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EchoVox ITC Session 021916

EchoVox and Counting Fingers

This session was pretty standard as far as EchoVox sessions go. It was a short session with some great validated communication.

You will see that they continually lament the fact that I cannot hear them speaking very clearly. While I love EchoVox, it still sound rather murky to me in real-time when compared to other ITC methods. That being said, EchoVox sessions always yield something special for me.

In this session they talk about me, mention my Tech “Tom” who didn’t appear to be present. There was possibly some crossing over that occurred. More importantly, they remark upon me turning towards a noise in the room when they tried to get my attention. The also remark upon my finger “pointing” when I touch a tablet. Finally, they give the correct number of fingers I am holding up.

Not bad for a session lasting a little more than two minutes!


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