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Frank Sumption Explains the Box

The Box

by Frank Sumption

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The Box as Explained by Frank Sumption

The purpose of the “box” as it is now referred to, is simply to provide a source of audio bits made up of fragments of human speech, music and noise. This noise is known as “raw” audio, it is the raw material out of which spirits of the deceased, and other entities use to create their own voices out of.  “Presumably” by remodulating and remixing the raw audio to make the various noise fragments from words and voices of their choosing. In the box, the raw audio is created by sweeping the tuning of a radio electronically across its band, or tuning range, the resulting bits of speech music and noise are the raw audio.  Radio is simply a convenient source of raw audio.  However, that’s only a guess as to how the box works, there does seem be an RF component, or at times an actual signal received, or some other method of getting an external voice into the radio in the “the box.” Some of the manipulation of the raw audio seems to take place inside the electronics, again, presumably “they” can manipulate the electrical signals. I don’t have the equipment, or know how to be able to test these ideas.

The concept of the box is that simple, it can be stated in a single paragraph, as above. There is also nothing special, or magical about the box, it is in fact just one method of supplying the raw audio. The raw audio can be white noise, the sound of running water, crowd noise-as in a crowd of people talking, noise from a fan, or the noise from a radio tuned between stations. Raudive believed the frequency of 1,485 Khz was useful to the entities. I like to use this radio method when there is skip, or distant radio stations fading in and out almost randomly.

Sweep Modes

When I first made the box, I fashioned it after EVP Maker, a computer program that takes speech audio in the form of a wave file, breaks it up in chunks, then plays these chunks, or raw audio, back randomly while recording the result. The term “raw audio” is from EVP Maker. Entities manipulate the raw audio inside the computer to form meaningful phrases and messages—inside the computer!  When I first got the idea for the box I assumed the sweep had to be random, like EVP maker. In 2006, with the help of members of the yahoo group EVP-ITC, we found that the sweep could be done by hand, simply turning the radio dial by hand while recording directly from the speaker. Then we found the box sweep could be linear. To me, the ghost voices seemed more consistent, and longer when linear mode was used. Curiously, now that I have linear mode I have a great deal of trouble getting the random sweep mode to function at all.

Types of Radios

Back in the mid 1990’s, I was using radio tuner modules removed from older digital car stereos to make sensitive voltage tunable radios to receive distant AM stations, known as AM DX.  As I used EVP Maker, I kept getting messages the seemed to be relayed from spirits that seemingly could not use the computer, so in 2002 I was wondering what else I could use. After a week or two I was driving the company truck and the idea for the first box popped into my head, fully formed, I could actually see #1 in my head.  Fortunately, these “visions” are just very brief times where normal reality seems to disappear. I’ve had a few of these “visions” throughout my life.  I think in this case it was my own mind assembling previously known information to create the idea for the box, as I had used these tuners in the past.

I am no engineer, and I was unaware of other sources of tuners and radios, other than car stereos that could be voltage tuned until the man that invented the Paranormal Puck, and the Ovilus, a digital method spirits can use to form voices, discovered that a simple box could be produced by “hacking” some of Radio Shack’s AM/FM radios.  By clipping one pin, the radio would sweep up the band without stopping when the tuning button was pushed and held for a couple seconds, then start over when it reached the upper band limit. This was actually the discovery of linear sweep. I used these same Radio Shack radios without their processor board, and supplied my own sweep voltage from an op amp based function generator.  The voltage from the sweep generator is in the form of a triangle wave, so it sweeps the radio’s tuning smoothly up the band, then back down the band.

Recently, Radio Shack discontinued the radios that were originally being “hacked,” fortunately for ghost research there are newer models that are hackable.  I didn’t want to be tied to commercial whims of radio availability so I began trying to come up with my own design. At first I tried using standard heterodyne, or down conversion radios, which is the norm for radio design now. I found in every case that the radios were very noisy in between stations.  While some of this noise is acceptable, and may even be used by some entities to form voices, mostly it interferes with intelligibility of the voices.  I found that in this case, simpler may be better, as in a simpler radio design.

When radios were first produced back in the 1920’s, they simply amplified the Radio Frequency Signal using circuits that were adjusted by hand to resonate at the desired frequency. Only one frequency is at resonance for any given setting of the controls, others are attenuated.  Several of these resonate stages were used to get enough gain of the signal, then the audio was separated from RF by a detection circuit, usually a simple diode.  The audio is then amplified to drive a speaker.

There is a modern version of the TRF, Tuned Radio Frequency, receiver in chip form, the MK484. This chip has been replaced recently by the TA7642. Only one tuned circuit is required, and it can easily be made voltage tunable by using varactor diodes. The result in a box there is much less noise between stations, and –my own opinion—more intelligible voices. There is one drawback, the broadcast fragments, chunks of audio that are actually whole words and phrases from broadcasts, are more frequent, and longer.  Now, there may be synchronistic reception of frags, that is there may be a personal meaning to what is received, or the frags (fragments) may be combined with words created by the entities. As with anything from the boxes, or any method, you have to judge it by personal meaning, or content. I don’t take anything from any form of EVP as gospel truth. I use the box as a form of spiritual guidance.

I think many are looking for certain kinds of voices from the box that would be consistent with older methods of EVP recording, in doing so they miss most of what comes through, and break out all skeptical/critical of the box and box users.  I have heard from various researchers that will not accept that entities can re-arrange broadcast voice fragments to form meaningful messages. First, they assume spirit is somehow a human that is reduced in function and mind power, that spirit is something of a retarded half human entity no longer capable of intelligent action, that concept is Hollywood, and not even close to the fact that is us, the so called living that is diminished, and unable to perceive anything of the real universe out there. The spirits/entities are higher dimensional beings; as such they have full access to this level, a lower dimension, and can easily manipulate electrical signals.

Box Beginnings

The genesis of the box was not as profound as many seem to like to think. I’m not so much a paranormal researcher or investigator, mostly I’m just curious and intrigued.  I used to buy the magazine Popular Electronics for articles and electronic construction projects. In 1995 there was an article on EVP in Popular Electronics, the first I had heard of the phenomenon. I tried the experiments with white noise, but got nothing back in 1995. Being busy with ham radio and other projects, I decided to set the magazine aside and try again some other time. I came across the magazine again in 2000, and decided to try again, this time there was a voice. I don’t remember what was said, and I didn’t save the recordings, but it was a man, and he seemed to know me, or it had that feeling to the contacts. I got a number of other voices, even animals, but listening to the recordings with the volume turned all the way up made my ears ring, so I started searching the web for other methods. I quickly found EVP Maker, a freeware program that runs on the computer. I tried this and one of the first voices I got on a computer that was just the bare board, drives and power supply, no case was “That’s some special computer board, Frank and Norma.” I was stunned, and completely hooked by then. After more than a year of using EVP Maker, I noticed I would get messages that seemed to be relayed form spirits that could not use the computer. It’s now been too long for me to remember exactly what the messages, and suffice to say my record keeping skills leave a great deal to be desired. I began to wonder what else I could use so all entities could speak, this was in the summer of 2002. After maybe a week or two, again I don’t remember how long, but all the sudden, while driving one day I got like a vision of the first box, and knew how it was supposed to work.  I had used receiver modules removed form car stereos back in the 90s for AM DX, or listening to distant AM stations. The box or EVP receiver idea was to take one of these voltage tunable receiver modules and sweep it’s tuning with a random voltage.  It was only because EVP Maker used a random function in generating the raw audio that I had assumed the sweep had to be random in the boxes. Later experiments, and the “discovery” of the hackable radios led to the development of linear and manual sweep modes, which seems to work better than random mode in that the messages are longer and more coherent, easier to understand. Since I started using linear sweep, I find the random circuit difficult to even make work, and run consistently, but I do include it in an occasional box.

I do this work pretty much out of curiosity about the voices, and the fact that something speaks via radio that ordinarily should not be there and is clearly not broadcast fragments, or any other “normal” radio transmission keeps me intrigued. It’s not so much “for the benefit of mankind,” and I have no delusions of fame or fortune.

A Word of Caution

All of the boxes so far are experimental devices, and not designed, built, or intended to be carried around dark basements, or soggy graveyards chasing ghosts. The boxes were intended to be used in a fixed location for the purpose of ITC communications. The circuit boards and cabinets may not stand up to being carried on ghost hunts. You also have to keep an eye on the 12 volt AA battery packs, some have melted due to battery malfunctions.

Contrary to popular belief, spirits, and entities travel, you have only to ask, or maybe even just think of the person you want to contact, there is no need to go the “haunted locations.” Besides, just what kind of being do you think you’re going to contact in a dark moldy basement? I prefer entities that come out and play in the light.



  1. Curt Brahm says:

    I built a ghost box initially for a group I started out in and then later for a group I founded. I wrote an article on the Ghost Box with embedded EVP evidence and theory pertaining to this evidence. Additionally, the evidence and theory addresses what I had called “whisper manifestation” or as the late Rick Moran of ASUP discussed with me via a phone conversation shortly before his death, “throat clearing”. Much as a cold spot theory maybe a sign of manifestation, so is throat clearing. The spirit is building up energy to communicate. If anyone would like to receive this article and evidence, I can email this Word document. I have a lot of Ghost Box samples and although I am not active any longer, as my hobby followed me home, I would share a discussion. My belief is there are “dimensions”. When you ask a question you may receive clear but different answers. These answers may all be correct, depending on who is answering and what “time” or dimension they are in. Who is to say that when we see or hear something, that we are not a ghost to them. Or that when they answer, they may not see all others from other time periods.

    1. Tim says:


      I will gladly post whatever you would like to contribute to the site. Please email them over to itc@itcvoices.org and I will get them up for you.

      Thank you for sharing your knowledge with the rest of us!


  2. Linda says:

    Hi the ghost box that I have is really good apart from the background hissing, white noise As I am aware that this is needed for communication it is very loud and although I can still hear whats being said it is not as clear as other ghost boxes I have heard. I have tried diffrent ways to make it better it is still the same, I find that the FM is better than the AM as AM has a lot of music and talking I live in a built up area so would assume that this is the reason, FM is a lot better but this is the one with all the audible,I hope that IM not confusing you. is there a ghost box which you can recomend Many thanks Linda.

  3. Linda says:

    thanks for your advice I will get my son to help with the uploaing. yes it is a bit of a puzzle that you are also getting the same voices as me and in a british accent travelling for spirit is only a thought away and they can be in any country that they want, a friend of mine saw a medium after the loss of her husband and he came through and said that he can now go around the world and visit anywhere he wants this I suppose woulnt be so unbelieveable as spirit is energy forces, they dont have to worry about passports lol. regards Linda

  4. Linda says:

    no it would not be allowed to use fowl language on radio broadcasts this is why I believe that it is spirit it cant be anything else unless there are living people in a hub with a mic saying all that lol or aliens, dont think so. I would love to share with you my recordings but feel a bit stupid as I am a biginner and ask some silly questions, so you may think what on earth is she doing lol, im not very experienced in uploading stuff on the pc so will have to get my son to help. can you let me no where to do this on the website? you may be able to pick up more things said, my friend did. no there are not too many people out there who you can share your experiences with so it is a good thing that you are there to share it with, as I come from the uk the tim I got has a london accent,Are you from the US? I was adopted so I have two names, Kelly and Linda and on my first recording at the end you can hear clearly, hello Kelly, I then say goodbye and got bye linda its faint but you can still hear it I think that it was my grandad and his brother but dont hold me to that as they didnt confirm it lol also on the same recording a young man swore and said really clear say F…k you anyway I will try and upload it so you can listen for yourself and let me know what you think. many hanks Linda

    1. Adriana says:

      Linda, you can join our forum by clicking on “forum” on the top menu of the website page. You should not worry about being a beginner, this forum is especially for beginners, who need guidance the most, and in general for all ghost boxers. You should also know that on very many occasions the voices that I receive have a British accent, and I have been wondering from practically day one, why this is so. It’s a very interesting mystery to me. When you first post you can introduce yourself if you want in an introduction post, then you can post some of your audio in the “uncategorized audio” board at the bottom of the forum. Once I see it there I can transfer it to a sub-forum with your name on it, so you can post additional audio there. Please keep in mind that I have only been a ghost boxer for less than a year and a half. This technology is only ten years old. Do not worry about being a beginner. We are all beginners, really.

  5. Linda says:

    I often read up on the weired and wonderfull inventions made in the 18th century all the mediums and seances performed in the parlours, table rapping ouija boards and the famous ectoplasme,oops dont think i spelt that right but sure you will know what I mean. and all those fake ghost photos, although some may have been true? sorry for going on a bit but just thinking how much more has come to light since then, how much more proof do you need, I did a ghost box session the other night and was asking them to give me names, out of the blue as clear as if you were on the phone a male elderley voice said, Who am I I answered who are you and he said in a plain voice Tim, I have had a few like that, you find it hard to believe that it is spirit, I have to play it over and over again, I just am so excited, although its not nice to be sworn at, I got called the C,word which was very offensive but i ignored it. anyway thankyou for your reply. regard Linda.

    1. Adriana says:

      Linda, we would love to hear some of your audio clips on our forum. Won’t you join? It’s also a great support system, if you begin to delve into this subject more seriously, because often there are not that many others to talk to about it. I have gotten a “Tim” before on my ghost box on multiple occasions. In fact he was there in the first session I ever attended. Don’t know if it’s the same one, but there are definitely names that come up over and over. Several ghost boxers speak with someone named Philip. Have you ever gotten that name? It’s not fun to be sworn at but you eventually learn not to take it personally, once you realize it happens to everyone, and that it only comes from the disgruntled spirits, and has nothing to do with you =) These days I don’t pay it much attention, but it makes for GREAT validation, because they use words which the FCC by law does not allow to be aired on the radio!

  6. Linda says:

    Hi I purchased a franks box earlier in the year, as im always interested in spirit contact, i joined a circle to learn meditation and clarvoyance, which seemed to work but a bit scepticle thought that this was just in my thoughts so that idea went out the window, and so did a handfull of other things I tried, but since the ghost box my belief of spirits has come back, the responces have been awesome, The only worry I have IS I have had some very negitive reponses from it Swearing, and eeree stuff like saying odd stuff in my voice, I did visit a haunted location and had some disturbing responces, which I suppose I would experience, but I have done sessions at home and I am still getting the same spirits here and saying the same sort of stuff which is unsettling, I may have bought somthing back, if you have any ideas how I can get rid of this, I would be so gratefull. apart from that the franks box is a great breakthrough in paranormal reseach, I would like to say a huge thankyou to Frank for making it posible to speak and hear from spirit. regards. Linda

    1. Adriana Jones says:

      It is indeed a great breakthrough in paranormal research. Some tips:

      Show no fear, negative entities feed on fear. Keep a light, positive, loving attitude. If you think you may have brought something home, smudge the house with ceremonial sage, and do a ghost box session in which you ask the spirits to go back to their home through the open box (apparently a working ghost box creates some sort of doorway for them to pass through our world and theirs???) Again don’t be afraid, keep your home full of laughter and love. That should help any negative entity leave. They find no nourishment in a place like that. Very rarely are negative entities as harmful as Hollywood depicts. From my own limited knowledge of what I’ve heard from others and experienced, attachments don’t last longer than a few days.

      As far as negativity and swearing on the ghost box, we all get it all the time. Ignore it, or ask them to stop. Just don’t fear it. Sometimes they’ve apologized to me when I’ve asked them to stop. They’re not evil, just people in a bad mood, people with issues.

      1. Linda says:

        Hi Thankyou for your reply I have found your advice very helpfull, I must admit the swearing was a bit unsettling but I will ignore it in the future, I suppose that some spirits will be bitter and frustrated especially if they cant cross over or have unsolved issues. it must be as awesome for them to be able to speak to us as its for us to speak to them. I just want to say again what a fantastic breakthrough in paranormal research this is I am so excited for even more divices being invented how much more progress can be made? and how much further it will take us all in knowing the supposed unknown. many thanks again. Linda

        1. Adriana says:

          I can’t agree enough myself, what an awesome breakthrough it is. How much more progress can be made? I’d like to think that the sky is the limit. The amount of progress is to be determined by people’s interest in this field, and the amount of effort, creativity and resources they are willing to input. Very grassroots right now. And very promising. Even as it stands, it is a literal miracle, and needs nothing added to be something perfect. However, to be able to achieve consistently clearer communication would be great, for one thing. Another thing on my ghost boxing wish list, is to be able to confirm/learn many more details about “the other side” than we have now. It’s all just very exciting, and incredibly inspiring and hopeful.

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