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Ghost Box 24/7: Steve’s Ghost Box Livestream

24/7 Livestreaming Steve’s Box Ghost Box Audio

This is an exciting time for sweeping radio frequency ITC. There are new ghost box models being made by several ghost box builders and new ITC applications in the works.

One of the most exciting things brought into the fold has been the use of livestreaming ITC sessions. On April 23, 2015, Steve Hultay began livestreaming Steve’s Ghost Box 114 for the world to hear. The goal of this livestreaming project is to see if listeners from around the world, including those who use ghost boxes and those who have never used one, can hear communications that are individually meaningful from the live ghost box audio .

Steve Hultay has been in the Ghost Box ITC field for almost a decade and possesses the largest collection of Frank’s Boxes in the world. Steve has also been responsible for bringing most of the early radio hacks to the world. Hultay has also been modifying radios by adding linear sweep controls and various echo/delay circuits. The ghost box in this livestream, an RCA Super Radio, has been modified with a linear sweep control to become Steve’s Ghost Box 114.

The livestreaming of ghost box audio all the time has been a dream of Steve’s for years since the idea was hatched with Frank Sumption. That dream is now a reality and you can listen to the free livestream of Steve’s Ghost Box 114  by clicking here. 

For those who have Android products, Steve Hultay has also teamed up with Mark Coultous to produce an app entitled Paranormal Live Ghostbox that will allow you to listen to this stream live on your cell phone or Android product. You can download the free Paranormal Live Ghostbox App free of charges by clicking here.



  1. I’m still experimenting with the app. If I’m using a separate audio recorder, will the phone cause interference? (clicking, etc.)

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