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Do Ghost Boxes Create an Open Portal?

The Creation of a Portal During Ghost Box Sessions

by Bruce Halliday

What is the Portal Opened During Ghost Box Communication?

When I first started to use a Ghost Box to attempt communication with entities that were not of this physical world which was before anyone was doing any serious research or experimentation in this field, paranormal research had only a couple of people who even knew what a Ghost box was and they were using it as an instrument for monetary gain and not to further our knowledge of the paranormal or to establish a basis for legitimate communication with the spirit world.

I was more or less feeling my way in the dark as it where simply due to the fact that there was no one researching Ghost Box Communication or documenting any data or theories concerning the equipment or the communication itself.

As I stumbled through the first year or so of serious and intense research and experimentation I had an incident that would put me on a path of discovering the “Portal” or “Doorway” that the Box creates between our worlds when it is in session. The incident I am speaking of started when I began to experience light poltergeist activity in my home such as knocking, banging, small objects falling from my dresser etc.

This activity that was never present before in my home started me on a quest to figure out why and how it became established now!  I thought and thought about the possible causes, was I imagining the activity and attributing coincidence to spirit activity, did I get a spirit attachment from an investigation I was on and brought that spirit back to my home? What was the reason for these sudden incidences of paranormal activity?

The occurrences continued for days and it became apparent that something or someone was trying desperately to get my attention. The only explanation I could come up with was that my use of the Ghost box and the communication it facilitated had something to do with the present situation.

My first reaction was that the box may have possibly summoned up some demon or negative entity that was now in the process of plaguing my home, but when I thought about it the activity that was occurring was completely benign and non threatening so the chance of a demonic or negative presence took a back seat to just a wayward entity.

I had deliberated what to do for a short time and decided I would do a Ghost box session in my home to try and communicate with any spirit that may be there and try and find a reason for its presence. At this time in the research there were only two models of Ghost box the Frank’s Box and the Joe’s box, I was the owner of both but did not use the Frank’s box much due to its poor performance. I predominantly used the Joe’s Box in these early days of Ghost Box Communication; this was a while before the Hack boxes where even discovered by Bill Chappel and introduced to me.

I set up a quiet time to do the session when no one was home and prepared the Joe’s box and my recorder for the session. I started the session with a single question “Is there any spirits here in my home?” The question was answered with a loud and clear “YES” I proceeded to do the rest of the session and the messages I received led me to the conclusion that a wayward spirit had traveled through a portal that the Box in session had created and was stuck or stranded here when the session was shut down and the box was turned off. The Ghost Box needed to be in operation for the portal to be reopened and for the spirit to return to where it came from.

After the initial “Returning” session all poltergeist activity stopped!

After years of experience and hundreds upon hundreds of hours of communication with my spirit tech’s and friends on the other side I have established this theory.

The Ghost box when turned on and in session opens a portal between our physical world and the spirit world, this portal is opened in order to facilitate the open line of communication that flows between our two worlds. An exchange of energy and a melding of physical and spirit energy is created in order to form a bond that can deliver the communication back and forth live between our world and the spirit world.

This portal or open door is always necessary and is created whenever a ghost box is turned on, the doorway is never unattended! There is always a technician or guide spirit that is in attendance and is monitoring everything that is happening during a session, that includes any passage through this portal back or forth.

I have spoken many, many times on this topic and I always recommend that a protection ritual be done before a Ghost box session and a closing ritual be done before the session is closed and the box is turned off.

This is just a basic explanation of my theory of the open portal a ghost box creates and it is based on my long time experience and communication I have received from our spirit counterparts.



  1. Branden says:

    I recently used the xb7 spirit box app for android. I first turned it on and heard nothing. The second time however i asked is anybody was there with me and immediately heard ” I’m here..” i had about an hour session with an intelligent voice answering my questions. I asked if his name was jason and heard “no” then asked whom i was speaking to and got “my name is mike” It was an amazing experience and it wasn’t threatening and as far as i know i haven’t had any unwanted visitors since. I’ve been kind of scared to use it again after reading things online about negative spirits coming through spirit boxes. What are your thoughts on this? I feel as though i have a sense of knowing when something is around me and after reading up on things i believe i may be a sensitive. But really not sure about all of that stuff

  2. Frank Sumption says:

    I don’t beleive in portals. As far as I can tell, spirit exists in a higher state, or higher demension, as such, they have full access to our level–a lower plane. The ideas of portals, like most of what people think they know about the paranormal is moslty Hollywood. I’ve using boxes longer than anyone, doing EVP work since 2000, I don’t close the doors, don’t do any prayers, and never have any problems. This stuff “seems” to work on more subtle energies, where suggestion can be very powerful. Just my experience is all.


  3. jamie says:

    i have used the ouija board many times in my place and reccently bought a ghost box , how do i close the portal i have opened?? because locks have been lockin there selfs , cold spots , bangs , taps , whispers have been happanin past 2 weeks … one night i asked how many spirits were in the room and i heard 26 and at the end of the night i had writing down al the names i got and there was 26 names! they even told me what i was holding in my hands and the voices were clear as anything.

    1. Tim says:

      Like a Ouija Board, whenever you conduct a ghost box session you are inviting communication with the Other Side. I am not in agreeance with the idea of a portal being opened up just for ghost box sessions. I know that others in the field will disagree with this position.

      I believe that the world of spirit is always around us, there is no portal so to speak. It is a world of energy that we have yet to quantify and it most likely exists in a dimension we cannot see. I believe that the ghost box somehow transcends the perceptual barriers of dimensionality and allows energy recognizable on both sides to exist…that is the the energy of waves; specifically the waves between 20Hz and 20kHz (the audio range we can hear). Being in the third dimension, I liken us to being in an ant farm. All we know is the ant farm in an x, y, and z axis; but those in the 4th dimension and higher (which is where the Others may reside) can see us in the ant farm while at the same time recognizing the area surrounding it on planes we cannot comprehend.

      Because of this, to think that we somehow open a portal to communicate with another dimension does not work for me. If anything, it is they who are trying to communicate with us because they have a much bigger picture of dimensionality than we do.

      This does not address your problem though. As I stated earlier, when you let the Others know that you are ready to communicate then you have to be prepared for what you are experiencing. It has happened to me, and I am sure it has happened to other researchers as well. When you communicate with the Other Side it is like spray painting your phone number on a public wall, it is there for all to see and you never know who, or when, someone will call you.

      I have found that when they act up in my place I address them like I do when I am on an investigation. Except in my house, I ask them to leave me alone until I am ready to talk to them again. As you practice more, you will grow used to seeing shadows darting and the occasional taps or bangs. Other ghost boxers don’t experience this, but many of them don’t go on paranormal investigations nearly as much as I do. I have learned to get used to these events because of ghost hunting. I expect them to happen in the field and I used to be a little creeped out when they happened at my home, but then I figured that I go out into the field to find evidence and it was happening right around me. That’s when I decided I didn’t have a problem with the little noises! I know that I have an old lady who stays in my place, primarily she is in the kitchen, and a couple nights a week I hear cupboards rattling. I tell her to quiet down and she does.

      If you are not prepared to have them calling on you from time to time, you have to address the situation. You must tell them that when you end the session, you do not want to have contact with them again until the next time you turn the box on. When you use the box, you should be ready for cold spots and the like, it is par for the course. If your contacts are cooperative, they will leave. As you practice more and gain a rapport with the other side, you should be able to know who is visiting you just by their voice.

      It sounds as if you have a good connection with the other side and you should definitely not be put off by minor paranormal occurrences. When they start acting up, it is a good time to turn your box on and find out what they want. They could just be wanting to get your attention for some reason! When I notice a shadow person or feel a cold spot, I try to do a session right away because the communication seems to be richer!

      This is just my opinion. As you have undoubtedly read in the article above, Bruce believes that just closing down a session properly, like letting know you are about to hang up, is the proper way to close a portal. I agree you should let them know, it is the proper thing to do. But, if this process actually opens a portal, well that remains to be discovered.

      Good luck, Jamie.

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