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“There are no Ghost Box experts; but there are those with more Ghost Box experiences….”

Ghost Box ITC

A Ghost Box is an ITC (Instrumental Transcommunication) device which scans radio frequencies either linearly or randomly (depending upon the ghost box) and through a currently unknown process, voices from the “other side” manifest and communicate in real time. This “other side” is vague. Some ghost box users believe we are communicating with the spirit world, others believe we hear the thoughts of living beings, and others believe we are communicating with extraterrestrial and/or extradimensional beings.

Currently, we cannot be sure who, or what, is communicating with us through ghost boxes. Like the closely related field of “ghost hunting,” scientific validation is out of reach because the communications cannot be controlled and, more importantly, repeated. Ghost box researchers operate under the assumption that intelligent entities respond to the use of radio-based Instrumental Transcommunication devices and that the repeat communications through our ITC devices provide enough evidence to continue our research efforts.

Ghost Box: Sweeping Radio-Based ITC Device

Since the introduction of the Frank’s Box by Frank Sumption in 2002, varying degrees of radio-based ITC have become accessible to everyone. Following in the footsteps of the Frank’s Box, ghost boxes are being developed by many researchers. There are now numerous devices available to the general public that can receive ITC Voices besides the Franks Boxes: the Minibox line by the now-defunct manufacturer Paranormal Systems; ghost hunting equipment inventor Gary Galka has created the first mass produced device: the P-SB7 Spirit Box and the RT-EVP devices; several Ghost Boxers, including Steve Hultay, Joe Cioppi (deceased), Angelo Menuto, Andrew Openlander and Rich Georgina have all created their own unique models; and numerous portable radios models can be “hacked” to create a ghost box.

Ghost Boxer = Ghost Box Researcher

The ghost box is becoming more commonplace as a paranormal tool. This is due to the popularity of some televised ghost shows that utilize a them from time to time in addition to the P-SB7 being readily available these days for anyone to purchase.  There is currently a large deficiency between the whole of ghost box knowledge versus the number of users.  It is the goal of ITC Voices to close this knowledge gap by presenting evidence and articles from current researchers who have experience using these ITC tools for research both at home and in the field.  With clearly conveyed ideas, new researchers will have a starting point to  begin their research.

ITC voices seeks to provide a safe space for ghost box audio, articles, and schematics. It is our hope that researchers will utilize this site to post their thoughts on this field.  Anyone can submit an article, SoundCloud file or a YouTube video for posting on the main site.

It is time to organize the shared knowledge that Ghost Boxers have into one place on the web. Hopefully, ITC Voices will become a repository of knowledge and audio that both current and future researchers can learn from.  Ghost box research is still in its infancy and we all have something to learn from one another; there is no one person who has all the answers and certainly no one can be qualified as a ghost box expert – all theories are simply unproven because we cannot answer the fundamental question of why these devices work.

For now, we are content to simply know that they do.

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  1. Sam says:

    I don’t consider myself an expert nor a modern day Einstein when it comes to ITC communication. I bass all my knowledge and research on those who are better equipped then I am.

  2. Sam says:

    I agree with you 100% my friend. Its a very great piece of paranormal equipment when wanting to communicate with the “other side”. I have 7 years of knowledge in the paranormal field and various ITC methods and devices. One of my favorite forms of communication is the ITC video feedback loop method. I use the method in conjunction with the ghostbox and have gotten very good results. I use what is known as the Schreiber method for Video ITC. The technique of connecting the output of a video camera to the input of a television set, and then taping the video noise that can be seen on the television screen.

    1. Beth Emery-Stanley says:

      I would LOVE to see an example of the Schreiber method/ ITC Video Feedback Loop Method. Do you have any video of this being done, say on YouTube? It sounds VERY interesting!!!

  3. Sam says:

    People need to understand the potential dangers of using various methods of ITC communication.

    1. Adriana says:

      Sam, I do not disagree with you on that. There are articles in our articles section that address how to protect yourself while ghost boxing. As I prefer to tell people, there are inherent dangers to other-side communication, in the same way that there are risks with all things in life, including meeting new people or getting out on the freeway in a car. It is very important to use ITC devices responsibly, in other words, to not over use or abuse them by mistreating or disrespecting those we are incontact with…. and by the same token take care that you are not being used or abused by those speaking with us on the other end of the device. Do not tolerate it, be polite but firm, and do not be credulous of all that you hear come through. Take it as authentic transcommunication, but don’t automatically believe all of its content, same as you would approach communication with people in the rest of your life. Different people have different ways of protecting themselves. I have found that for myself the best protection is to simply approach the box with the most positive, hopeful, and light-hearted attitude possible, and not even think of dangers, as this builds fear within. For others, other approaches work better.

      1. Sam says:

        Check out my YouTube channel with the “ghostbox” in action. Please rate and subscribe.

  4. Sam says:

    These ITC devices do indeed work and I have added it as one of my fave possessions.

    1. Adriana says:

      Yes, they do indeed work! =) They are “miraculous”. But not really. Many things have existed and been considered “miraculous” long before science could provide a detailed explanation for them….. I love ghost boxing!!!! It’s a daily reminder that “magic” is real, and the perceived limitations of our surface reality are false!!!!

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