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Helping Spirits


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    I seem to have a spirit hanging out at my house asking me for help. I’m not afraid, I just want to help him.

    I usually pray to Archangel Michael to help those seeking my help, but I think this spirit is getting a little impatient with me and getting louder to get my attention.

    About five months ago I started hearing bumps and thumps coming from the room I record in. Animals in the attic have been ruled out. I set up a night vision camera in the room and I have not caught any interesting video, just audio.

    Here is unedited audio of what sounds to me like a whisper saying “help me.” I’d like to confirm if others hear “help me” or something else.


    Here is the audio edited.


    Here is a clip of the noise I am recording from this room.


    My question is, how do others help spirits that ask for help?



    Greetings Shappy,

    In your unfiltered audio, I can ear 2 responses that could be the phrase “help me”

    One is a slightly drawn out lower pitched response from about 5 ~ 9 seconds.

    The second is a higher pitched response from 17 ~ 19 seconds.

    Of course if one goes swimming through the frequencies, the responses are subject to change.

    Hope this helps,

    Don't take my word for it...find out for yourself.



    Hi Ron,

    I hear it as you do. It sounds like a very soft whisper, followed by a louder whisper. Whispers can be hard to decipher, but both do sound like “help me.”

    Thank for listening!



    Hi Shappy. It’s been a year now. Any update to your resident spirit?
    I seem to have a resident spirit also. He/she enjoys knocking over my recycle trash bag, sending trash flying across the kitchen floor. Usually on a full or new moon. (Which makes sense).
    I dont know if the spirit is just being mischievous, or if it is asking for attention. Yes, sometimes they do want/need help. To help them, you need to be able to communicate with them. Or at least know who they are, so you can pray for them. You can’t just pray for “the resident whisperer”. You need to know who he/she is first.
    I suggest trying to communicate with him/her via a voice box. Or, if you are a “sensitive”, perhaps you can communicate with him/her via mental telepathy. (Sounds wierd, I know. Truth is stranger than fiction).
    Best wishes….

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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