Ghost Boxes

Ghost Boxes:


Dedicated Ghost Boxes and Hacked Radio Ghost Boxes

There are several types of ghost boxes available today.  There are custom boxes (Frank’s Box, Joe’s Box); pre-packaged radios which have a universal modification (all “hack” models); mass marketed ghost boxes (Minibox, P-SB7); and pre-packaged radios which have had custom modifications applied to them (Steve’s Box, Rich’s Box, Chris’ Box).

The following is a list of Ghost Boxes currently in use.  This list is incomplete because new hacks and modifications are being discovered all the time.  If you possess a Ghost Box, or have created a new form of Ghost Box, Hybrid Ghost Box, or have discovered a new radio hack, please let us know by emailing so we can add it to this list.

Dedicated Ghost Boxes

Franks Box #72Frank’s Box: The Frank’s Box is a handcrafted Ghost Box made by Frank Sumption.  They are hand wired and hand soldered creations.  These Ghost Boxes are all unique and each one is based upon whatever tuner Frank has available at the time; due to this, each one of Frank Sumption’s Boxes sounds slightly different that the others.  Some of Frank’s Boxes utilize a random sweep, some use a linear sweep, and a few use both, and all have variable sweep rate controls.  Frank Sumption has built these boxes with only AM, only FM, or both.  The Frank’s Box models typically have an internal speaker.

Minibox PlusMinibox: The Minibox line consisting of the Minibox, Minibox Plus, and the Minibox Ultra Plus, was created by Ron Ricketts and is available only through Paranormal Systems.  These boxes are hand made by Ron, but they use pre-fabbed PCB boards and tuners so there is a consistent sound from one box to the next.  These Ghost Boxes are all available in either FM or AM model, with the exception of the Minbox Ultra Plus which allows for both.  The Minibox Plus and Ultra Plus allow for several modes of sweeping the radio frequencies with variable rate controls.  The Miniboxes require an external speaker.

Joe's Box Ghost BoxJoe’s Box: The Joe’s Box is a handcrafted Ghost Box made by Joe Cioppi.  The Joe’s Box utilizes a pre-fabbed plastic casing, but it is all hand-wired and soldered inside.  The Joe’s Box is set up for a linear sweep of the FM Band.  The Joe’s Box utilizes a variable rate and bandwidth control that allows for fine tuning of the sweep.  These Boxes utilize an internal speaker.

p-sb7 spirit box


Spirit Box P-SB7: The P-SB7 is an MP3 player sized “Spirit Box” that is designed by Gary Galka.  At the time of this writing, the P-SB7 is the only mass produced Ghost Box in existence.  The P-SB7 utilizes a digitally controlled linear sweep that allows for fixed interval step sweep.  The P-SB7′s have an internal speaker.

Ghost Box Hack Hybrids With Variable Sweep Rates

Steve's Box SB47 Ghost BoxSteve’s Box: The Steve’s Boxes take their name from their creator, Steve Hultay, who is responsible for discovering the hackability of several of the Shack Hack models.  Steve’s Boxes are based upon radios that are bought.  He then adds a Linear Sweep Circuit to the radio that allows for a variable sweep.

Rich’s Box: Created by Rich Georgina, the Rich’s Boxes are made from commercial home stereo receivers.  Rich modifies these stereo receivers with his hand made sweep circuits. Because these are receiver units, the Rich’s Boxes are not portable and do require an external speaker.

Chris’ Box: Much like the Steve’s Box, the Chris’ Box (made by Chris Salois) is an off-the-shelf portable Radio Shack model 12-589.  He adds a sweep circuit which allows for a variable sweep rate of the radio bands.

Ghost Box Hackable Radios (AKA Shack Hacks)

RadioShack-12-469 shack hack ghost boxRadio Shack 12-469: This is the original Shack Hack.  Bill Chappell discovered this hack on November 24th, 2007.  It is known for it’s classic “popcorn effect” sound as it step sweeps through the radio bands.  This hack does not have an internal speaker.

12-470 shack hack ghost boxRadio Shack 12-470: Following the instructions posted by Bill Chappell, Mike Colletta used the same technique to hack this radio.  It functions just like the 12-469, but it lack the “popcorn effect” clicking sound in between stations.  This model was available in two versions – one with an internal speaker and one without.

20-125 shack hack ghost boxRadio Shack 20-125: This portable radio was hacked by Steve Hultay on January 12th, 2008.  It is a very reliable hack and it has the  ”popcorn effect” clicking sound at every step of the sweep.  When it reaches the end of the band, there is typically a silent pause as it cycles again providing an excellent opportunity to ask questions.

12-820 shack hack ghost boxRadio Shack 20-820: Hacked January 31st, 2008 by Steve Hultay.  An armband radio, this unit requires an external speaker to utilize.  This model can by “turbo-hacked” to create a faster sweep rate.

12-587 shack hack ghost boxRadio Shack 12-587: Hacked on June 30th, 2009 by Steve Hultay.  This Shack Hack Ghost Box is everywhere.  Since Steve made this Hack public, every paranormal product peddler out there seems to sell this model pre-hacked and ready to go.  It does not have the “popcorn effect” and has an internal speaker.  The 12-587 is very prone to stopping in mid-sweep but can produce some very good results when sweeping properly.

12-588 shack hack ghost boxRadio Shack 12-588: This hack model is a small armband radio that requires an external speaker.  This model can be “turbo-hacked” by adding a modification that allows for it to sweep at a faster rate.

12-589 shack hack ghost boxRadio Shack 12-589: This model contains a large internal speaker and does not have any “popcorn effect” during the sweep.  The 12-589 performs very admirably; because of this, Steve Hultay and Chris Salois have chosen to add a variable linear sweep circuit to this model.

sab-55 ghost box hackJensen SAB-55: This hack was discovered by Bruce Halliday and has come to be known as the “Halliday Hack.”  It is an armband radio that needs an external speaker.  It is important to note that only the “B” model of this radio can be hacked.  Steve Hultay figured out how to “turbo-hack” to this model to speed up the sweep rate.

dt-200vx sangean ghost box hackSangean DT-200X: The Sangean Ghost Box is another hack that does not have the “popcorn effect” when scanning through the radio band.  It contains an internal speaker and has an inherently fast sweep.  The DT-200X was also hacked by Steve Hultay and it was the first hack that was not based upon a Radio Shack model.

73 comments on “Ghost Boxes
  1. Wm says:

    Just got the new model 20-125. I noticed no MU wire but a MUTE wire and after the hack the radio will not continuously scan with out stopping. Anyone know of a newer way to modify this radio?

  2. Frank Sumption says:

    For reducing white noise.. mostly it depends on the tuner. There is a chip you can add, an LM1894, dynamic noise reduction system. Of course, easier to add if you build the whole the box.
    I like the Timex T307 and T308 model clock radio tuners, not much noise. I find them in thrift stores, but you can try ebay. these are also hackable.

  3. lonnie king says:

    if you are wanting to eliminate the white noise from your ghost box than having one is useless. the white noise is the most important part of the ghost box. why would you want to filter out the white noise. spirits use the white noise as a source of energy to communicate. with out the white noise than all you just have is a radio, that is why the ghost box was invented to have the white noise. the more white noise a ghost box generates the better you will get results. try using a good speaker to your ghost box. I use 2 ghost boxes velcroed togeather I turn them both on one on a fm chanel at the rate of 150 and the second one on a am chanel at 250. I use the fm chanel in reverse and the am chanel in forward. this creates a lot of white noise and I am getting the best of both worlds. because I can double the amount of evps. white noise is very important to evps or trying to talk to spirits with your spirit box.

  4. albert says:

    Http// here are a few of my un edited evp sessions

  5. Albert says:

    2 month(s) ago1Berd4
    I made a ghost box out of my old realistic STA-2380 Digital Synthesizer am/fm home stereo sounds amazing the truest best evps cause u can also tune in side this receiver with the tuner,fade dial pods I am the first to do it any questions let me know

    • Everett says:

      is there or is it possible to create a ghost box that can filter out most or some of the white noise so these voices can be easily heard? When I use mine I noticed there are overlapping voices n im hoping someone can create one with less noise

  6. Albert says:

    I have a few unedited evp sessions on soundcloud yet you can here what I pick up even un edited.under 1berd4 in soundcloud I use a app on my I pod touch they no longer have for sum reason that is the first blue mic app they put out then they updated to fire then fire2 then nothing .it picks up sessions I have better then edited ones on utube I wonder what would happen if I do edit em.its a thrilling vibe rec.ask any thing and later listen and be amazed what u here yet pick up.

  7. Terry Phillips says:

    I just bought a Sangean DT200x and now I hear that the new ones can not be hacked? Is this true?

    • Tony says:

      Yes it is, but i bought a newly packed 200x and was able to hack it. Hope it works for you.

      • TT says:

        Hello Tony,can you tellme how to hack the new version 200x?I can only buy that from China,and I think will haven’t the old version, I have see many ghost box youtube and 200x is the best radio to hack be a ghost box and I very want to make one to test how to catch the evp ,and if any one can tell me,please email to

        Thanks all

    • TT says:

      yes, no one can hack in this time,if who know how to hack it,please tell me

  8. lonnie king says:

    there is a way to hack the new model 12587 new version . it is a very simple hack please email me at i will give you full details on how to do it . i figured it out months ago.

  9. Chris says:

    Do you know if anyone has found a hack for the newer version of the Radio Shack 20-125? I heard there was one out there, but have not found it.

  10. Frank Sumption says:

    Looking for other info on hacked radios, I heard there was a mod some are doing..disconnecting the the antenna, as if that improves the boxes. Shielding and disconnecting antennas just defeats the whole system. The concept is…sweeping a radio provides bits of sound the entities use to make voices, known as raw audio. No stations, no raw audio–might as well just glue a knob on a brick and call it a ghost box.
    Using step sweep seems to be an improvement, same sweep as the hacks, except I make mine up-down sweep, variable speed and variable step height. It has the effect of limiting between station noise, contrary to popular myth-excess white noise just makes hearing worse.

    so far, nothing on the “untuned AM radio”.

    Tried posting this stuff on groups and facebook–might as well tell it to my dogs!

    • Jodie says:

      I found that the most important factor is the speaker. Working with the Sangean dt-200x provides the raw hearing when recorded with a Sony digital recorder with noise cut. This is holding the digital recorder out. Working with 12 different external speakers. Recently the Radio Shack rechargeable I-home external speaker has allowed a different way to hear Spirit with all the other ways. They seem to make full sentences easier with a different way to come across. Looking for other people researching on the speaker side. Also the PSB-7 on the FM side is worthless for Spirit to come through between 76 and 87.9. My friends in Spirit call it the phone and I have recorded them saying repeatedly right at 88. “Can you hear me now?”. I always have to tell them before 108. “We are going to be disconnected in a second”.

    • Ursula Kalin says:

      Why even bother every knows best still can’t figure you need the audio bits on the radio or should I saw they do

  11. Tony says:

    I successfully hacked my new dt200x. I love it and get very good replies/evps.

    • Cierra says:

      Hi Tony. I too tried hacking the Sangean Dt 200x but when I pushed down the 4th pin (I actually accidentally broke it), my radio still picks up radio stations very clearly and wont do a consistent scan. I’m not sure what to do or I can do anything. It was probably a waste of $45… If you have any input or ideas I would greatly appreciate it since you have successfully converted your Sangean into a ghost box.

    • Steven says:

      HI, I have purchased a SANGEAN DT-200X and have done the hack, it sweeps through the channels but is silent, have you got any ideas for the reason ?
      Thanks, Steven.

    • Ted Mason says:

      Tony, Can you email me or do you have a video on how to hack the new sangean DT200x … or better yet, if you could buy one and convert it for me how much would you charge? I would buy it from you. LEt me know… my email is or you can call me on my cell … email me and I willl give you the number. I am good friends with Chris Fleming.

    • Bree says:

      Tony I was interested in how you were able to hack the new dt200x. Please I’m about at my wits end here LOL.. Thank you !

  12. Tony says:

    I recently got a 200x and got some very clear evps without hacking! I e en had a small conversation.

  13. amanda says:

    I’ve used psb7 & sangean. The sangean is th best I have ever used! Price keeps going up though & that sux.

  14. Cherie bowman says:

    I just bought the 20-125 radio to hack and it is a different layout. Made sure box and radio were the same before I bought it.
    Is this a new model? And can it be hacked?

  15. Claire says:

    Hey there,
    Just got the DT 200X. Did the pin hack but its not sweeping like i thought it would. The sounds works but it mutes between stations. Also there seems to be more pins on this 200x than the 200vx. (also is machine soldered compared to the older models)
    Thank you. if you could get back to me i would be very grateful.

  16. penny says:

    I just bought radio shack 20-125 and snipped the ribbon and was putting it back together when the antenna wire came off, do you know where and how it goes back on?????? thanks

  17. Jennifer says:

    I’m looking to make a ghost box. I’ve been reading about them. Should I ge the 20-125 or is there a better one?

  18. ***WARNING***

    The “Shack Hack” Model number 12-587 (fifth from the bottom on this page) is no longer hackable. I personally purchased one on 6-15-2012 and discovered that the internal wiring and boards have been changed by radioshack so that the radio is muted while scanning. DO NOT PURCHASE THIS MODEL BRAND NEW!!!! The older version can more than likely be found on eBay but don’t purchase one in-store.

  19. allison says:

    what he told me to do is to pin each one till it worked but if i remember correctly there is two missing pins that where it should be its basically the same just minus 2 from each side

  20. allison says:

    i just turned the sangean dt-200x into a ghost box and when it scans i can still hear the radio with it on am is there by anyway to remove the internal antenna that way i wouldnt get the interference?

    • mike says:

      which pin did you bend, i just got the DT-200X and it is not the same as the DT-200VX that Hultay hacked. The DT-200x has 4 than 8 pins vs. 4 than 10 pins in the DT-200VX.

  21. Kenny Scarberry says:

    I have the RS 12-588 and would like to add the turbo scan. Is there anyway you can help me? Thanks

    • Adriana says:

      I would say to visit Steve Hultay’s Yahoo Group. He was the one who originally hacked this radio. I do not have much technical knowledge, mostly just expertise on the communication and spiritual aspect. Once you receive the help you need, come back here as well, and also join our forum where you can listen to other people’s audio and get feedback on your own. =)

  22. Tara says:

    Hello all,
    I am new to this site. I have been reading everything on this site and I feel that there is someone on here that can help me out or give me advice. I am new to the paranormal world, I didn’t start to have an intrest in it until my father died a year ago today. Immediately after his death things began to happen to me. The lights would flicker, the tv would turn on and off changing channels, Some points the whole house would loose the electricty. I knew that there was a presence there. I would ask for this spirit to turn out the lights, it would do so on command. This scared me badly at the time. I had never experienced it. This all lasted for about a month then ceased. About two months ago I bought a P-sb7 spirit box. I started doing sessions in my house. I was amazed at all the clear intelligent responces I have captured. One thing that does disturb me is that during every session I hear very vulgar things. I understand that this can be quite common. But every session I have done I hear it talking about satan, hell, the devil. Once I asked what I was communicating with it clearly said “A Demon.” This scares me quite a bit has anyone experienced anything quite like this? Can anyone give me advice? I like ghostboxing, it has changed my life and my way of thinking. But I’m not quite sure what I am dealing with at my home. Thanks

    • Adriana says:

      Show no fear, and really truly do not feel fear. You have nothing to fear. You have to be very brave and strong using the ghost box, because many times unhappy people passed over will try to mess with your mind, because they are hurting inside. But you have nothing to fear. Only if you are afraid, might you get “attachments”. Even if you do get attachments, don’t fear them either, they will pass in a few days as well. The key is to show and feel love, and to not show or feel fear. That’s it! Easier said than done, but there are ways of accomplishing this by how you live your life and what you expose yourself to. Positive music, laughter, positive people and environment. And avoid the negative. You cannot control what tries to talk to you through the ghost box directly, only through who you are and your attitude.

  23. Adriana says:

    So many people have dropped in to ask this question. As of today, I am not sure what to tell you. Various people are trying to figure out how to hack the new version of 12-587. You are one of many people asking this question. If you figure it out, let us know =)

  24. jj russell says:

    i bought a 12-587 but its diff from the ones i see on the vid it it looks diff inside it dont see the pins on this one is there another way i can make this one work please mail me quik ive got things happening in my home and i want to see wat they want

  25. Linda says:

    I have a 20-125 ghost box, this is a good box but has a lot of background hiss so sometimes the voices and words i get are overtaken by the audio hiss. Is there a ghost box that has less of this as it would make it more clear? I have tried various positions with the box but makes very little diffrence, I am new at this and would like some advice. Regards Linda.

    • Adriana says:

      On the 20-125, on its left side there is a “tone” button. Make sure that button is set to low, to see if that reduces hiss.

  26. ddtank hack says:

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  27. robyn says:

    i want to get a ghost box but which one is the best between the psb7 and the 12-587? what makes them different?on the psb7 can you slow down the voice when you get a answer ?i heard you can slow down or make faster .what are they talking about?also the e-smog scout can you really hear whispers and breathing in real time?and also i always wanted to know when i go into the cemetery i get this kind of mummbling like wind but it that a spirit mummbling?also get like moans when talking are these spirits trying to communicate?and when you listen on the radio can you hear the whispers on them ,and the mummbling like on a evp recorder?also how big is the 12-587 in lenghth and the psb7 in lenghth .thanks i hope someone can answer all my questions thanks.and god bless

  28. Brandi says:

    What radio can I get from radio shack right now to make a ghost box? I tried the 12-587 but it’s the newer model and can’t be hacked. I don’t want to keep buying radios.

    • Adriana says:

      The 20-125. $40.00 This was my first ghost box. It was the only one they had in stock at my radio shack. It is very hackable. It works.

  29. Wendy says:

    Get some mental help also.

  30. Wendy says:

    They are not natives in case you didnt know. I think the way i was treated was very wrong and you should not run a web site if you cant treat people right here. Things come to bad people.

  31. Wendy says:

    I cant believe you talk to people like this. I thought you were kind of weird.

  32. Wendy says:

    I am also no expert of photos and i would never know if they were fake or not just like you say that you are not an audio expert, im not a photo expert or an audio expert. The only thing ive done is amplify or remove noice which i know now not to do. I do not insit that the pictures are real in no way and no expert, i just took the pictures and posted. I feel i should be given a chance at least on this forum, i was wrong and realize what i did was wrong and i dont think its fair that i cant be given another chance to post. People make mistakes that they learn from and if this is the way you want to treat people on the forum i feel you are wrong.

    • Adriana Jones says:

      Wendy, I absolutely cannot believe that you could take those photos and have no idea whatsoever whether or not there were real living people in them. Please stop making things up as you go along. The ghost box is not entertainment. It is a communication device. We are not children on a playground. We are explorers in a new world. We do not leave litter in our tracks where we travel, and we do not antagonize the natives. You are disrespectful to the natives, and you lack the integrity to report back the truth of what you see and hear. This is the last thing I am going to say to you.

  33. Wendy says:

    I would like to say you are wrong about the pictures being fake. I think its wrong for you to accuse me of posting fake ghost pics and accusing me of patching audio which i have no ideal of what you are talking about. The audio we were not drunk and fighting and if i didnt something wrong i will not post audio like that in the future. I dont think it right to ban me from posting. I am still waiting for an explanation on my being accused unfairly of what you are accusing me of. NO I DID NOT POST FAKE GHOST PICS OR HAVE I POSTED PATCHED AUDIO.

    • Adriana Jones says:

      Wendy, your cemetery photos are most certainly not real. I have consulted for the opinions of others before saying this to you. The hooded lady is a tombstone. Sun highlights on the figures’ heads denote that they are solid physical people. You continuing to insist that the photos are real, in my mind, denotes a willingness for a continued lack of integrity. I have zero tolerance for this kind of lack of integrity. This is the last thing the field of ghost boxing needs. All of us ghost boxers work hard, and put in many hours, to bring into the world the fruits of our labor. I will not allow these honest efforts to be unfairly denigrated by actions like yours.
      Moreover, your audio indicates (and by your own admission) that you drink while you ghost box. This is in extremely poor form. Not only does it look bad, but by doing so you attract negative energies all around you. This may be one reason why the conscious beings that you communicate with are negative to you.
      As far as the patchwork on the one ghost boxing clip, I said it is suspected of falsification. I can’t be sure, because I’m not an audio expert, but the fraudulent ghost photos don’t help your case, I’ll just put it that way.
      And then there’s the audio clip of you arguing with your husband in the most obscene manner. We all argue with our spouses, no doubt, but if I had captured this audio, I don’t care if it had 10 separate EVPs on it, there’s no way in this world I would have posted it for the entire world to hear. Have a little respect for your marriage!

      Good luck to you, Wendy. I wish you the best in life, but you can’t post here anymore.


  34. Wendy says:

    Oh and i have never patched any audio on here. what are you talking about? PLease explain

  35. Wendy says:

    I dont think it was right to ban me for posting ghost pics that i took that no one knows if they are real or not and no i was not drunk fighting with my husband , we were just being funny and i would like to be able to keep posting on this site, what does it take for me to be able to still post. Im sorry if i did something wrong i will correct what ever i did that banned me,

  36. orgone says:

    I think this is among the such a lot important information for me. And i’m glad studying your article. But want to observation on some normal things, The web site taste is perfect, the articles is truly great : D. Just right activity, cheers

  37. NorfolkCanada says:

    Can Anybody Tell Me If The GRUNDIG MINI 400 Pocket Radio Can Be Hacked For A GB.It Sure Would Be Nice In This Area…….Canada Ontario……If So Can Somebody Please Help Me On A Video On How To


  38. mark nettling says:

    12-587 i got for a gift wanted to hack for a ghostbox and following a video and ….snap instead of the pin its got a 10 wire ribbon.i searched to web for updates and nobody can figure this type out.please help..i just lost a family member and i would like to communicate with him……..

  39. What?s Happening i am new to this, I stumbled upon this I’ve discovered It positively helpful and it has helped me out loads. I hope to give a contribution & assist other users like its helped me. Great job.

    • NorfolkCanada says:

      i am looking all over the net boards and i have recieved a 587 radio shack radio and it seems that no wheres to be found how to do the mod for the revised verion of the radio….with the ribbon instead of the pinout. can you or do you know anything about how to do this version…..if you do contact email —> thanks keep in touch….

  40. courtney hale says:

    I was curious if frank sumption was interested in building and selling his infamous franks box?

  41. lauren says:

    i i wanted one of these for a long time after losing my child which im having issues of strange things only she would do or so i bought the 12-587 cause the rest are so exspensive for a radio but i have been looking all over for 3 weeks now and all videos show a pin this has a ribbon like a computer would u walk me through this please.thank you so much lauren

    • Adriana says:

      Since I have never hacked or used this model before, I looked at these videos (it was kind of neat to see ghost boxing has spread to Malaysia). I know only as much as you do. From what I gather you have to remove three outer screws, remove the cover and then remove three inner screws to access the pin that you need to bend/cut. Some are saying bending it down, or bend it up, or just cut it. Basically get to that upper-left pin (watch the videos showing you where its located – although since they are low-definition videos it is not completely easy to see the pin in the ghost box being held in their shaky hands at close-up), and pretty much just damage that pin in some fashion. Then put the ghost box back together again. If you’re stuck on a step, come back and ask.

      • NorfolkCanada says:

        Adriana the ghostbox is good but,,the version 12-587 can or do you know of a way to mod the newest revised board mine has the ribbon type NOT THE PIN i’d know wish that i didn’t have the radio sitting here cause its getting to me known its the right type but wrong type of the board……once you know could you share the vid or the know how…..Can You Help Me Out…thanks my email is ..)

    • NorfolkCanada says:

      i heard so much about it too watched the video and know a friend comes into the picture and gets one for me in the us and i find out that it change to a 10 pin ribbon…hoping that some one does know something and post it soon….i lost a family member over the last week hoping to use it for contact of him…..soon maybe….for a video how to…ribbons from pins ….i am no expert on electronics but maybe they soldered the one half like a ribbon and used the board for the upper pin connecting ,,,???

    • NorfolkCanada says:

      lauren: i wish there was a way and hoping that somebody does post something soon its very flustrating to know i waited along time for this radio and to find out they revised the board to a 10 pin ribbon instead of the pinset…curious inside your radio does yours have a magnet inside the cover with wire wound around it next to the antenna… keep me posted nice chat

  42. chris says:

    these are all very old hacks!!! I bought the 12-587 and they have modified it and there is NO pin field!

    Please update on what current radios you can hack with verified instructions

    otherwise its futile

    • Tim says:

      Chris – as you can see from the comment above, the 587 is no longer hackable. Most of the hacks up above are still available. I will not list them all here because a little research on your part will show that with the exception of only 3 listed above (included the 587) are currently available on the market. I may one day post hacking instructions here, but they are already available all over the net. There is nothing futile about this.

      • NorfolkCanada says:

        I relized that the 587 revised their boards but i got the radio as a gift and then found out it has a ribbon instead of the pin set there’s got to be a method to make this work?? i hope somebody will post a link for the ribbon version………i wish and pray.

  43. nathan ororke says:

    i recently purchased the radio shack 12-587 and found out they have changed the circut board have they found out how to hack it yet

    • Tim says:

      As of right now, no. If you cut the mute on the new ribbon set-up it will not work. I am hoping someone will figure out how to hack it soon.

      • NorfolkCanada says:

        Tim Like I said i had gotten this radio 12-587 as a gift and i tried and i got a 10 pin ribbon..i am hoping that someone hacks that type soon to i had high hopes to hack it…cause i had a family member pass on and i want to see if i could get in touch….if you find out tim feel free to write me i am on facebook an msn ( EMAIL: thanks talk soon

  44. I purchased a Jensen SAB-55 model “FA-C” radio to convert to a ghost box. Everything I find about this hack is for the model “FA-B” by clipping the “Purple” wire. Is there a hack for the “FA-C” radio? I clipped the purple wire on my radio and now it has no power. Can you tell me what color wire I should clip?
    Thanks, Vaughn

    • Tim says:

      Hi Vaughn. Bruce is the SAB-55 guy, I don’t have one. But, I believe that Bruce’s hack only works with the SAB-55 FA-B. I recall Bruce saying in one of his posts on his yahoo group that the FA-C is unhackable; but I may be wrong about this.

      I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news :( I know that Bruce has a guy who sells only the FA-B’s if you are sold on using the Jenson as your hack of choice.

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