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Fraud Has No Place in ITC

It’s a sad day for ITC…

To start, this post is from the founder of ITC Voices, Tim Woolworth. I stand by every statement.

On July 4, 2018, a video by Amanda Grace started making the social media rounds regarding Steve Huff, a well-known figure in ghost box ITC. In this video, it incontrovertibly shows that Steve Huff used audio from an online interview featuring Lil Peep. Huff did a session to contact Lil Peep and used the interview audio in his “session.”

This was aso demonstrated a couplel years ago with another clip.

To be blunt, there is no love lost between Steve Huff and myself. Despite all his shady shit, I have made a concerted effort to not view a single session of his because his voice alone makes me angry, let alone his carefully cultivated image. I don’t post about him, I try to pretend he doesn’t exist. That changed when I saw this video.

In the beginning of his foray into ITC back in 2012, Huff and I eventually became colleagues. That changed after a short while when I recognized what he was all about.

He started by using a P-SB7 in graveyards like so many people in the field do. Eventually, he tried partnering up with various ghost box creators to get more recognition. Most box makers would have nothing to do with him. Huff would buy a box, usually second hand, use it in a video or two and proclaim it was the best box ever trying to entice a partnership. When that inevitable failed, he would repeat the cycle with the addition of claiming the previous box he used, and more importantly, it’s box maker, was a terrible person with a terrible box for a myriad of reasons. This cycle played out several times and Huff went through every box maker around at the time. Those who know ghost box ITC and the names in the field could see this play from a mile away. Eventually, he achieved the relationship he desperatetly sought with a box maker. This “box maker,” and I use that term lightly, George Brown, partnered with Steve Huff to create a line of ghost boxes with Huff’s name on them. This was after Huff pitched the box as much as possible on Facebook and YouTube. I won’t rehash it all because I wrote an article on it, Caveat Emptor: Ghost Box Profiteers Want Your Money!, which outlined everything. To this day, it is the most read article on this site. After publishing that article, Huff threatened me with a lawsuit as he has done to several other people.

Huff also got into the ITC software game shortly before the Geogrift. Like Brown, who came out of nowhere with no paranormal history whatsoever, the Window’s software coder Anthony Sanchez who had no history in ghost hunting or ITC (outside of a couple pieces of software released very quickly because they stole code and concepts directly from Martin Bellefueilles Extreme Senses Software), partnered with Huff to start the gravy train.

Their first project, SCD-1, was a commercial success. At that time, I was still friends with Steve Huff. I thought that the software had good bones and myself, along with a very well known-name in the paranormal who I will not bring into this, were beta testers for the software. I am not a programmer, but I was able to recommend layout changes and find functionality bugs that were ironed out before the release.

Then people more well-versed in software than I began to investigate the source code of the SCD-1 and it was quickly realized that the software did not function as advertised. There were also many key words and phrases relating to death and dying stuffed into its audio banks. Basically, the software was a sham. But, it did work. Why? Because spirit finds a way. Whenever you randomize audio, communication can ensue.

This is when I severed my relationship with both of these characters.

But Huff and Sanchez took it to the bank and began to tirelessly release a steady stream of products. In his typical vein of salesmanship, Huff proclaimed each piece of software better than the last in order to sell products. Customers weren’t receiving unlock keys. There were many software glitches. It was shoddy workmanship. Customer service was lacking. Huff and Sanchez put up a GoFundMe to film a documentary series that never happened, and there are no GoFundMe refunds. Huff and HOPE Paranormal did the same thing for a feature length documentary which never manifested, once again no refunds were issued.

In the meantime, Huff was also working on his stage performance, honing his craft. He built up drama. He claimed he was being attacked by demons. He took on a god complex where was the persona of mans’ vessel to speak to the other side.

In a big shot across the bow to me, he also co-opted the name of my 2014 Ghost Box Collective Experiment. He formed a Facebook group under the name Ghost Box Collective which is where he amassed his fans. It was a brilliant stroke of marketing. He was able to get his message across to people who cared about his work the most, and market to them directly so he could profit off of sales.

In this group, and publicly, he proclaimed that I was influenced by the dark side. He said that I was wrong about ghost box ITC, yet he has copied stuff I have written on this site almost word-for-word.

Others, worried about what he was doing to the field of ghost box ITC, began to look into his character. Over the years, others published articles with proof on how Huff had directed rape porn, sold steroids, and ripped people off through buying and reselling cameras and camera lenses. Yet, by in large, it didn’t matter to his fans who were insulated from the world of ITC because Huff was their only point of contact with the field. They did not see the articles, and Huff vehemently denied their content despite concrete evidence.

Huff also struck upon gold. He began doing celebrity sessions purporting to contact the recently deceased. His first big break through was the Robin Williams session. He did these sessions using his software written by Sanchez. People were blown away by the clarity of the connection. There was no doubt it was Robin William’s voice. This garnered him tens of thousands of new fans. He followed up almost every major celebrity death with a session. Every time, of course contact was made and it was definitely the celebrity’s voice.

Huff received major blowback from the ghost hunter community when he began rewriting the rules to fit his modus. This started with his proclamation that no-static was best for communication – which goes against 60 years of ITC research, but he doesn’t know the history. He also proclaimed in the now infamous statements that contact can only be made within 24 hours of death (which he changed to 48 hours less than 24 hours later). These statements were made in regards to a purported session where he contacted Mark and Debby Constantino after the double murder suicide that rocked ghost hunters everywhere a few years back. It disgusted so many in our community that he would even attempt to contact these two, let alone try to publicize it. Once again, his fans who know very little about the ghost hunting world and ITC, were insulated from how so many in the field felt about Huff’s antics because they are not part of the field.

What people not familiar with ITC, software, or production failed to realize is how easy these sessions were to fake. In ITC, it is rare for a voice to come through that directly mirrors the voice they had in corporeal form. It happens, but it is rare. Also, a contact on the other side doesn’t stick around for minutes, the connection is fleeting. Contacts almost never speak entire sentences in one voice. And finally, contacts usually only say a word or two, sentences are exceptionally rare. Yet his celebrity sessions had all these components. It was, quite literally, too good to be true. Anyone who doubted these sessions were labeled “haters,” and were blocked on social media and their YouTube comments deleted. This is why you never see any dissenting voices against Huff on his YouTube channel.

For those not wholly familiar with ghost box sessions, please be wary of anyone who only utilizes clips for their videos. When that happens, everything is out of context; you cannot be sure that the clips are real. In Huff’s case, it is now proven that his out of context videos were faked. He inserted audio from interviews with the deceased. Whether he did this via his own software (simply by uploading the clips as a sound bank) or he just overlaid the audio in post-recording, it is unknown. We only know concreely that he used interview audio.

That brings us to the video that was released proving that Lil Peep’s interview audio was interspliced in Huff’s session to contact him. This is fraud on the highest level. He has done dozens of celebrity death sessions and I am sure there are people going through interviews of the celebrities to try to match up the voice to an interview now that we know this is how it was done. I applaud Amanda Graves for her work in demonstrating this level of fraud.

Huff used celebrity death sessions to demonstrate that great contact can be made using his software and portal/wonderbox type devices he also brought into the field. In short, these devices effectively quash most ITC communication that comes through and are quite detrimental to ghost box communication. I may write about these devices from a technical standpoint one day, but that day is not today. By demonstrating such clear communication, he sold a lot of software and portals/wonderboxes to fans and upstart ghost boxers who didn’t know any better.

This is fraud, plain and simple.

For me, it hurt to see this video. I have worked for over a decade, writing, lecturing, teaching about all things paranormal. This site, which was online two years before Huff even entered the field, has become the go-to site for ghost box knowledge. I built my name on ghost box work. Many other great researchers in the field have done the same. We have toiled, put in so much time reading, listening, educating. I helped build the field to what it is today and I am happy to see people using terms I created and methods I championed when I am out in the field or at events.

But now Huff, a huckster who overshadowed ITC with legions of fans, is a proven fraud. This casts a pall over the community that has blackened everything we have accomplished. Now outsiders will think of ghost boxes as a mechanism of fraud thanks to Huff. All the work that has been accomplished by the community, everything we’ve done, now has the stigma of Huff’s fraud attached to it.

As a community, we can overcome this. It won’t be easy, but it will happen over time. It is my hope that fans who watched Huff’s rise and his ultimate hubris-laden fall will look to other researchers to see what they are doing. They will likely be shocked by how our communication sounds nothing like Huff’s, because our communication is real as the other side intended it. There is no glam, no glory, no god figure – just ghost box communication as it should be.

I am still convinced that ghost boxes give us the best glimpse of the other side through audio communication. The level of contacts that come through are phenomenal in the hands of a few select ghost boxers, and very present in the hands of most ghost boxers. I know most of you believe the same thing. So, I beckon to all of you, be just and true in your sessions. Show your sessions, warts and all. Don’t just show clips. Put together videos where the clips are time-marked in reference to a full session you either post in the same video after the clips or on its own. Don’t let clips dominate this field, communication is much more than clips alone – context is everything.

Finally, unplug your damn portals and use boxes and apps like they were intended to be used. Ditch cagey software and buy software from Extreme Senses, apps from Big Beard and other respected app makers, or save your pennies and buy custom ghost boxes from reputable box makers – I know about 90% of them personally so just ask for a recommendation if you need one.

And never, ever, misconstrue communication or create fraudulent sessions. To do so is an affront to the other side, and to those on this side who seek real communication.

As was stated very clearly by the other side in the last session video I posted, Fuck Steve Huff.



  1. Sissy says:

    I’d like to speak to you.. I’ve got some tapes you’d be more than interested in.. he’s speaking to Baal.. let me show you! Please find me! EKAWA

  2. Knights says:

    Interesting read. Thanks for taking the time to explain how it all started and where he has now ended up. Sounds to me like he’s been a scam for the majority of his life. His wife and kids must be proud.

    It’s a shame that YouTube allows this kind of content to be posted. How can anyone create a fake channel just for monetization purposes? Praying on vulnerable people? Do people not have any passion anymore, other than for clickbait and money? I think it’s disrespectful to the dead and if I was the celebrities family I would be appalled.

    I hope that Steve Huff hasn’t stopped you from doing what you love. I can see you haven’t posted since 2018, which is a shame, but I am sure you are still active. I’m interested in ITC, but I am rather new to it. I will for sure read your site and perhaps learn from you and the other ITC community.

    He’s been getting debunked quite a bit. Fingers crossed his channel will be banned soon!

    All the best

  3. Jeffrey Maris says:

    Putrid excuse for a man!, picture a soul thats become earth bound. They’re at unrest. And heres Huff!. Love is the key!, can you see the light?, like Huff the miraculous can menafest a light to heaven in another dimension. What a putrid mutt.

  4. Penny Jolly says:

    This thread is like heaven to my eyes absolute truth! It’s clear as day huff is a fraud he sells his equipment for crazy amounts of money his apps are expensive and may I add full of crap and he keeps ranting on about heaven and hell and “god” like every spirit is Christian, he’s a joke and I find it disgusting that he’s trying to make profit out of something most of us do just to get evidence, not only that but he’s disrespected the dead on multiple occasions the reason why so many of his followers actually like him is because he goes on about God and the bible they’re clearly warped because of what he says and he knows full well how to wrap people round his finger, I honestly have nothing good to say about this man hes a con artist and a showman and that’s all he’ll ever be.

  5. Not Jealous, Not Competitor says:

    I think Huff is disgusting. He’s a fraudster, profiteer and worst off all – cashing in on swarms of grieving individuals internationally. If hell exists, there’s a reserved seat in the front row for Huff Paranormal.

    1. Osirius Correa says:

      I’ve been reading your coments. But I called this prankster out more than once. He a charlatan. So many gullible people out there. Sue people for what ? That what he’s doing selling the crap and making money. There are no real facts in what spirits he claims to contact.This prick got on my last nerve when he said a spirit told him the end of the world is 2020. Once we pass 2020 . I hope these ignorant people following him wake the hell up.

    2. Karthik Perumal says:

      Can you do a session with Susanth Singh Rajput’s soul? We Indians would be grateful.

  6. Brandon Harris says:

    I have been watching him for years and believe what he does is 100% real and seems like its some really bad jealousy going around.Don’t put others down just to get attention just because most everyone has heard of huff and not you! Just say in the proof is in the pudding my friends! If you could understand exactly what he was doing and not just say oh oh he’s a fraud! I mean really where’s your proof! Instead of using regular sound banks for some celebs who have passed he would simply use audio from thier tracks for the sound banks! Believing that it would maybe be easier for them to manipulate! Does not mean he’s a fraud! Grow up this is not a competition and for the most part spirit communication really depends more on the person doing the session,spirits seem to flock to some more than others,speaking from my experience so maybe that’s what you need to work on….yourself

    1. Brandon, I cannot comment on this fellow, Huff, but it seems you are making assumptions about the viability of a technique that has not been supported in organized studies. See Using Live Voice Input Files for EVP https://atransc.org/live-voice/

      There is a concept related to the way we perceive sound … any stimuli actually, called closure. When we hear something familiar, our mind tends to morph it into what we think it is. This is true, even if the information is not actually there. I think that is why using live voice, especially of a loved one, is so full of false positives in listening tests.

    2. Liam says:

      I am 63 years old i do ITC since early 70s. You need lessons. Back then we didn’t use any soundbanks to communicate my dear young old friend… we had direct communication. I can tell you 20+ documentaries to see when we started ITC what amazing results we had WITHOUT soundbanks, I can send you many handwritten emails with the Vatican and when they called us to prove the new method and declaring it as legit. I worked with Mr. Marcello Bacci for some time and scientists. I will not make it easy for you. It is the internet nowadays that you can do a full research and find everything i mentioned. Do your research and come back here to “teach” us and prove us the “legit” Steve Huff.

    3. Daniel says:

      Huff is blatantly a fraud. One of his boxes even has a reverb feature on it to add special effects to the voices! You need to look into the history of E.V.P and hear the recordings by the early researchers such as Konstantin Raudive, Friedrich Jurgenson, Raymond Cass. E.V.P is NOT long, drawn out conversation and most are only heard on playback. You don’t turn a radio on and start having a conversation.

  7. Neil Kiernan says:

    People should report Huff to YouTube for using Copyright material in his videos. Three strike and Huff can be removed from YouTube for good and all

  8. PUGS says:

    Hi there,

    If you think that under and more deeply than your layers they are not hidden societies from all over the world that watching and discuss everyone that claims he/she is “investigator” then you are wrong. You have to know that everyone is watched… our reputation is well known at Vatican church and the Orthodox. No one knows who we are but takes us serious. If you don’t believe in this then stop reading and enjoy Mr. Huff.
    Some months ago we acted as we used to… We would like to inform you that we have more proofs than the content you provide here and more analytic that behind Huff Paranormal is a huge fraud, he even fool people for money that he can have sessions with the beloved ones who passed away.
    We have audio and video of his actions over than 50 hours. Everything has been given to Vatican first for reasons we cannot say, a month ago an investigation has started from US and EUROPE’s authorities/agencies about Mr. Huff after many reports that have been collected and the Vatican request the reasearch.
    We are the “Keepers” and we all watching you, everyone who claims has these abilities is watched and validating him/her very deeply that their personal info are so compromised that you can’t imagine.

    This is just a post to let you know that we are the “Eyes and the Protectors”. Every action has a reaction.
    Mr. Huff is reported,
    This is just a mini manifest.

    1. Pugs I find your comment interesting about the Vatican being involved. Back in 2012 when I wrote Speaking to the Dead with Radios, I mailed the Vatican a copy of my book along with a CD of crisp audio messages received. I never received a response from the Vatican. I beg to wonder has the Vatican acquired a box to test?

  9. EDA says:

    Hi everyone who has responded to this article.
    I just stumbled across this site from watching Orion on YouTube and read this article about Steve Huff. You hear so much conflicting information these days that it’s hard to know if it’s true or not. How do I know if this is true or that it’s not just a case of jealousy because Steve has managed to stumble on something in a short period of time that others have not considered? I’m just a bit confused as to what to think about the whole situation. I’ve been a follower of Steve’s for the past few years and would rather not make a judgment call based on one article. Are there other articles from other ITC experts I can view that can confirm this information ?

    Many thanks

    1. Donna says:

      Google this …is Steve Huff a fraud. It is not just one or two people that know he is a fraud, there are 20 or so that have legit PROOF thathe is a fraud…do your research cause you are looking mighty foolish sticking up for Huff!

  10. David says:

    Tim, I believe it was in 2011 when I joined the ITC Voices boxer forum. Your site has been of tremendous help to me throughout the years. In 2013, I went my own way and focused on experimentation in a vacuum, without outside influence. I’ve been inactive in ITC for the last few years due to stage 4 cancer and I am now in remission as of this week. I would like to continue recording voices and my first step was to check out ITC voices. I was very upset by this post. Years ago in the boxer forum, a number of the members experienced undesirable side effects from using the box. One lady was heavily influenced by the negative energy she was allowing in and ended up being banned. Another member experienced what could be described as the god syndrome. Over the years what has bothered me the most, are the profit motivated individuals. They literally have dollar signs in their eyes. Combine all of the downfalls if using a sweeping radio to channel spirit and you have Steve Huff. Obviously his desire for profits overcame his search for the truth. He has brought shame and suspicion upon all who use voice ITC to seek the truth. If you don’t mind, I would like to link to this article. More needs to be said about ethics and personal responsibility when dealing with the sacred. Thou shalt not seek to profit, being the first rule.

  11. Jeff says:

    He’s got an ass whooping coming from me if I ever see him. That’s a promise!

  12. Keng Murray says:

    I hope Sanchez chokes on a burrito.

  13. ParanormalOuija says:

    A brilliant write up. Used to watch him when he first started but have slowly seen him turning into a money grabbing so and so with these fake celebrity videos and ridiculous apps he’s been releasing. It’s an amazing thing that we can communicate with the other side and real researchers try to help others do so and contact loved ones, unlike Steve Huff. It gives real researchers a bad name and tarnishes what is an already hard to believe phenomenon. Hopefully he realises how embarrassing and pathetic he’s been and closes his Youtube channel.

    All the best,
    ( ParanormalOuija )

  14. He’s also likes to steal other peoples research. Case in point, if you look up his video he did at Preston Castle you can see photos of former wards. He took them off my blog. I am the ONLY person who has posted these photos and it took me a lot of time to find the stories of these wards, retrace their histories and search for them within the corrections system to find their photographs. So it really bothered me when I found his video and noticed that all the photos he used he literally copied and pasted from my blog. Not to mention the fact he never credits his source for the photos used in the first place. Huff is not only a charlatan but also a thief. —

  15. Michael Bill says:

    I new that dude was shady from day one…i use my old shack and as about him ….it was very negative against him. they dont care for him. My grandmother said to me never talk ill of the dead….i keep that in my heart when communicating…

  16. Tom Butler says:

    We are uncomfortable with some of the opportunistic forms of EVP like radio-sweep and “spirit” selected buffer addresses, and would not consider using examples from those for research … other than listening tests like the “A Research Study into the Interpretation of EVP” at atransc.org under the Journal tab. However, with that said, we are all together in the boat paranormal.

    You are right in saying that the public will and does judge all of us based on our worst examples. To make it harder for all of us, such examples seem to remain on the Internet forever. Better they are question when they are published.

    I agree with your suggestions. It would be a “Best Practice” to think of your listener as a fudge who needs to understand the chain of custody. How was the raw material “enhanced” to make it more clearly understood? As a general rule, a response or relevant comment should occur between a second or so before the question/event and less than ten second after. Certainly before the next question. This is communication and Q/A should be at a conversational pace.

    If you really want your witnesses to understand what you are presenting as EVP, make it available somewhere in an audio file format so that your witnesses can easily, repeatedly listen in their audio management program. Since EVP matters as a potential proof of survival, it is important that I understand “where” I am in the collection process, and a highly stylized video is useless to me.

    Finally, please use a witness panel. (ethericstudies.org/witness-panel/). If at least 60% of your witnesses cannot tell you what you think the example says without you first telling them, discard the example so as not to fool yourself. We too easily fool ourselves.

    Tim, I regret that you felt it necessary to write this post. Sometimes it is necessary to do so. It appears to be one of those times here. Had your readers been more discerning over time, perhaps more would have asked the hard questions so as to demand higher quality proof of their immortality. Considering the current struggle between orthodoxy and free thought, if we do not learn to police ourselves, others might do so for us.

    1. ITC Voices says:

      Well said Tom.

      Thank you for your insight.

  17. Chuck's Paranormal says:

    Great article Tim and thank you again for all the hard work you and others have done and contributed to the ITC field. Huff’s shenanigans all out there for everybody to see except those that refuse to take their heads out of the sand.

    1. emkarblog says:

      Agreed great article and sound advice/

  18. Ben says:

    As far as I can see he has a keen interest and love for what he does and has been developing it for years. Inside or outside the box. It’s a forward moving field

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