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Fontana on Earthbound Spirits

David Fontana examines communications regarding earthbound spirits and the place they dwell while putting them into context with redemption…

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Is There an Afterlife Featured Image

“It is said that spirits held earthbound by their own inability to realize they have died in a foggy environment, solitary and confused, aware sometimes of their old earthly surroundings but confused and unhappy until they recognize their own mortality and are ready to seek help in order to move on. The inability to realize one has died may be due to a refusal to accept the reality of an afterlife while on earth, or from a sudden, violent death, as in battle or in an accident. (Air Chief Marshall Lord Dowding, responsible for Fighter Command during the Battle of Britain in 1940, devoted much of his life after retirement to contacting through mediums young servicemen who had died in the war, and helping them to realize what had happened to them.) Spirits held earthbound by their hunger for material existence (known as “hungry ghosts” in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition – “hungry” for the pleasures of the physical world yet unable, in the absence of a physical body to partake of them) may still attempt to live in their old homes and follow their old interests, sometimes proving resentful of the new occupants who have moved in and who they see as invading their property. The result can be troublesome hauntings, sometimes of the poltergeist variety, and there are accounts of people actually driven from their homes by such spirits.

People who leave this world in a highly emotional state, or with feelings of anger towards others, may also remain earthbound (Tibetan Buddhism in particular stresses the importance of dying with a tranquil, composed mind, untroubled by earthly affairs or negative emotions). A psychiatrist friend of mine considers that such spirits can even be responsible for cases of possession wrongly diagnosed as mental illness, and in partnership with a medium she reports achieving cures in these cases by releasing the possessing spirit and directing it to ask for help and to move on. She agrees with those ancient traditions that claim possession is an attempt by an earthbound spirit, lacking a physical body of his or her own, to take over and control the body and mind of a susceptible person still on earth.

The next level above that of earth and the earthbound is usually referred to as the Lower Astral (this is sometimes said to be also the home of earthbound spirits), and it is here that individuals who have lived violent or otherwise negative lives create for themselves the “hell realms” spoken of in all the traditions. The Lower Astral is also said to be a place for those who manifested few redeeming attributes while on earth and pursued only greed and self-interest, and those who chose to live shallow lives with no interest in questions of meaning and value. If one shows no concern for the non-material dimensions of life while on earth, one will have little preparation for a non-material existence after death. Description by communicators of the Lower Astral sound similar to what the Greeks called Hades and the Hebrews Sheol, a gray featureless realm peopled by pal shades wandering listless and lost, which is probably akin to the Christian concept of Purgatory, a place of regret and repentance, where wrong-doers pass their days until purged and purified of their earthly wrongdoing. The very lowest level of the Lower Astral is said to be the abode of people responsible for great violence ad harm while on earth, who together have created for themselves hellish conditions of mutual hatred and suffering.

I can find no mention by communicators of eternal damnation. They speak instead of redemption when the soul has suffered in the Lower Astral – and repented by living through it oneself – the pain it has visited upon others. There is no sense in which this is intended as punishment or revenge, simply a necessary part of spiritual growth.”

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(Fontana, David. Is There and Afterlife? A Comprehensive Overview of the Evidence. PPS 463-464.”


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