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Frank Sumption Fundraiser

Raise Money for the Sumption Family!

As you are probably aware, Frank Sumption passed through to the other side of the veil recently. Colleagues and friends of Frank have banded together to offer services and equipment in the hopes of raising the money need to cover Frank’s funeral expenses.

Please view the gofundme page to see what is being offered. We have 7 shack hacks, 3 readings (including Chip Coffey), a ghost hunt, an Andy’s Box, a Steve’s Box and 2 Frank’s Boxes (one on eBay, the other on the gofundme page).

Please show your support and help the Sumption family out through these trying times. Show them how much Frank impacted your life as we celebrate his life and work.

Thank you,

Tim Woolworth and Steve Hultay on behalf of the Sumption Family.

Frank Sumption Memorial gofundme


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