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G. Stanley Hall on Parapsychical Phenomena

Psychology Pioneer G. Stanley Hall on the Study of Parapsychical Phenomena

“We have largely evicted superstition from the physical universe, which used to be the dumping ground of the miraculous. . . . But we have great ground to rejoice that science is now advancing into this domain more rapidly than ever before, and that the last few years have seen more Progress than the century that preceded. The mysteries of our psychic being are bound ere long to be cleared up. Every one of these ghostly phenomena will be brought under the domain of law. The present recrudescence hereof ancient faiths in the supernatural is very interesting as a psychic atavism, as the last flashing up of old psychoses soon to become extinct.”

(G. Stanley Hall, Introduction: Amy Tanner, Studies in Spritism, p. xxxii)



  1. Nameste says:

    Scientists? Scientists are dunces who need problems to solve. Problems such as reinventing the wheel, or reinventing God. Thier guiding motto is “Know nothing, assume nothing, until/unless OUR/MY experiment proves it.” (Keyword: my)

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