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Ghost Box & Water ITC Session Combined

An Experiment Using Two Forms of ITC: Ghost Box and Moving Water

After seeing so many amazing images garnered from moving water ITC, I decided to try my hand at it. I pulled my six inch black marble scrying bowl off the shelf and filled it with water. I also grabbed a couple rocks that were calling to me: a piece of rose quartz and a piece of white quartzite with pieces of black tourmaline embedded in it; both pieces were found in desert environments years ago.

The scrying bowl had not been used in over a year and there was a lot of dust in it. Rather than clean the bowl out, I left the dust to float in the water for this session hoping it would add to any images I might obtain.

I agitated the water using my hand at first and then later with my lemurian crystal wand. I had an overhead light set slightly back from the bowl so it was not reflecting upon the surface.

I then proceeded to do a ghost box session while occasionally agitating the water in hopes of seeing whomever I was speaking with. I do not think that the ITC images obtained were under the influence of the ghost box session.

This will require further experimentation and different arrangements for water ITC set-ups. This was the first time I have ever tried image ITC and the images you see are raw from the video with no editing.

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