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Grupo TCI Seattle: Instrumental Transcommunication

Grupo ITC: Extraordinary Video ITC Research

Grupo TCI Seattle consists of two researchers, Simone and Adriana, and they are dedicated to the research of Instrumental Transcommunication through both EVP audio and video looping.

Their video looping experiments have yielded stunning images from the other side and are based upon the Klaus Schreiber method of video ITC. Grupo conducts an experiment every week and then posts the results on their site, Grupo TCI Seattle. Due to the stunning nature of their work, we here at ITC Voices have decided to bring you their weekly posts on our site. The links below will direct you to their latest posts, with the latest residing at the top of the list.

Their posts are in Portuguese, so you will need to use an online translator if you do not speak Portuguese in order to learn about each week’s images.

If you are not familiar with Klaus Schreiber or his method, Simone and Adriana explain the technique that they use along with photos of their set-up on their ITC Recording Methods page. I have copied the translated version of the page here for you to reference:

VIDEO ITC Image Recording Method

Currently, we are developing ITC image research based on the method created by  the German ITC researcher Klaus Schreiber, the “Video Loop Feedback and his Vidicom System.

With the camcorder, digital or HD, sitting upon a tripod and pointed towards the TV, connect the camera using an cable (RCA or HDMI) to the TV set (audio/video in), and turn on the TV on channel AV, not tuned to any network (our TV is only connected to electricity). This will create a system where the image of the TV screen captured by the camera is transmitted immediately by TV thereby generating the feedback. We suggest leaving the TV without color first and test the results. With the camera and TV turned on and connected properly, you will see some kind of “waveeffect, as a pulsar, using the Zoom button on the camcorder.

We change the position of the camcorder while recording, from one side to the other and we try to keep a diagonal line toward the TV screen. We use UV-A lamps (black light) and infrared in front of the TV screen, creating an Ionizer Field, which, in our case, have helped the formation of images. The images generated are analyzed later frame-by-frame on MPEG Streamclip and Movie Maker. The snapshots taken from the films are cropped when necessary, and treated with filters only to enhance the images on iPhoto, FastStone or Fotor (app).

Grupo TCI Lab Photo
Grupo TCI Video ITC experiment set-up.

We recommend everybody wishing to research this ITC image recording technique to record only for a few minutes. Record a maximum of 5 minutes in the beginning because the movie must be analyzed frame-by-frame; the images emerge quickly and stays for only a few seconds. The film is analyzed in reduced speed, so 5 minutes turn into 40 minutes of analysis and snapshots are captured from the original video. You also might feel a little tired because your energy is used in the process too. It is not necessary to use the same equipment as ours,you may use what you have. But it is necessary that the connection to the TV from the camera is done correctly to generate the wave effect or tunnel. Our results come from hard work and dedication. The images at the beginning of the research weren’t sharp and were more confused. Our results come from persistence with this technique and filming practically daily. So, have patience! I suggest those who begin their research to start with audio (like we did) and try to establish a contact with any bridge or astral station first. Create a contact field, and then start the image research. That’s how we did it. That, with time, would really help to keep your contacts safe. Dedication, intention and connection are extremely important and it is worth remembering that the contacts happen only by the will and intention of the friends from the beyond.

Through our research, we found that the quality of equipment helps with the results, but they are not responsible for the results. Each researcher will obtain different results even using the same equipment.

The images taken are not photographs but PARANORMAL IMAGES or ITC Images.

Grupo TCI Seattle’s Video ITC Recording Set-up

Grupo Video ITC Recording Method 1
Grupo Video ITC Recording Method 1
Grupo Video ITC Recording Method 2
Grupo Video ITC Recording Method 2
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