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Class R EVP with EchoVox

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    ITC Voices colleagues,

    Been meaning to share this EVP for some time. We went back to reexamine our best recordings using EchoVox 3.0 using the feedback look and discovered what we feel is a pretty amazing reverse EVP — in fact, it might called a Class R but it’s definitely a Class A even if reversed!

    We were doing an investigation at the Hotel St. Nichlas in Cripple Creek, Colorado. The building for a time served as a hospital run by the Sisters of Mercy. One room is the old surgery-room-turned-guestroom — still has the double doors for guerney access!

    In that room, we captured some pretty solid EVP — some intelligent but mostly residuals — but at one point we heard a voice say, “Reverse.” (Right before the voice was what we considered Class C mumbling). We took the advice and reversed the mumbling on the recording and got something pretty extraordinary.

    We’ve already shared a portion of that original contextual recording on this forum (“Accident … They killed it?”), but only discovered the reversed one this past summer.

    That link is as follows: St Nich EVP Reversed.

    We invite any comments or observations.



    That is a great catch! Thankfully there was a voice there to hint at reversing the audio.

    I sometimes wonder if I’m missing gems like these on my recordings.

    "Oh you foolish Väinämöinen!
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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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