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Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence……

Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence

 by Tim Woolworth

It is an extraordinary world after all……

The old skeptic saw that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence bothers me when it is applied to the paranormal, and specifically, ghost box communication.  This phrase is a call to arms for skeptics who seek to unravel the progress that paranormal researchers are making towards understanding what lies beyond this life and whether or not there is persistence of soul.

To be frank, we are making extraordinary claims when it comes to ghost box research.  We claim, as ghost boxers, that we are able to communicate with a sentience through a broken radio.  These sentient beings somehow hear us speak, or think, and answer back verbally through ghost boxes.  Had I not experienced it myself hundreds of times over the last few years, I would think that this is a fantastic claim of a delusional mind and nothing more.

Adriana P. and I have approached numerous scientists (biologists and physicists alike) with an open invitation to experience ghost box communication in an attempt to have them devise experiments to find out how far ghost box communication can go.  At best, these requests are ignored.  At worst, one physicist who delves into the paranormal and has written books on the probability of the soul, showed me outright disdain and in a couple sweeping sentences dismissed ghost box communication as a bunch of bullshit that is not possible.  Never mind that I sent him an audio clip where my full name (first and last) is stated through a ghost box on command and a couple of validation clips.  The audio wasn’t even mentioned in his response.

So this is frustrating.  We have the extraordinary claims.  We have extraordinary evidence.  There has yet to be anyone from the academic elite who has a broad enough mind to pair the claims and the evidence together under lab control situations.  This saddens me greatly.

So we rely on our own field of ghost box researchers to pave the way as Konstantin Raudive did so many years ago when he proved (under controlled a setting Pye Studios) that EVP’s do exist.  This little nugget has been forgotten by all of the skeptic detractors who wish to bring down paranormal research for some unknown research.  I wish we had in our midst physicists and biologists.  Instead, we have customer service representatives, web designers, nurses, stay-at-home mom’s and dads, etc.  We all receive valid evidence from the other side, but because we are not given to conduct experiments in a lab under rigorous scientific control, the outside world sees our evidence as circumspect at best.

So what about our evidence?

Myself and others have written articles on this site about what we should look for in valid ghost box communication.  We have explored how to rule out stray radio communication.  We have examined mathematically how to determined how long a hack shack spends on a singular frequency during a sweep.  We have also put up diagrams showing how a radio sweep is altered using random voltage generators.

Yet we still get amazing communication.  There is not a single session I perform where my name is not uttered at least twice.  In nearly every session I conduct, my technician Tom shows-up, no matter where I am in the world.  When I am with a group, other group members names are often called out.  I can sit with a group and people known to these group member who have passed on almost always come through to say “Hi,” at the very least.  We have two way conversations where a question is asked and a direct answer supplied.  In any other situation, these would be considered valid conversations with a sentience (much like having a conversation with someone ten feet away in a crowded room) – but because we are dealing with the invisible, improbable and seemingly impossible, our evidence is not considered evidence by skeptics.

I was at a public event a couple weeks ago with my ghost group where we gave a presentation of our evidence, techniques, equipment, etc.  I spoke for ten minutes about ghost box communication and afterwards, a skeptic came up to me.  He had the nerve to tell me that my recording of “Tim Woolworth” wasn’t evidence because Tim is a common name and there used to be a store called Woolworth’s in the United States so those two words could be on the radio together at any time.  How can you appeal to such close-mindedness?  I simply told him the voice was the same for the first and last name and I record this frequently.  Our evidence, our voices we have recorded, can always be undermined by skeptical derision and that is where it sits.  Our recorded voices from the other side will never be considered evidence by skeptics.  The skeptics will cling to stray radio just as we cling to voices from the other side.

I would like to remind all skeptics that we have these voices recorded.  They can be played back time and again, and the message and the voices do not change.  These ITC voices are recorded everywhere across the globe by ghost box users.

This, my friends, is evidence.  Extraordinary evidence for our extraordinary claims.

Someday I hope to be able to conduct a ghost box session in a controlled environment for scientific purposes.  I have an open invitation for any scientist who wishes to study ghost box communication to sit down for a session with me to see what unfolds. Until then, we will have to fend off skeptics with audio evidence alone until a working theory on how ghost box communication exists is developed.

So if extraordinary claims do require extraordinary evidence…I would like to point out that we have extraordinary evidence to back up our claims and it is available right here on ITC Voices.




  1. Cookie says:

    Have ANY of the ghost box users of boxes of boxes npmade by Frank, Steve H, and Andy’s ghost boxes ever experienced anything negative at all from using these boxes? Can negative spirits come through these boxes? Thanks very much for any help and any advice!

    1. ITC Voices says:

      Cookie – From my experience, whenever you open the door to communicate with the other side, you are marked. They know you can communicate and they clamor to speak with you whenever you turn the box on. Depending upon the relationships you’ve built with the Others, you may have benevolent spirits come through or spirits who are emotionally negative (not demons!). When these low level spirits come through, they sweat, threaten, curse and say profane things. I ignore them. You have to remember that we are dealing with persistence of consciousness, and not all humans are nice. I often say “As in life, so to in death,” to explain these negative beings. Sometimes, you can gain an attachment. I had one, and it was not a pleasant experience. I had to close out a session early on a ghost hunt where there were those who still needed help and I did not have the time to provide it. The attachment left after a couple days, but it showed me that there can be consequences using these devices and communicating with the Others. Anytime you use a box, you are putting yourself at risk and this is something so many people overlook…..You can read about my experience with an attachment here: http://itcvoices.org/protecting-yourself-in-light-for-a-ghost-box-session/

  2. Saul says:

    One of my guides is named Tom as well. Makes me wonder if we dealing with the same guides

    1. Tim says:

      I wouldn’t be surprised. I have been getting Tom and Daniel since early 2010. Others have reported the same names. It sounds like it is time to organize a comparative analysis of these names and see if they are the same voice or not.

  3. If skeptics claim the voices are snippets of radio broadcasts, why not have a spectrum analyzer set up to sweep the AM band as the session runs? The spec an should be able to show any external radio frequencies present during the session. 7,3 KC8VSD. Yes I am an amateur radio operator (general class) and electronic engineer with 40 years experience.

    1. Tim says:

      Sounds like you know your stuff! I just checked out your site and saw your equipment. You are way ahead of most investigators out there and I hope you can apply your knowledge to ghost box communication soon. – Tim

  4. Adriana P says:

    Agreed. What else to say? We are ghost boxers. We are pioneers forging ahead into the final frontier. It is finally unfolding before us, and it is not a hoax; not all things that sound to good to be true, are too good to be true. I certainly feel like a broken record when trying to approach people about this, but no matter… because to me, this technology is revealing to us the greatest, most miraculous and empowering news since the dawn of man, and that alone is enough to keep a large grin on my face 24/7. Seriously, I walk around everyday thinking to myself constantly, “Omg, omg, omg… ” I guess this is what you do, after the craziest and most amazing gift ever is just casually dropped in your lap one day, by some sort of inexplicable grace….

    Why are we relentless in putting forth our claims? Because we have …. ***drumroll*** … EVIDENCE!!!!! Mountains and mountains of evidence, lol! We are up to our necks in evidence and what you hear on this site is just the tip of the iceberg of what ghost boxers collectively have in their personal files…. Why isn’t this on the evening news then, you ask? Beats me! But this technology, in its present state, has only been around for about a decade. Perhaps it’s going to take a little while longer to negate thousands upon thousands of years of ingrained human despair at the thought of death, to the point where people are willing to open their hearts and minds, and begin to believe their ears … Hardcore evidence of the existence of intelligent consciousness outside of the living biological human brain… We Haz It! Right here on this website. Believez it! =P

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