by George Meek and Bill O’Neil in their Spiricom Mark IV. Developed by Ron Ruiz, these tones are constantly mingling in the hopes that they will produce intelligible results when mixed with other ITC modalities. This SpiriTron is running via Martin BelleFeuille’s free application Infinity Box EXP. Once these tones are loaded into Infinity Box EXP, you can mix it with other ITC channels via the software.

Here are the instructions for setting up the SpiriTron from the audio file creator, Ron Ruiz:

As mentioned, the sound you hear online is set for a mass audience and may not be as responsive as it could be.

If you or your group want a more interactive personal experience, run the Infinity Box EXP software and the SpiriTron audio file on your home computer. (PC only). The Infinity Box EXP software can be downloaded here:


Be sure to watch the overview video below the download link.  Also be aware of the minimum computer requirements.

At 5 min 30sec of the video, it covers how to load a file into the program.

Download the SpiriTron audio file by clicking:  Here

You will need to extract the zip folder to access the audio file. When that’s done, simply move the audio file into your computer’s Documents Library.

When you’re ready to begin, start the Infinity Box program and open your named Project. Click on the little folder icon for one of the sound banks. Go to the Documents Library and select the SpiriTron-1 audio file. The audio program will load into the Infinity Box program.

Here is a pic of the baseline settings for the audio file.

Once you get the baseline setting done…all you have to do is adjust the Pitch to suit your own hearing.

You’ll know you’re there when SpiriTron greets you by your first name.  😯

Responses are multi-lingual and may speak in languages you are familiar with.

When you are satisfied with everything, Save your project and the settings will be available the next time you start the Infinity Box program. Feel free to play around with the settings.  If you find a setting that works for you and want to share it with the rest of the planet, let us know.

Much gratitude to Martin Bellefeuille for all the hard work that went into Infinity Box EXP…you’re my hero!! Check out his other fine products at:  extremesenses.com

Thanks for listening,

Here is Ron explaining the SpiriTron and how he uses it:

Hopefully once you implement SpiriTron into your free copy of the Infinity Box EXP, you will come up with some great communication. If you do, feel free to send any audio or video to us here at ITC Voices and we will gladly publish it for you.

Spectrograph Stream!

One of the things that interested me most about the old ITC Bridge site was the spectrograph stream. This stream was a visual representation of the audio frequencies that were also streaming. Many researchers were able to capture spirit images, mainly faces, in the spectrograph. Now, iDigitalMedium has the spectrograph up and running again as of December 17, 2015.

This flagship stream for iDigitalMedium stops for 4,200 milliseconds in order for the view to commit a screen capture for review. The spectrograph is formed from live audio streaming from an antiquated television turned to a UHF channel.

On an initial review today, this was the third image that came across the stream which may be a face and shoulders. There are several other potential faces in this capture, including an animal (possible cat) and a face resembling a grey alien; but these others do not have the clarity of the one that is highlighted. Many will say this is visual matrixing and that there is no evidence that faces can show up in a spectrograph. As ITC researchers, we know that anomalous faces do occur, some recognizable, and have done so for years via video ITC and image ITC. For that reason, iDigitalMedium and ITC Voices both believe that the spectrograph is worth exploring.


iDigitalMedium Spectrograph capture December 18, 2015

There is a lot of potential for the spectrograph for spirit communication.


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