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Classification of Ghost Box Spiritual Communication

Who Are We Talking To: Classifying Ghost Box Voices

by Tim Woolworth

Who are we talking to? The Classification of Ghost Box Spiritual Communication.

This is always the question that turns in the back of a ghost boxers mind during every session.  We can never be sure whether we are communicating with a spirit, ET, or even the consciousness of  a living being.  It is impossible to know with absolute certainty the source of the voices that comes through a ghost box at any given time.

I personally have recorded the voices of friends, alive and well, both asleep and awake, both in my presence, and on the opposite coast, through different ghost boxes.  This still baffles me, but I am sure an answer will emerge in short time about this phenomenon.

One thing I am certain that the majority of the communications we receive are from people who once lived on the Earth.  I have several recordings where the Others refer to themselves as being dead.  I do not dispute this, after all, we do call these ghost boxes!

This article will not debate the nature of spirit; but it will try to explicate a classification of ghost box spiritual communication based upon certain traits.  What I have set forth here is in no way proven nor do I intend to represent this as concrete fact!  This is a pet theory of mine at the moment, but it is based upon the whole of my ITC ghost box experience.  I am hoping that as other ghost boxers read this article, they will add ideas or rebuttals to help improve this classification of spiritual communication through a ghost box.

That being said, I believe we receive communication from four types of spirits through our ghost boxes:

  • Those who want to cross into the light but aren’t sure how
  • Those who refuse to cross into the light
  • Those who have already crossed over into the light
  • Those who facilitate others crossing over into the light

These classifications of ghost box spiritual communication are just starting points.  Please let me know if you think that there is another general type of communication that we receive through ghost boxes so this theory can be added to or subtracted from.

Spiritual Beings who Actively ask us for Help

We are communicating with their side, and through some form of recognition of this fact yet unexplained, they think that we must have the capability to help them.

This is not surprising.  It reminds me of stepping into a big box store for the first time to search out an item.  I can wander around for a long time trying to find the right part of the store, and then finding the right aisle is a different story.  I typically allow myself to wander for a few minutes and if I do not make headway, I ask the nearest worker I can find.  In the afterlife, the Others can wander for several decades trying to find the light – but they cannot find the right aisle.  So, when someone comes along who obviously isn’t another wandering spirit in the big box store of the afterlife, they sometimes pick up the customer courtesy phone and page for help through our speakers.

These are the spiritual contacts that I pay the most attention to.  I have a soft spot for people, alive or dead, who are in need – especially if it within my capability to help them.  With these types  of contacts, I immediately try to conduct a crossing over session and if all goes well, then these wandering Others are no longer lost.  There have been several occasions where after a spirit has been crossed over, they come back to say thanks.  As a ghost boxer, I find that there is nothing more personally gratifying than this experience.

Spiritual Beings who are Obstinate

Upon death, I firmly believe that there is a light.  This has been reported for decades; it has been studied by medical doctors and psychologists, and the evidence points towards a collective experience of going into the light upon death.  Unfortunately, there are some who do not make this journey.

I have already discussed one type of spiritual being: those who missed the light but actively seek to find it again.  Then there are those that refuse to cross into the light and choose to remain wholly “earthbound.”

From my understanding, when in the earthbound plane, life is a place where few things makes sense.  These spirits try to codify their world by traveling in groups.  If you have practiced ghost boxing for any amount of time, you have experienced this type of group communication.  Several voices try to come through, sometimes talking over one another to be heard.

These earthbound spirits are very lonely despite traveling in groups.  The death that they experienced seems to have no end.   Life has reached its nadir, and now there is nothing, no meaning.  They live in a plane of despair, very akin to the Catholic notion of limbo.  Imagine you are one of these earthbound spirits, stuck in a world within which you cannot interact.  You can see the living enjoying their lives, and crying through sorrows.  You see the living in all stages of life from birth to death, but you cannot communicate with them.

This world is not a pleasant place, it is full of Others experiencing the same thing.  Being stuck in a “limbo” of sorts for years upon end would fill anyone with despair, hopelessness, and anger.  It is no surprise that when we get the earthbounds coming through, they swear at us, threaten us, and make for generally unpleasant conversation partners.  On rare occasions, these spirits (who may have been vile while living) grow to despise the living and  can find a way to lash out at the living physically.  Voilà, the legend of the demon is born.

There are ghost boxers who attract the obstinate earthbound spirit regularly; I am not sure why this is, but I think our general mood and outlook on life plays a big part.  Like attracts like is a universal principle after all!

But why do they stay?

Some may stay because they fear the religious judgement that awaits all followers of the major religions.  The light becomes the eternal judge, jury, and executioner for these believers.  Because all humans are inherently sinful at times in their life, and guilt is a fact of life, the fear of this judgement for the devout can be overwhelming.  Therefore upon  death, some spirits shy away from the light in hopes of rectifying their sins before being judged.  It saddens me greatly that an ideology can not only dictate ones living years, but also the time spent in death.

Other spiritual beings avoid the light because they are attached to life itself.  They want to continue to check in on family and business matters.  Some even remain because they loved a possession too much (giving us haunted objects and houses).

The important thing that we need to know as ghost boxers is that some of these earthbound spirits do not want our help.  They may have spent several decades wandering the earthbound plane, but they are not willing to give it up yet because of the same reason they did not enter the light in the first place.

So along comes Joe (or Jane) Ghostboxer who starts saying that the light is heaven and the angels can bring them across.  In my mind, this is a very ignorant approach to trying to help any earthbound spirit.  I have recorded several voices saying that there is no heaven.  I firmly believe this myself, but this article is not the place for a lengthy discussion upon that topic.

More importantly, saying that they need to go into the light to find heaven is like rubbing salt in an open wound for those spirits who avoided the light because they feared judgement in the first place!

It is really hard to help someone who does not want it.  I have been able to do it on very rare occasions, but it requires only the most positively focused intentionality AND help from the other side.  You can’t tell a spirit to go because you have no power over it.  You must be congenial, loving, understanding, and absolutely positive in your demeanor if you hope to get through to these spirits.

For this reason, I only help those who ask for it.  I have a suspicion that everyone finds the light eventually; the ghost box communications that the bulk of us receive are from spirits who have departed in the last couple hundred years.  The oldest spirit I have confirmed communication with died during the Revolutionary War.

Those who have Crossed Over into the Light

The spirits who have already crossed over into the light remain some of the most affirming communications a ghost boxer can receive.  These beings are almost universally positive with their messages.  The will call ghost boxers by name and tell them that they love them.

These voices I have found to be louder than the earthbound communications.  They have more power, but often can be of a higher pitch.  The ones who have crossed over are prone to singing their messages in a higher register that is easily missed unless you have tuned your ears to listen for them.

It is important to note that those who have crossed over are often wiser than earthbounds.  Some ghost boxers receive predictions from these spirits, but I am not one of these lucky few communicators.

If you are trying to conduct a cross over session, you should take note of the existence of the spirits who have crossed over into the light.  When trying to convince a spirit to cross over, a big selling point is the fact that they can come back through once they know how to use the light as a portal.  They can come back to check on family and friends at any time.

I believe that some of these spirits become what we know as technicians, or techs in ghost boxer language.

The Technicians and Their Role on the Other Side

The technicians have been making themselves known for as long as ITC researchers have utilized audio.  I will be writing a full article on technicians very shortly, so I will not go into depth on the topic here.

I am convinced that technicians are around for every session a ghost boxer conducts, even though they might not make themselves known to the the ghost boxer during a session.  These are the facilitators of conversation, and they are also the ushers into the light for those who need it.

My main technician, who is known to me and several other ghost boxers, goes by the name of Tom.  He is almost always present for my sessions and announces his presence by stating his name.  Tom has communicated with me at all hours of the day (or night) and in several different states.  Because of how Tom has worked with me in the past, I am sure that technicians help the earthbound spirits find the light ALL THE TIME.

For example, I was trying out a new hack, the RS 588 turbo hack, and halfway through my session I was conducting a crossing over session.  It was a new box and I had severe problems hearing the communication so I told them I would switch to a more familiar sounding box to continue the session.  When I turned on the other box, Tom was there and he said “we got them,” meaning he had crossed them over.

I am sure that Tom, and the others like him, have crossed over in the past and they are the ambassadors of light.  They try to help the earthbound spirits find their way, and they also find spirits that you may be requesting by name.  When the Others come to you for help, and your technicians are there, crossing them over becomes a non-issue.

When I first started, I used to try to coax lost spirits into the higher realms by stating that this this was the natural progression of things; there is no judgement – only purity and love; family and friends await; etc.  After I realized that the techs are the ones doing the work, I relaxed quite a bit.  Now, when an Other asks for help through the ghost box, I ask Tom if he can help them across.

It almost always happens.

So Know who You’re Talking to!

Every type of spiritual being that we converse with through our ghost boxes requires a different mindset.  With practice, hopefully you will learn to recognize the different types of spiritual communicators and thereby strengthen the way you conduct your sessions.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to email me: tim@itcvoices.org



  1. Jeremy Michael Bloxsom says:

    Great article, Tim. I agree with pretty much everything you said. Your ghost boxing experiences parallel with many of my own. I have yet to learn the names of any of my technicians, but I do consistently receive transmitted messages from Earthbound spirits asking me for help.

    Many of these individuals seem to be living in a great deal of fear. A lot of them come across as religious extremists who refuse to crossover due to fear of judgment. I’ve had them tell me that I’m “going to hell” for what I’m doing, and that I should “repent”. They use the word “demon” quite a bit, too. Not sure if they’re directing it at me or what. Several years ago I was experimenting with the SpeakJet allophone EVP technique, and I asked the entities to describe their space for me. One of them replied with “in dark space”. I assume they were referring to one of the lower dimensional levels or Earthbound realms.

    I’m not sure if you’ve seen the video where Steve Huff’s Joe’s box dies, but before it stopped operating it sounded like a conversation was possibly taking place between a distressed Earthbound spirit who was fearing judgment and a missionary worker from the higher realms who was trying to cross him over (that’s how I interpreted it, anyways). It almost seemed like the missionary was attempting to convince the Earthbound spirit that he would be given a “fresh start and clean slate” if he crossed over, and that he didn’t have to fear being judged. It’s a really powerful video. Here’s the link:


    What you said at the beginning of the article was highly synchronistic. During one of my recent Andy’s box sessions, I swear I recorded my friend’s voice saying “Message your bro, bro”. He’s alive and well (currently living in Ireland). He has a distinct Irish accent, and he often called me “bro”. He and I haven’t talked in a couple of years. We had a pretty big fight. Do you think this could have been his subconscious talking to me? Or his higher self? Possibly a version of him that was existing in a parallel dimension or reality?

    Something else that occurred earlier this year… I had the name “Zip” come through back in January during one of my RadioShack 12-587 sessions. About a month and a half earlier, Andrew Openlander recorded the same exact name in what sounded like the same exact voice while he was testing box #43. I created a side by side comparison of both of these voices (the “Zip” that I recorded as well as the “Zip” that Andy recorded). They sound nearly identical. I uploaded the file to Sound Cloud and showed Andy. He agrees that it was the same exact spirit communicating with both of us. I’m not sure if “Zip” is a technician or if he just enjoys drifting from researcher to researcher. Here’s the link to the Sound Cloud file, though:


    Back to the Earthbound spirits… I think many of them may also be trapped because they have Earthly/materialistic fixations and addictions. I’m guessing there are quite a few Earthbound alcoholics and drug addicts. Tragic, sudden death (including suicide and murder) seems to be another likely reason why a spirit would remain Earthbound. This is just theory, of course, but it has been said that many of them aren’t even aware that they’re dead. They’re walking around in a state of total confusion.

    A lot of them undoubtedly miss their families, too. Many voices of what sound to be Earthbound kids have been recorded over the years. One EVP I heard on the Art Bell show a few years ago was of a little girl asking “Can you help me find my dad?”. This really disturbs me (the thought of children being Earthbound). I can see how easily it would happen, though… I can’t even imagine what it would be like for a child to die suddenly and tragically… Instantly finding themselves in a new, unfamiliar dimensional environment. They’d be scared to death. I can easily see why they’d want to attempt to cling to their families and what’s familiar to them.

    Some of the time it sounds as though I’m eavesdropping on conversations between multiple entities. That leads me to wonder whether some of them are even aware that we can hear them. Do you think it’s possible that we’re listening in on conversations that are taking place in parallel dimensions or different time period dimensions? I’m not sure if you’ve heard of what are known as “time slips”, but people will spontaneously find their surrounding environments transformed back to how they looked sometime in the distant past. The looks of the buildings around them will change, and the people around them will be wearing old fashioned clothing. It’s almost like a temporary inter-blending of dimensions.

    If the theory is true that there are an infinite number of dimensions all around us (existing as different wavelengths vibrating at different frequencies and sharing the same space as us; much like different radio stations or TV channels) then perhaps there are time dimensions that we can tune into (past and potentially even future timelines). Just a thought. I’ve been entertaining the idea for a while now. It’s pretty far down the rabbit hole, but it makes a great deal of sense to me for some reason. I’m not sure if you’ve seen the movie “Frequency”, Tim, but the concept I’m talking about is portrayed perfectly in that film. Here’s the trailer:


    Sorry for the lengthy reply. Just had a lot to say. I could probably talk about this topic nonstop. There’s a countless number of theories to contemplate. I really enjoyed the article, though. Thanks for writing it.


    1. ITC Voices says:

      You certainly hit on a lot of topics Jeremy – each one deserving it’s own post. I feel I would write a book here if I tried to reply to all your points. I watched the Huff Box video when he posted it. I am still not convinced that wasn’t radio broadcast – he was in the desert and if you’ve ever been to the desert about the only thing you can pick up is Christian Radio.

      Techs do go from person to person. Many of us get the same individuals, I have not encountered a “Zip,” yet though.

      I do have to disagree with one point because of what I’ve recorded. I have had them tell me on multiple occasions that they are “dead.” They seem to know this. I cannot imagine that the experience of dying would be one that could be shrugged off once you pass through to the other side. I cannot state this as fact though!

      I have recorded living beings on several occasions and it is a topic I am working into an article very soon. It never ceases to amaze me when I listen to those few clips where I know for fact I have recorded the voices of people I know well.

      A YouTube commenter on one of my videos called like sitting in a cafe, but the idea of listening in on them is often like eavesdropping. I think the ‘cafe effect’ is a wonderful name for this type of communication.

      On another note, you sound like you have a lot of experience and if you ever want to write them down in an article form, I’d gladly make sure it is published for you here. Cheers and thanks for reading!

  2. Peter Grenader says:

    Respectfully submitted: I appreciate your views here, but they are just that: opinions formed from a long list of assumptions. Even if “Tom” were to tell you the rules of the afterlife, you would have no idea if he was being truthful or intentionally misleading you, or even not knowing himself and making his own conjectures.

    Now let’s say that in the collective of investigators, a few commons ‘facts’ were to arise globally – so taking that average these must have a baring. Well… no. The GOP’s ‘talking points’ give an example in this life how a group of people are willing to recite a script regardless of it’s factual content. We don’t know if they are telling us how it is, or how they are told to tell us how it is.

    Not trying to be argumentative here. Bottom line, while is seems there is proof that some sort of existence survives death, we really have no idea about it’s rules of engagement and never will for the reasons stated.

    1. Adriana says:

      I respectfully disagree that we can never know anything at all for sure. There is a difference between “talking points”, and claims backed up by physical evidence. Audio is physical evidence. Multiple people’s collective audio is even stronger physical evidence. See the collective evidence board on our forum.

    2. Tim says:


      Thank you for your input. I agree that we cannot know concretely the rules of the afterlife. In no way have I stated that this would be the case. If fact, I quote from above “What I have set forth here is in no way proven nor do I intend to represent this as concrete fact,” and “It is impossible to know with absolute certainty the source of the voices that comes through a ghost box at any given time!”

      We do not know the rules of engagement with the other side which is why this article was written, like all articles I’ve penned so far. They are a starting point to build a collective knowledge. Articles like this are supposed to be provocative and hopefully other ghost boxers will either agree or disagree – but most importantly, form a valid opinion as to why they agree or disagree and write an article explaining their opinion. I invite you, and all other ghost boxers, to draft ideas and we will gladly get them posted on the web.

      As stated above ” I am hoping that as other ghost boxers read this article, they will add ideas or rebuttals to help improve this classification of spiritual communication through a ghost box.”


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