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Consciousness Projection: Voices of the Living through a Ghost Box

Soul Communication from the Living through a Ghost Box:

Questions and Observances about Consciousness Projection

The more communications we record, the more it becomes apparent that we know very little about who is communicating with us. We do not know the methods by which they are communicating, nor do we know how our ITC devices allow their communications to be made present here in our physical reality. One type of communication that solidifies the fact that we know practically nothing of the communications we are receiving is not the reception of the voices of the dead, but rather voices of the living.

I first recorded voices of the living in 2009. When I talk about voices of the living, I am not talking about voices of random individuals who walk amongst us today, but rather voices of persons personally known by the ghost boxer. Imagine sitting down, turning on what amounts to a broken radio, and hearing the voice of someone you know coming through the speaker. Or better yet, hearing the voice of someone sitting right next to you coming through the radio.

When you hear such voices, it throws everything you think you know about ITC voices in flux. We have been told by some of the ITC voices that they are dead. We have recorded voices that have no human tonal qualities whatsoever. We have recorded the voices of those known to us. As often written on this site, the only thing we can be certain about is that the communications coming through are a result of conscious intent from an unknown origin. We do not now who, or what, is communicating with us.

Recognized Voices

Stacey Jones

The first recognized voice I recorded from a living person came from a woman who was sitting next to me during a ghost box session in 2009. This session was being conducted on a Shack Hack model 20-125. This was from my days as a ghost hunter in New York with the Central New York Ghost Hunters. There were four of us sitting around the table and Stacey Jones was sitting to my right. You will hear the voice of Stacey come through the ghost box and then she will speak directly afterwards. This is a perfect example of a voice recorded in real time so no comparison voice needed to be recorded by Stacey. She heard the voice as something a little different in real-time. To my ears, it sounds like the radio voice is saying “In a way, that turns me on.”

Voice of Stacey Jones: “In a way…that turns me on.”

An Old Friend

The second recognized voice floored me. It is the voice of a dear friend whom I’ve known for almost twenty years. At the time this was recorded, we hadn’t spoken in several months and had lost contact for quite a while. He was still living in California and I was living in New York at the time. Then in the middle of a summer night in 2010, I was doing a Minibox Plus session and I recorded his voice saying my name in the same inflection like he used to do: “Timmy.” After the word “Timmy,” there is another word, “Carina” spoken in a rapid pace that is quite common in EVP and ghost box ITC. It is the inclusion of the word “Carina” that makes this clip so spectacular. In the interim time that we hadn’t been communicating, my friend met a woman who he is still with as of the time of this writing. Her name is Carina. I did not know this at the time of the recording and was only informed of this fact after I contacted him about the clip. It should be noted that my friend was asleep at the time of this recording.

Voice of a friend: “Timmy. Carina”

Fellow Investigator

The third recognized voice was recorded in 2011. I was conducting a routine Frank’s Box session with Box #72 at home at approximately two in the morning. Her voice came through quite clearly with a breakthrough communication. This woman was a fellow investigator with the Central New York Ghost Hunters and is still a dear friend. When I finally told her about this clip a couple years later (I hadn’t realized it was her voice until after I had moved to Michigan), she told me that she was most certainly asleep and at the time, she was actively trying to train herself for astral projection and lucid dreaming.

Voice of a friend: “Hey Tim.”

It was this last clip that stunned me due to the clarity of the recording. My friend had the brilliant idea of doing a comparison of the frequencies between the two recordings. While the recordings are not a direct match, they are very, very close. There are several bars of frequency intensity that are highlighted. The base frequencies up to about 700Hz are also very comparable. I would love to run this audio through a proper audio spectrogram for a more accurate comparison than what my audio software can provide.

Audio Frequency Comparison

This obviously begs the question: How can the voices of the living communicate through a ghost box?

I wish that I had a suitably scientific answer, but there isn’t one. However, I will suggest a possibility. In no way do I want the following to be representative of an absolute truth. I do ask that you read the following in hopes that it stimulates thought or future conversation in hopes of one day reaching an answer that is more codified.

Since you are reading this on a metaphysical website, you are probably of the mindset that all humans have a soul/spirit/astral body (whatever you wish to call it). Most persons, whether into paranormal studies or not, would agree. Much more divisive is the idea of where this soul exists. Many believe that the soul rests within the brain, heart, or the entire physical body.

I do not think that the soul resides at a physical location in the body. I think that there is a distinction between the soul and our physical body. To go hand-in-hand with this, I believe that there is a distinction to be made between brain and mind.

I’ll explain why this is important.

In my understanding of the brain/mind/spirit/body relationship, our human form, our physical bodies that we see every day, are nothing more that skin-suits our soul uses to interact with our physical surroundings. The brain takes care of what we do physically in the world. It regulates our body, creates memories, and basically serves as an interface for the mind. The mind is independent of our brain. It is the seat of consciousness and feelings and more importantly, it is the way your soul communicates with your brain. The mind is how the soul communicates with the physical body.

Soul Brain Mind Body connection

Modern scientist have been seeking the seat of the soul in the brain. They have yet to locate consciousness nor has science been able to qualify how an independent thought is formed. What science has successfully located are the subsections of the brain that interact with the body. That is the brain’s physical purpose.

Yet what makes you unique are your thoughts, your emotions, your consciousness and subconscious mind. Science will never locate consciousness until they start looking for sources beyond our physical bodies.

All of your intuitions, feelings, higher thoughts – I feel that these do not originate within the brain. They are your soul, or even possibly a soul group, communicating with you. I feel that this is how breakthroughs happen – those thoughts that flash and are recognized as truth from the moment you observe them in your “mind’s eye” (note that no one ever says “brain’s eye”). Tesla had them. Einstein had them. Frank Sumption had them. We all have had them at one time or another. We have all heard that little voice inside our head at one time or another.

Are these communications originating from the soul? I believe so. I also think that not only does your soul communicate with your body, but other souls do as well. This is all directed towards helping your soul interact with the world your physical body perceives. It also helps you interact with the various souls surrounding you every day in the form of other people.

So where does all this fit in with the topic of this article?

Please remember, this is just an observation I am making after thinking about this and having intuitions about this topic over the years so it may be way off-base.

When we conduct ghost box ITC sessions, or any type of ITC session for that matter, it is not our physical body doing the session. While we are viewing the session and hearing the session through our physical senses, it is our soul-self that is directing the session. Our soul-self is communicating directly with other souls in the realm they reside in, a realm most of us are cutoff from entirely. It is your soul-self communicating with the other souls that makes ITC ghost box communication possible (or real-life communication for that matter).

My thought process turned towards thinking this way in June, 2010, when I recorded a message that simply stated “There are two of you.” Unfortunately, that was a session recorded back when I did not keep very good records of my sessions and that clip appears to be in the ether.

Luckily, there is another clip I was able to find because I had uploaded it to Frank Sumption’s old EVP-ITC group on Yahoo after I recorded it in 2010 and the file was still there.

This “warning” informed my current thought process on the separation of mind/brain and soul/body. Giving advice in the form of a warning not to travel there because my soul is able had me perplexed for quite a while. The ITC voices say it is possible, so that ultimately lead me to formulate the idea that comprises the second half of this article.

Astral projection featured imageAccording to this audio clip, one’s soul is able to travel and interact within the world of spirit. This is not a new concept. The idea of astral projection (or astral travel) is one that has been a part of humanity’s thinking for thousands of years. As one travels in an OBE (out-of-body experience), there are no limitations from the physical form as the soul guides itself through the astral plane. This type of soul-separation from the physical is often associated with dream states, but also OBE’s can be obtained through concentration methods, sleeping and meditation. NDE’s (near death experience) have also been described by the experiencer as rising above the physical body and seeing it non-responsive while still being fully aware in soul form. One should also consider remote viewing as a form of separation of the soul-self from the physical. An object at a distance is traveled to by honing the mind’s eye (there’s that term again) to travel independently of the physical body.

So, can our soul-selves communicate through a ghost box?

I know the answer is a resounding “YES!” In the audio provided at the beginning of this article, it was made apparent that a living person can communicate at a distance through a ghost box. Note that two of the instances where this has been recorded were at times when the persons in concern were sleeping. The other clip, the one where Stacey’s voice comes through the ghost box while she is in the same room, offer support that the soul-self is separate from the physical self at all times. Her physical voice comes through the box right before she speaks.

When one extrapolates this a bit further, we may be able to get to the root of another part of the ghost boxing phenomenon. Those who ghost box regularly often report that questions will be answered before they are even asked – almost like the Others who communicate with us can detect what our physical selves are about to say in advance. This has happened to me on numerous occasions and I know it happens to others quite frequently.

A possible explanation for this may be that if our soul-selves and physical-selves are indeed separate entities, then there may be a delay. When higher thoughts are brought into the physical, they need to be first intentioned by the soul. This intention becomes part of the mind and then is interpreted by the physical brain. Only after this process can the thought become physically expressed by having the physical-self actually speak the question.

If our soul-self generates the intent in the realm of the Others, then is it not possible that the Others who are around may answer the question in a way that is received through a ghost box before that thought can go through its full course to become physically uttered?

It should also be noted that when we record voices through a ghost box, as stated earlier, many of those voices proclaim to be dead. Are the Others that we are recording souls that have no physical body (dead)? Maybe they are souls with a physical body actively sleeping? The questions pile up and the answers are mere guesswork at this time.

As I mentioned earlier, none of this is to be taken as fact. It is based upon intuition, audio evidence and a lot of thought (physical and otherwise). I hope that these ideas may help to foster conversation on this topic and I would love to read an alternative explanation!

Regardless of the method by which they are obtained, the recording of the voice of a living friend through a ghost box is absolutely fascinating. It bends every idea we have about the soul, independent consciousness, and with whom we are communicating. The fact that information was relayed to me about my friend’s new-found girlfriend shows me that these voices are not just mimics, but rather convey information intelligently.

As always, take from this what you will.

Thank you for reading. If you have any ideas related to this line of questioning, please feel free to comment below. If you have any recorded examples of this, please go to the ITC Voices Forum and post your examples.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at tim@itcvoices.org.



  1. Rodney says:

    i was at my shop I took the grost box there that you help me make ..and a friend listing to it i ask if you went to say your name .. and i ask it to touch me or him it said andy …and it touch my friend hat ..lol he said don,t say that …i said good bye …and three voices said good bye …and ok that was so cool thank you Tim Rodney

  2. Seeker says:

    Upon listening back on a recording, I once heard my own voice come back through the ghost box, echoing a subconscious thought. The room I was in had a lot of cigar smoke, I had spent a lot of time in that room with smokers, as a nonsmoker… and I heard myself in the recording saying that I cant stand the smoke. I definitely didnt say that out loud, but I was definitely feeling it. Using a spirit communication device, we must never forget that we ourselves are spirits, our living friends are spirits… no less than the physically deceased are spirits. Just like the microscope detects organisms on a microbiological level, just like a telescope detects all objects on an astronomical level, a ghost box detects… all that which is on the spirit level. It is just a tool which allows us a glimpse into a map or level of reality otherwise invisible to our naked five senses.

    1. ITC Voices says:

      As always, very well stated! I am glad that you had such an experience to help validate this phenomenon.

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