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Direct Voice Telephone ITC Breakthrough

Rob Garcia of Elite Paranormal of Kansas City was on an investigation. His team uses a remote viewer for some investigations and while he was on the cell phone with the remote viewer, this direct voice ITC breaks through the phone call and is heard in real time by all listening and recorded.  The team believes it to say “Shut up.”



  1. Beth Emery-Stanley says:

    Could someone explain to me what a remote viewer is & how it’s used in conjunction with a cell phone for ITC? Thanks.

    1. ITC Voices says:

      You can google remote viewing for more information. Basically it is a highly trained individual who can project his or her consciousness to another location to observe what is happening. In this instance, the remote viewer also happens to be a sensitive. The remote viewer was speaking to Rob via a cellphone through a speaker so everyone could hear, describing the house and the souls that may still be there. The EVP happens over the phone conversation.

  2. Mary Bethune says:

    Very clear. That was great!!!!

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