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Ghosts Are Merely Human Beings Who Have Died

A straight-forward view of “earthbound” spirits…

“Through movies and television, ghosts have been portrayed as everything from white-sheeted figures to foggy clouds and monstrous cadavers, leering at, frightening, and downright scaring humans, who seem panicked and hopeless against their onslaught. Through the media, we have gleaned that earthbound spirits are supposed to be physically monstrous, obnoxious, and suffering from a horrible memory loss. They have been portrayed as evil and demonic. Well, while these traits may work really well when creating ways to frighten an audience, it seems that in most cases the picture is very far from the truth. Yes, occasionally there might be a ghost who seems to be quite unevolved and relentless, but you must remember: Ghosts are merely human beings who have died. They don’t take on monster masks when they die and don’t seem to replace their clothes with white sheets.”

(Jame Van Praagh, Foreward p.xii, When Ghosts Speak: Understanding the World of Earthbound Spirits, by Winkowski, Mary Ann).



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