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Friedrich Jürgenson’s Interfrequency Radio Technique

Make contact through the radio…

Almost from the very beginning, one voice on (Friedrich) Jürgenson’s tapes kept saying, “Make contact through the radio.” This was a woman, and she was most insistent, so after about a year he tried radio and succeeded. Jürgenson now uses the technique he calls “interfrequency method,” based on radio reception. Using a standard broadcast AM receiver, Jürgenson sets the tuning to receive an unmodulated carrier signal. Such a signal is equivalent to a radio frequency transmission with no audio signal impressed upon it. Through the radio receiver, an unmodulated carrier signal sounds like white noise contrasting slightly with the normal static background found between stations. The wave he uses when in Sweden, he says, is on the medium wave band and between Moscow and Vienna broadcast frequencies. Except when his voices are manifesting, there is only quiet hissing – no music, talking, or other broadcast interference. With this technique he has a clear form of communication, a dialogue, questions and answers. He realizes he cannot force a communication to take place at a given time, because such communications depend largely upon atmospheric conditions and several as yet unknown factors that he has not been able to identify.”

(Susy Smith, Voices of the Dead, p.11)


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