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Ghost Box Collective

An Attempt to Examine the Limits of Ghost Box Communication

The Ghost Box Collective

One of the primary goals at ITC Voices is to examine all aspects of ghost box communication through the cooperation of ghost boxers and ghost box builders alike.

We have known for sometime now that we all have certain personalities that communicate consistently through a ghost box, and they are often called Techs, Guardian Angels or Spirit Guides depending upon who you talk to.

We have also known for sometime that ghost boxers often get messages for one another.

And finally, we also know that they can offer two way direct communication with the ghost boxer (as in a question being asked and an answer being supplied through the box).

With these two things in mind, we have to ask ourselves – are we receiving communication from the same beings?  Are the answers to our questions different for each user?  These are very important things to know.

The ITC Voices ghost box collective is designed to focus ghost boxers intent on a receiving a single answer to a question posed by ghost boxers on a certain day and time.  There will also be a set window of time (ex: a week) to obtain an answer as well.

The goal’s of the ITC Voices ghost box collective are (for now):

  1. See if we can reach the same Tech and compare recordings for tonal quality to see if it is indeed the same person
  2. Try to obtain singular answers to specific questions and compare the results
  3. Post results publicly for the world to view

With these two simple focal points, we can start to grasp the complexities of the other side of the veil as a collective and not just as individuals.  ITC Voices is designed to push ghost box knowledge forward and the ghost box collective will be the first step in unifying ghost box study.

To join in on the ghost box collective, email us at ITC@ITCvoices.org.  Once we have at least five volunteers, we can commence the study.


The first round of the ITC Ghost Box Collective has been completed. You can view the stunning results here.



  1. saul says:

    I also get Lisa and linda .

  2. Brian says:

    My girlfriend and i use the spirit box in my house regularly and always seem to communicate with a Tom. We were trying to figure out if he was someone that knew us or not. Now we know!

  3. Geoff Saul says:

    “Thomas” quite often shows up on the ALICE box too.

    1. Tim says:

      Interesting. Has anyone uploaded video of Alice in action yet?

  4. Tim says:

    I have been in communication with Tom since 2010 and he frequently shows up. This is one of the things we are going to attempt to answer. The protocols will be available soon and I am very excited for this line of research to see if it produces valid results.

    1. Saul says:

      Tom first showed up in my recordings in 2011. I also have a Linda and Lisa that are in my recordings. I just posted yesterday, on My Bayou Shadow Chasers page, the P-SB11 demo video for a guy in my group and right at the end there’s a “I love you Saul.” I recognize the tone as Linda.

      1. Tim says:

        Awesome – I get Lisa a lot too. Wow….

  5. Saul says:

    One of my guides is “Tom” and I’ve heard other ghost boxers with a guide named Tom as well. I always wondered if we are communicating with the same guides. According to the Quantum theory it’s possible.

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