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Electronic Voice Origins, an Early Observation

A logical breakdown of the origin of electronic voices by research psychologist Peter Bander…

Dr. Peter Bander's Voices From the Tapes“The ‘electronic voices,’ as they became known, first of all presented a puzzle to electronics experts: as the number of recordings increased, so the puzzle became more difficult because not only were the voices impossible to explain from a scientific point of view, but the contents of the speech, the communication of intelligible thought forms, presented additional problems. The first reaction, in accordance with our pre-conditioned reasoning, was to explain the voices as freak pick-ups or random radio waves. For about five years, scientists attempted to break this electronic mystery; it was then that a theory was put forward which is still under discussion today, that these voices must be of para-normal origin. The word para-normal simply means that something cannot be explained in normal physical terms. Normally, there is no room for anything para-normal in applied science: if the voices do not originate from random but accountable radio waves, then the only possibility of determining their origin lies in excluding all radio waves from manifesting themselves on an electro-magnetic tape by a process of elimination. This science can do and has done, but the voices continue to manifest themselves. The only logical action left therefore, was to consider where such voices could originate. Three possible sources are: –

  1. electronic impulses sent out by our subconscious mind and registered as human speech on the tape.
  2. voices transmitted by an unknown methods from perhaps another planet or an intelligent source somewhere in the universe.
  3. people who have died on this earth and try to retain communication with those who are still here: in fact, that the voices originate from where they say they do.

Another explanation of the phenomenon, might be that these voices are not there at all and are just imagined. This explanation can now be discarded as wrong, since voice recordings have been printed on a visible speech printer, and can also be seen on an oscilloscope where they register as visible impulses, we can only accept that they are really there.”

Peter Bander worked with all of the early EVP pioneers and there is much we can learn from his documentation. You can learn more about what Peter Bander wrote about by clicking here.

(Bander, Peter. Voices From the Tapes: Recordings From the Other World. 1973. P19)



  1. Seeker says:

    “But the contents of the speech, the communication of intelligible thought forms, presented additional problems.”

    To the unimaginative, the lack of a “logical explanation” is always a problem.

    “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you anywhere.” – Albert Einstein

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