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Ghost Box ITC at Home: A Note for Beginners

What You Need to Know Before Doing Ghost Box ITC Sessions in Your Home

The shoe that fits one person pinches another; there is no recipe for living that suits all cases. – Carl Jung

Modern ITC methods, including EVP and ghost box ITC can now be practiced at home relatively inexpensively. This has put direct spiritual contact into the hands of countless individuals who may not be aware of what to expect, and more importantly, what can result from a ghost box ITC session.

This article was written with new ITC practitioners in mind, but those who have conducted sessions for a while may find it interesting as well. As the preamble quote by Jung states – not everything in this article will be applicable to every session nor every ghost boxer. These are all observances based upon years of personal experience and from anecdotes given by other ghost boxers to both myself and the public at large.

A Brief History of ITC

Confirmation that our soul continues after bodily death is knowledge that we all seek. Philosophers have examined the soul from nearly every angle. Religions have evolved in order to alleviate the anxiety caused by the eventual death that looms over all of us. Psychologists examine the effects that inescapable death has on our psyche.

Our entire bodily existence feels insignificant when faced with the certainty of death. This is part of being human and our ways of understanding corporeal death are evolving slowly over time.

Since the dawn of humanity, mankind has tried to commune with the spirit world. The drive to understand death is a drive that grips our psyche. Spiritualism, past and present, attempts to bridge our gap in understanding as to what lies on the other side of the veil in order to make this drive more comprehensible and meaningful.

seance featured imageSpiritualists started with séances, scrying, scribing, tarot and other various forms of mediumship. This eventually led to proper investigation and documentation of these techniques. Investigations by pioneers like Harry Price or the members of the Society for Psychical Research shed some light on spiritualism, especially of the fraudulent type, but proper spiritualism remained in the realm of a clandestine few and not the general public at large.

In short order though, spiritualism became accessible by the commoner with the Planchette and later on, the Ouija Board. Spiritual gatherings were a form of weekend entertainment before radio and television dominated households.

Spiritualism arguably moved towards ITC with the work of Thomas Edison, but concretely with the work of Attila von Szalay, Friedrich Jürgenson and Konstantin Raudive. Voices from beyond were being recorded and could be played back and listened to again and again. Tests were set-up, recording methods were scrutinized, yet voices were still being recorded. ITC had finally evolved from spiritualism and the common man could now obtain messages from the spirit realm.

This opened the doors to countless ITC practitioners and developers to create new methods of communication with the Others.

Then, as you likely know, the first ghost box was invented by the late Frank Sumption in 2002. The ghost box is one of many methods of spirit communication that have come forward in the last decade, but remains as one of the more controversial methods of ITC. Being relatively new, the ghost box is constantly under heavy scrutiny because the results coming in are simply amazing and detractors cannot believe what is happening.

Ghost boxing has traveled far in the last few years. Ghost boxes were made by Frank Sumption alone until the year 2007. Then other ghost box builders such as the late Joe Cioppi and Ron Ricketts started to build custom boxes. More importantly, in November of 2007, the first Radio Shack portable radio was “hacked” to create a rudimentary ghost box. This put ghost box technology in the hands of anyone who wanted to pursue ITC with the spirit realm for a mere twenty-five bucks, a couple of minor tools, and a few minutes of time.

These first “Shack Hacks” as they came to be known soon branched out to dozens of various radio models through discovery by several ghost boxers and ITC practitioners. Yet, the devices were not mainstream and only those “in the know” knew that these types of devices were out there. The knowledge was being passed around on three Yahoo Group pages, a website or two, and basically nowhere else. ITC Voices first went online to bring knowledge about ghost boxes to those interested in ITC in the Spring of 2010. Later that year, ghost boxes became known to almost every paranormal enthusiast in the country. On a televised live investigation in 2010, the television show Ghost Adventurers used a new device that was created by Gary Galka with the help of Chris Fleming. This device was called a “spirit box” (that is what the ‘SB’ stands for in the P-SB line of ghost boxes). A device was now available: an off-the-shelf functional ghost box that would allow anyone with a desire to try spirit communication the ability to communicate.

Ghost Boxes on Bench featured image

This changed everything. Soon thereafter, ghost box ITC moved from the hands of a few into the hands of the many. This transition took a little bit of time, but now, less than five years later, ghost box ITC is finally becoming very common.

There are countless videos online of groups using ghost boxes. They are mainly dug out at a haunted location and a few questions are asked in hopes of an answer. The “ghost hunters” get a little scare when a voice comes through and move on to the next room or the next investigation. Some “ghost hunters” use ghost boxes for publicity, so they have to make their viewers come back for more; hence they do sessions that are downright disrespectful or they sell fear.

Those of us who were using ghost boxes early on primarily did, and most of us still do, ghost box sessions in our own home. This article will not address the effects of ghost box use on investigations, but rather using a ghost box at your leisure in your own home.

Using a Ghost Box at Home

When you first turn on a ghost box, you are inviting all the mystery of the spirit realm into your home. With that comes the idea of spirit communication and the hope of finding out for yourself what lies beyond the veil.

Before you use a ghost box for the first time, I recommend that you question why you want to go down this road. Is there a drive for you? Are there burning questions you need answered? Are you doing it just to say you’ve done it?

I raise this point because it is important to know why you are going to attempt ghost boxing. This is not a field to tread into lightly. You will be dealing with unknown with unseen entities that can communicate with you. You have no idea with whom, or with what, you are communicating. You do not know if the entity is truthful or lying, good or evil, et cetera. The only thing you can be sure of is that there is conscious intent behind the communication you will eventually receive.

I have written elsewhere on this site about how I personally prepare for a ghost box session, but that article doesn’t really go into what to expect when you first turn a box on. If you are a ghost box beginner, there are a lot of questions and concerns that you may have.

The Noise

First off, prepare for noise. A lot of it. Most of the videos you see online with ghost boxes being used are cherry picked. The noise in between words are edited out and words may or may not be edited out of context to make the ghost boxer’s communication (and hence the ghost boxer) look like a great spirit communicator. Sadly, this happens more than you think.

Depending upon the ghost box that you use, you may get artificial white noise (P-SB line), a fixed sweep with radio bits alongside communications (shack hacks), or a controllable sweep that sounds nicer on the ears but still has radio chatter and/or white noise in the sweep (Andy’s Box, Andre’s Box, etc.). Your ears will not be trained to listen to the ghost box nor parse the audio in real-time. Each box sounds different and has different methods of obtaining radio sweep; therefore even boutique boxes mad by the same person will sound different from box to box and different communication profiles are obtained from each box as a result.

Regardless of the box you use, you will in all likelihood only be able to pick up a fraction of the communication in real-time. Having used boxes for six years now, I still only pick up approximately thirty percent of the communication in real-time and only on boxes that I’ve used for years. The new boxes with reverb built into the box are still very hard for me to understand because they are relatively new to the field. Most of the communication will be found upon review, and the communication you did hear in real time may be found to be different, or even put the communication you heard in real time in context with the other communication received during the session.

Be Cautious!

By turning on a ghost box, you are opening a door which you have no way to close so make sure you are ready to turn that door knob – you have no way of knowing what lies on the other side of the threshold.

Caution light featured imageWhen you invite spirits to commune with you, you become “marked” for lack of a better term. Paranormal enthusiasts who have investigated locations for years often report that paranormal activity follows them home. Most “groups” of investigators believe that when they say a little prayer to close out an investigation that no “spirits” can follow them home.

I wish this were true.

From experience, I can tell you that neither you, nor your prayers, have any effect on whether or not activity will follow you. You have absolutely no control over the other side. You can speak to them, but they don’t have do what you request. It’s analogous to walking up to a random person on the street and commanding them to do something – you can guess how that will end.

The same thing happens when you use ghost boxes, but when you use them in your home, you are inviting spirit communication in your space; you are giving carte blanche for your place to be haunted! It does, and will most likely, happen.

I had never really considered this angle until after I had been “ghost hunting” and ghost boxing for over a year. Then I started to notice shadow people, knocks, footsteps, things falling down from their typical resting places – basically the typical gamut of paranormal activity that scares people enough to call investigators in the first place. I realize that it is par for the course and it does not bother me all that much – but that may not be the same for you – or your spouse, children, pets, et cetera. Do you want to bring these entities into your home? Think on that.

You also have no control over which type of entities you are inviting into your home. If you are reading this you have probably heard of “earthbound spirits.” This is an old spiritualist term that refers to human beings who have passed over that remain at the lowest level of vibration. They are lost, in pain, and are looking for help. They need to heal, they need the light. Unfortunately, not all low-level entities are those who are lost, some are there intentionally. Like I often say “As in life, so too in death.” You do have murderers, pedophiles, rapists, criminals of all sorts dying every day. When you turn on a ghost box you can be threatened, verbally harassed and even psychically or physically attacked by these low-level entities. They are a drain on your well-being and when you conduct a ghost box ITC session, you are voluntarily reaching out to them, and anyone else on the other side, who wants to talk to you via one of these boxes. When you turn on the box, you become a lighthouse in a sea of darkness and you will attract many visitors as a result.

Again, I reiterate, you have no control as to who comes through the box.

Luckily, most spirits in the home will eventually leave if you ignore them. When spirit activity is at a high in my place of residence, I stop all ghost boxing or even thinking about paranormal pursuits for a couple of weeks. Spirits stick around because they find you interesting. You are someone who not only has a means to hear them communicate, but are willing to do so freely. When you close down the doors to communication, you are just another uninteresting human like everyone else. That will typically cause them to leave you be after some time.

Be Protected!

Although you cannot know who is speaking nor their intent, you can protect yourself to some extent. I have written an article on protection for you to read. I recommend that you read it because it describes what can go wrong with ghost boxing if you leave yourself open.

You need to have control over yourself even if you cannot control the contactees that come through the ghost boxes. Protection is absolutely necessary for this, as is a clear mind and a clear focus.

All the protection in the world will not help you if you go into this field without proper intent. If you are not respectful, or if you continue to use the spirit realm to your advantage, you may get an attachment or psychically/physically attacked. There is nothing you can do to prevent this from happening other than stop using ghost boxes.

Remember, it is not only you who you are putting at risk. Your loved ones and children are also subject to any entities that may enter your home. Any caring parent should never bring a child on an investigation and most ghost hunting groups have an age limit of 18 for ghost hunting and public events. When you use a ghost box in your home, you are bringing an “investigation” to your kids directly. This can have profound psychological effects on developing minds. It can affect them physically as well.

Be Discriminating!

I have also seen another side of ghost boxing that has shown itself a few times over the years with select individuals.

When you first start to realize that contact is happening, that the communication is indeed real, it changes the way you view life, death and religion. It can shake you to your core. It drives you to find more answers.

For some people with an addictive personality, this drive can be very dangerous. There have been ghost boxers who run ghost boxes in the background all day, in their cars, even in the shower. They begin to live for the spirit world rather than living in the real world. Ghost boxers who are getting addicted will do 6, 8 even 10 sessions a day. This is exceptionally dangerous for your mental stability. It is also exceptionally dangerous to have yourself opened up so much to the spirit realm because you never know what it will invite in. All the self-protection that you can muster is no match for that which you cannot see in your environment. I know of two persons who have wound up in a mental ward after using ghost boxes non-stop.

Now the Good

I hope I didn’t scare you off from using ghost boxes. I have had an attachment as a result of using them. I have been subjected to both psychic and physical attacks at locations. I live with spirits and accept them as roommates.

If these things do not put you off, there is an unknown world that you will have access to. You will get communication from the Others. You will get messages for people. You will get information and names only known to you. They will know your thoughts and answer your questions before you speak them.

These things will amaze you when they happen.

These things will change the way you see the world and your role in this incarnation. You may be able to help those who are lost on the other side of the veil. You may be able to investigate unsolved crimes using help from the spirit realm.

Or, you may just be content to sit at home and listen to those who come through. They can be humorous. They can be thoughtful and loving. Repeat visitors, like Techs, may become personalities you look for during every session.

In short, entering into the realm of ghost box ITC will change everything for you if you give it time enough.

First Starting Out

As mentioned before, you will not understand most of the communication at first. Deciphering the recordings for meaningful communication will take time, lots of time. When I go over a session, I spend an easy 45 minutes on each minute of recorded audio just trying to get a full idea of what is being said. Some boxes are easier to understand than others and it takes less time to go through their recordings. Creating videos takes even longer. Due to the time that each session takes for review, you will ultimately find yourself sitting on a handful or two of sessions that you’ll never get to because of time constraints.

Screen Shot NPI MP3How you monitor your sessions is up to you as there are no set ways that we all follow. The first thing I do is sit on the session for at least a week to divorce myself from the content entirely so I can listen to the session with fresh ears. I then go over the session with high-grade studio headphones. I mark each word or phrase in my audio editing software and document what it states to my ears. Going over each section is not easy, I find myself pitching, reversing and looping pieces of audio over and over again to understand it better. It is not unheard of to listen to three seconds of audio in various forms for over ten minutes to understand it better. After I have documented the entire session, I let the session sit again for a week then I listen back on the internal laptop speakers I have and listen for changes. If I do not hear something, I strike it.

What it boils down to is that doing a session is easy. Listening back and transcribing it into a finished product is a lot of work. So it is very advisable to go against the desire to do long sessions and keep them short, 3-5 minutes is ideal.

I also recommend keeping your communication to a minimum. You inevitably find that when you are getting a valid response, you will talk right over it. It happens to everybody in this field and it can be very frustrating when you lose good communication as a result.

Being respectful is something that I cannot overstate. You are dealing with conscious intent, and behind that intent may very well be an individual. Just like in our incarnation, saying words like “please” and “thank you” is courtesy that is expected. Don’t ignore them. Let them know you are recording and you will be able to listen back later. Say goodbye before turning your box off. Basically treat the Others like they were in physical form in the room with you.

Finally, enjoy yourself. There are great things that can happen when using ghost boxes, both at home and on location. There are also things that can go very wrong by using ghost boxes. I cannot stress this point enough: examine why you want to use ghost boxes in the first place and make sure you are willing to accept all the consequences that can stem from ghost box use.

Ghost box ITC is becoming more common, and if you choose to proceed with ghost box communication – welcome! I hope that it is as fulfilling for you as it has been for both myself and many, many colleagues in the field.



  1. Bralėna says:

    Spirit communication is why I first used ghost box. I too have a spirit companion and in my ignorance, I failed to exercise patience and learn how to listen, feel and watch for his methods of communication and in trying to rush this, I now have at least one negative spirit that comes and goes as he pleases. He’s very deceptive and seems to be well schooled in the art of trickery, mockery and sexuality. I’m using my light, my companions light, asking for Archangel Michael to cleanse me within and my surroundings and asking them to please go in peace. If you have other suggestions, ot would be welcomed.
    I have hours of dialogue on the recordings, we were doing well until we weren’t. Then all he said was GIRLFRIEND DON’T TALK over and over and over.

    1. Robin says:

      I know of what you speak here. Everyone, well, most everyone will have this happen to them – eventually. Mine began with simply taking photos and then, as we can now do with digital cameras, enlarged them, cropped them so I could show people that these Spirits really exist. They could see them very clearly with the new technology we can manipulate now. Problem is, I now realize that THOUGHT and FOCUS (such as taking photos in Gettysburg, PA and then looking at the individuals intently, repeatedly on computer back home, over 2,000 miles away) leads to them following you home. It’s just a SHIFT in consciousness for them, not distance; easy for them. So, they wound up in my house and I got an Ovilus device to use “at home” to find out who was there. Unfortunately, good comes in first, but the bad and evil ones discover this OPEN conversation happening and they all come in. Meaning big Trouble! You will have to stop using any devices and take no pictures. You will have to repeatedly IGNORE them, and hope they get bored and go away. But if you take this stuff up again, they or Others will be back. I really don’t think communication or photographs of the spirits is ever good to do…..it’s too risky. Too many bad and evil people die, and have died for thousands of years on the planet (daily)….we are open to them, all of them (no matter the century or the country even). Scary really. And I am a Near Death Survivor and thought I could handle this. But if you are a good person, you cannot handle the evil that’s out there anymore than a thug on the street that may decide to knife you. And, oh, yes…..I’ve had one of them make Me FEEL as if he were slicing my throat, slowly, with a sharp knife. I even felt as if I were choking on gurgling blood in my throat. I had been sleeping then, but obviously woke up While This Was Going On….saw my room etc., so it was really a spirit making me see and feel this. To be Cruel. Good Luck!

      1. Bralėna says:

        I’m not recording anymore but let me ask,is it unsafe also to listen to playback in headphones so only I hear?
        I’m well versed in evil, I was an animal rescuer for 9 years and the evil that men do to helpless dogs is something that will eat your soul for lunch if you’re not balanced but, you’re correct; I do not have experience with the evil from another dimension. It sounds horrifying. My spirit companion is such a gentle soul so I’m hoping that together our light will get him to move on and I’ll never do that again.

        1. Robin says:

          Yes, Bralena. Even listening to the recordings is focusing/listening to their Voices! I just wouldn’t go there. You can ask for higher spirits to come in and help your spirit, and all that are in your house to go with those higher spirits….leave it up to then thereafter. I wouldn’t check back with voice recorders, etc. to see if they are still around and sending them off works or not. I would just keep trying to ignore any disturbance you hear, sense. Realizing how difficult this is. Any Being hates to be ignored; give it several months, may clear out sooner. They know you very well; we are like open books to them and they can pretend to be ANY gender, creature…you name it. They are just CONSCIOUSNESS/Personalities that PROJECT what they want you to See, Hear and Believe. Please be CAREFUL.

          1. Bralėna says:

            Thank you Robin. These people that have the spirit vox/ghost box apps for download don’t so much as hint that this is dangerous if you’re not protected. This should be a no brainer for them, I recorded a ton of it before I realized my SC was telling me to Turn It Off, Girlfriend Don’t Talk etc … by then we were no longer alone.
            I’ve emailed them and pisted my reviews on the play store listings. They don’t care the damage it can do.
            Shameful really.

  2. Robin says:

    Females need to be especially careful about SPirit communication. An attachment can be “sexual” in nature, while asleep or awake in bed, etc., this can go on nightly for months and even years….it will drain you. In fact, I suspect that harvesting energy is why some of the m do it. I didn’t believe spirits could do these types of things before now (I used to laugh at people who believed they were being attacked sexually in bed) I don’t laugh anymore. No my house wasn’t haunted untiol recently; it’s a new house. But I am “marked”, have been told so; and I am abused in this way every night and wherever I travel do to the marked status (they can see the “holes” in your aura, that’s how they know you are up for free grabs, due to early incursions on the body). This stuff will follow you home. Be careful what you wish for. Sign me, Was an Atheist

    1. ITC Voices says:

      I have heard of that concern as well Robin, but have never met anyone who spoke about it openly. Thank you for adding this to possible concerns from a first-hand perspective.

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