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Ernst Senkowski’s “Instrumentelle Transkommunikation”

Ernst Senkowski’s Instrumentelle Transkommunikation

Physicist Ernst Senkowski documented more about ITC than anyone to date. He was beloved in the ITC community and so revered that he received the first Honorary Nobel Prize for Afterlife and Paranormal Scientific Investigation for all of his valiant efforts towards bettering ITC knowledge. Dr. Senkowski was also the gentleman who first coined the term ITC: Instrumental Transcommunication.

Dr. Senkowski passed through to the other side of the veil on April 13, 2015 at the age of 92.


Dr. Ernst Senkowski’s Instrumentelle Transkommunikation Binding Cover

Instrumentelle Transkommunikation is simply put, THE BOOK. If you are a student of ITC, this is the book you must read. The book was first published in 1989 and has gone through several revisions up to 2004. Instumentelle Transkommunikation combines decades worth of research and knowledge and it is the go-to book for our field. If you want to learn the bulk of ITC history, this is the source you need. The only problem is that it has been published in German only, leaving most other language speakers unable to read this great work.

Luckily, Heidemarie Hallmann, of Germany, translated this book section by section. These sections until now have only been available as numerous web pages courtesy of Mark Macy’s WorldITC.org. I have taken it upon myself to gather all these sections and put them into a full document that is readable for all. This is the first time that the English-translated version of Instrumentelle Transkommunikation has been available in a single document. I am happy to give it to you with the hope that you will learn new things, absorb new ideas, and help further the progress of ITC.

Please note that the translated version layout has issues, but all of the information is present. The only glaring issue is the Appendix Section references will not match the page numbers in this PDF.

In memory of Dr. Ernst Senkowski (1922-2015).

You can download the ITC Voices assembled PDF version of Dr. Ernst Senkowski’s Instrumentelle Transkommunikation for free by clicking here.



  1. Peter Wright says:

    Since the creature called animal-man evolved onto this low energy planet we were all given the power to work at becoming HU-MAN but only those who have broken free from the brain washing authorities have made the transition and can move on to other energy fields. There is no such thing as nothing and no such thing as death as everything has to evolve with the Absolute at different times during each personality to free himself from ‘Ignorance.’ All love Peter.

  2. Debbie booth says:

    Thank you Tim been searching for this book for ages in English without any luck. I followed Ernst for a long time since watching calling earth So sad to know he had died not so long ago. Perhaps he will contact us from the other side with great news and information for us researchers.

  3. Stephoria says:

    Thanks for the download Tim.

  4. Yannis says:

    I didn’t know he had died so recently. It’s one of the greatest along the Greatests who left. He experienced and documented incredible things. It’s a very VERY big loss!

  5. Andy says:


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