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Crossing Over Spirits Into the Light

Crossing Over Spirits into the Light

by Tim Woolworth

Crossing Over Spirits into the Light using a Ghost Box.

Of all the communication that I receive through my ghost boxes, the cry for help is one that I pay the utmost attention to. If you were walking down the street and somebody yelled out “Help, I’m trapped,” you probably would not think twice about trying to help that person out. The same goes with the afterlife. Whether you dabble, or conduct serious research, if you spend a fair share of time with a ghost box you will probably hear someone crying out for help eventually.  I firmly believe that it is the duty of ghost boxers to help in crossing over spirits into the light through the use of a ghost box whenever possible and I hope this article will help you understand my process to do this.

Before I was heavy into ghost box communication, I was (and still am) a very active ghost hunter.  Through taps, bangs, and ghost hunting equipment, I could usually tell if a spirit was trapped.  This was where I developed my technique for helping spirits cross over, and I did it without hearing what they were saying.  When a spirit crosses over, the energy changes and if you are attuned to this, you can physically feel it.

But what is crossing over?

Well, if you are on this site you have undoubtedly read, or heard, about crossing over into the light upon death.  Tales of the “tunnel of light” with friends and family waiting to “bring you across” have pervaded our pop-culture from the many people who have had near death experiences, or NDE’s as they are called in the paranormal field.  Numerous psychics and ghost whisperers also concur that there is a white light upon death and you can go to any metaphysical bookshop or website to read about their interpretations.  But, as a ghost boxer, I can provide something that psychics cannot: audio evidence.

The first experience that I could not question was one I had in Gettysburg.  I was there in March, 2010 for a paranormal conference and I went exploring on a windy Friday afternoon.  As I went from battlefield to battlefield, I kept receiving amazingly clear communication from the other side, but the wind was making real time communication and recording difficult.  So eventually, I found my way to Little Round Top which is a large hill.  At the apex of this hill sits a miniature castle and it was in that castle that I finally received the clearest crossing over session I have yet to record.  I say clear because it was a longish conversation between me and at least two Others who eventually were crossed over without sweeping frequency interference.  It was at this point that I knew my technique worked.  Now, I would say that out of every three sessions, at least one of them has Others crying out for help.

So why do they need help?

Like every aspect of the paranormal field, I cannot answer with indisputable proof the reason why they are crying out for help.  I have gleaned my intuition, books, conversations with sensitives, and of course, my ghost box sessions to come to a well founded idea and that is good enough for me.  Following these inclinations have led to many successful crossing over sessions.

The cry for help is one from what we call earthbound spirits.  An earthbound spirit is one that missed their opportunity to go into the light after death.  The author Mary Ann Winkowsi, also known as The Ghost Whisperer, has stated in her book “When Ghosts Speak” that this light remains for a fixed amount of time and then dissipates.  According to her, the light will remain (if the process of death and subsequent internment follow a standard schedule without delay) for about 72 hours after burial and then it is gone.  Now I cannot say that this is true, but Mary Ann is a formidable voice in the paranormal field and I believe she knows this as fact.

Regardless of the amount of time the light is around after death, one thing for certain is that the light either disappears or the spirit moves about and cannot find the light again.  This traps them, in an energy state, without the ability to interact with us in the physical world.  Ultimately, this can extend into decades of being lost.  I have had cries of help from soldiers who died in the Revolutionary War!

When the spirits are trapped, it is my understanding that Others typically go back to the place where they spent most of their time. Voilà, the haunted house is born.  When the wayward soul finds his or herself in a world with which they cannot interact, they try to make sense of the confusion that their world has become.  To do this, they go through their daily routines while waiting for the light to reappear.  Most ghost hunters refer to this as residual type haunting; a type of haunting in which stored psychic energy is replayed at a location.  This is pure balderdash espoused on the ghost hunting television shows by investigators who haven’t the faintest grasp of physics. If you listen to their explanation, they say that continuous action makes an imprint. To hear these “experts” on popular ghost hunting shows say a residual haunting consists of, for example, somebody walking in a hall a lot while alive and so we hearing that today because the floor stored this repitive energy. Any wavelength in the EMF spectrum either passes through an object or bounces off it, energy cannot be stored in these mediums!

If the Others are crying out for help, or they say they are trapped, then you do not need to inform them that they are dead; they already know this and that is why they approached you during your communication with the other side.  As ghost box communicators, it is our responsibility to help these wayward spirits pass on into the light.  If the Others that need help have reached out to you, then you have to find a way to help them because who knows the next time somebody can help them; it could be hundreds of years before they find someone else to ask for help and that is a long time to suffer! I believe that eventually all trapped spirits will find the light someway. This is why no ghost box communicators are receiving communication from the middle ages or even the Renaissance. I have never spoken with a trapped spirit from earlier than the 18th century.

But how can we help them cross over when we cannot see the light ourselves?

The most obvious thing to do is tell them to “find a light and enter it;” but surprise, this rarely helps the Others at all.  If, in fact, they have been waiting for a light, then all you accomplish is to make them feel more hopeless and stranded.  So you need to understand how the light works and the psychology behind why a spirit may be trapped before you ever try to cross someone over.

The light is a portal between our physical plane and the afterlife, a different plane of existence that is too lengthy to explain in this document.  The transition between our plane and the afterlife is a natural one that everyone will experience upon death, regardless of religion, location or creed as our soul leaves our own physical body.  If the near death experiencers are right, then there are loved ones who help guide you through.

In a perfect death, this process would happen easily and there would be no trapped spirits.  As we all know, rare is perfection in this world.  A substantial portion of people who die do so suddenly and unexpectedly.  The shock of being alive in one moment in a physical form and dead the next moment only to exist in an energy form is unfathomable to the living.  The psychological stress this entails must be very cumbersome, let alone confusing.

One thing I always tell people is “as in life, so in death.”  When we die, we fall back on our crutches and thought processes that we had while living as soon as we are dead. In a time of absolute stress and anxiety, most people take time to think about their actions before acting impetuously.  This being the case, most spirits take time to understand their condition upon death before entering the light. This allows the Others to see family, friends, and their own burial if need be.  Some spirits want to remain here and watch over their families, or their business.  Others stay here because they were religiously oriented while living, and hence they fear the eternal judgment that many religions promise everyone will experience. Some are waiting for family members to join them. Others are just confused and scared. Eventually, those who stay, for whatever reason, will lose their ability to enter the light.

So we must help them.

I will outline a process here that has worked for me multiple times.  Every situation is unique and based upon the results you hear back from your ghost box, you may have to curtail your methods a little with each cry for help.

Typically, when I get someone calling for help, it quickly multiplies into two or more spirits crying out.  I usually don’t waste time asking what their names are, their history, or where they are located because these things do not matter.  The only thing which matters is that I help them as soon as possible because they have been stranded on this plane long enough, and I can provide much needed respite for them.

Their cries for help should be apparent to a ghost box listener during while conducting a session.  When I have an affirmation that there is one or more people who need help, I ask them to gather around me in a group.  If you have ever ghost hunted before, this is when you will feel the cold spot surrounding you.  For those who don’t ghost hunt, the hairs on your arms and legs will stand straight up, and you will feel quite a chill.

Once I know they are around me, I tell them to look for my spirit guides, the other people who surround me.  I ask if they can see my guides and wait for an affirmation.  I then tell those waiting to cross to grab the hands of my spirit guide or Tech, typically Tom, and they will be guided into the light.  I have received confirmation many times that this works.  I will often get “they left” or “they’re in” to let me know that they have crossed over.

It is not always so simple though.  I have received communications which say that my guides can only take two in at a time (I am assuming one for each hand).  If you get a positive statement that you have crossed someone over, you should always ask if there are Others that still need help because more people may be waiting.  I also will not stop trying to cross over a spirit until I get a positive affirmation from a communicator on the other side.  I need to hear that they have been crossed over before I stop.

During session’s where I do not receive a call for help, I try to ask before I hang up “does anyone need help before I go?” just to offer a last chance at assistance for those who may need it but did not speak.

Once a spirit is crossed over, it is not unusual for he or she to come back and say thank you.  I have found that their thank you statement is often much louder than their communication before they were crossed over, it is as if just crossing into the light energizes them in a way which makes them able to communicate clearer and louder.  It also provides validation that we can communicate not only with earthbound spirits, but with sprits that have passed over to the other side.

Knowing you have helped someone cross over can be a most fulfilling experience.  When done successfully, you have provided a service for someone who desperately needed it and have made their life better for it.  I think it should be the goal of every ghost box researcher to develop the techniques necessary to cross over spirits when they need it simply because it is the right thing to do.

If you have not heard a crossing over session conducted, I recommend that you watch the following video.  This is video of the crossing over session in Gettysburg and it remains to this day as the clearest audio of crossing over spirits into the light during a ghost box session I have yet to hear recorded:

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Some other videos including crossing over sessions are throughout this site. Three of the better ones are here:

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to email me: tim@itcvoices.org



  1. Denise Crank says:

    This site is so helpful. Thank you.It,s 4:08am and I,m trying to learn and cross over 2 sprits. This article is excellent! I just recently have started my ghost Box sessions and did receive and response the first time I used it amazing to hear I was also able to hear it without it which made it more interesting. I was pretty sure that I had an spirit around me for some time,Just wasn’t sure, but the P-SB7 confirmed it for me.It started out just like this describes. I wasn’t really sure at first how and what to do, but I wanted to do it right. They finally asked for “Help”. This is after a lot of pretty amazing events happening to me,First angry responses, from having dishes crash to an book flying off an shelf at me,my fiends radio coming on by it self,it wasn’t plugged up, he said it sounded like some really old music played, to my water in my house backing up to the point of almost having to get a plumber .I ran water at first it seem to be attracted to it, The most maybe the strangest thing was an electrical outage, seriously not just my house but the entire block for an half hour ,no ones knows why ,I,m not sure if this had any thing to do with this maybe not,the timing seemed so odd,it shocked me.and my friend. It acknowledged my cooking pot ,it said my “baby” it said I,m Hurt! damn you! and a threat ,seemed out of anger from the male protecting are hiding the female. As soon as I asked if he was preventing her to come forward it stopped, and the cry for help emerged. It was a relief for me it,s been days a few weeks to be exact But now for crossing this elderly women whose name is Margaret”. This article helped me so much I learned from it, “Tom” is and name I have heard before, So I hope this my good” tech’,and getting my guides to help them thru this again its a learning process and a delightful experience. Again I cant say enough to thank ITC Voices,For the excellent articles on their experience’s and knowledge, Still learning.

    1. ITC Voices says:

      Thank you for the kind words Denise. It makes all the work I put into this site worthwhile when I read that the content helps people in their understanding of, or communication with the other side.

  2. Anita says:

    Thank you.All of your info is exactly what I was looking for and wanting to do,if I decide to try my ghost box. I saw on videos that ppl using them tend to get many help cries,but just ignore then and I could not do that. I was also told to open the sessions with a blessing and close with the same.Thanks a million!

  3. AJ says:

    What about demons that come through the spirit boxes, how do you deal with them? It seems that I contact more inhuman spirits through the ghost box than anyone else.

    1. Anita says:

      Don’t talk to them,just ignore them and remember to open your sessions with a prayer allowing only love and light into your sessions and that you will not allow any negative energy in. I always have a cross,a piece of silver,usually a cross and a candle lit and say my prayer before I begin and make sure u close your session allowing all spirits to go back and tell them they must go back and cannot stay and thank them for talking….but close..just like with a board. You can alwayss burn some sage around your doors n windows if any negative activity continues to see if that will help.I got this advice after a very negative thing happened to us.

  4. darren says:

    How beautifully put. Thank you.
    Will try to cross my brother over using your advice.

  5. lee robinson says:

    Hi i have a gift and i have ghosts that come to me all the time cos ive been told that i will be able to help them i recorded just to see if my ghost would talk to me but i dint get my ghost i got what sounded like a female asking for help i heard it on 2 different recordings saying help me could u tell me how to help this trapped soul cross over plz cos i realy want to help

    1. Tim says:

      Helping someone across is not always the easiest thing to do. My technique is in the article above. The most important things are to be reassuring and confident when you tell them that it is OK to move on. Tell them to approach the spirits who surround you, your guides, and they can lead any lost souls across.

      I wish there was a definitive technique – if you have a gift like you believe you do, then it will come to you in time. There is no set method and I only recommend the above because I have received direct confirmation that this technique works through ghost box communication.

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