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Crossing Over Session Explanation

An Explanation of Crossing Over Sessions

by Bruce Halliday

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What is a Crossing Over Session?

“Cross Over Session” this is basically a Ghost box session that is done specifically to help an earthbound or lost and confused entity to “Cross Over” to the “Other Side” which is a term used to describe the spirit world or the plane of existence where the disembodied spirits go after the transition from the physical is made.

A Crossing session is usually initiated when communication is received during a Ghost box session that renders a plea for “Help” from an entity communicating through the ghost box. We can pursue this communication with questions that will help us understand the situation that this spirit is in and what they want from us or how we can help them. They have obviously sought us out and made a plea for help. I have found that “Help” comes in a few different forms and is not restrained to just offering the wayward spirit the help it needs to cross over but to help them understand what has happened to them why they are where they are and if we can help resolve any issues they may have in the way of possibly gathering some information for them or attempting to forward a message for them to a party that is here in the physical that they need to resolve an issue with, which by the way it is not a good idea to contact someone with a message from their dead relative that was received using a ghost box it does not usually go over to well!!

There is a process that should lead up to the actual aid in crossing the spirit into the proverbial “Light.”

My theory on why they seek help from us to cross over is that the box opens a portal or doorway to the other side and creating a strong flow of energy between our worlds this in turn will attract a wayward spirit in search of a way to get where he or she is supposed to be, because we are the facilitators of the session they will seek our help in understanding what this opportunity is and helping direct them to the point where they can cross over.

The crossing over session may be done immediately upon receiving the plea for help or may have to be done after some questioning in the same session or the situation can call for you to help the spirit to understand it’s situation and where it belongs and why, the main thing is to help them get where they need to be and therefore most of the time they will need more than just a basic crossing session.

You will have to deal with each unique situation as an individual but the basic protocol remains the same.

Crossing Over a lost and helpless spirit is one of the noblest tasks we can accomplish in this field of GBC, Helping others whether it be helping a grieving person to contact a loved one or friend who has passed or helping a spirit to realize it’s destiny and to cross into the light of spirit energy and find its way home to the loving arms of spirits of family and friends and take its place back among the whole spiritual consciousness is a calling we as GB communicators should strive to accomplish!



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