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EchoVox at Pennhurst State School & Hospital

EchoVox Sessions with Amazing Real-Time Responses

Pennhurst Historical Marker

Pennhurst Historical Marker

EchoVox creator, Danny “Big Beard” Roberge, was invited to attend a private ghost hunt at Pennhurst State School and Hospital in 2014. Pennhurst State School and Hospital consists of a sprawling complex of buildings that is near the top of most every ghost hunter’s bucket list.

Using EchoVox at Pennhurst, Danny was able to glean several real-time responses with EchoVox that were direct answers to the questions being posed – even via reverse messages in the audio! Danny and the investigators also recorded something that is very important to investigators worldwide: the Others confirmed that they were interacting with the equipment the investigators were using.

One of the more exciting things observable in this video are the Others playing childrens’ games with the investigators and completing that were being sung. This demonstrates intelligent responses with intent which is what we seek from instrumental transcommunication.

Finally, you will hear a crossing over session of a child with confirmation it has taken place.

All-in-all, this video is an hour in length and it is certainly worth watching. This video further demonstrates that EchoVox is a great ITC tool that every ITC researcher, or ghost hunter, should add to their list of applicable investigation tools.

If you are interested in EchoVox, you can buy it at the Google Play Store for Android. If you are an IOS user, you can buy it via the Apple App Store.



  1. Thanks for this share, Tim. Look forward to viewing it. EchoVox is in our top drawer for investigations, as you know, and it’s great to see others (esp Danny!) actively providing evidence to the paranormal community about the efficacy of this marvelous ghost box. (BTW, love the new look of ITC Voices!)

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