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What Changes When You Die?

Martin Coleman sums up what it is like to become spirit after death…

“When a person dies they are no wiser than they were when they were alive. There is no special knowledge gained through the process of death. The dead spirit will have the same beliefs, prejudices, and interests that it had as a living person. The major change that death brings is a change in the spirit’s perspective. For one thing, even the most skeptical person will believe, as a spirit, in life after death. For another, even the most devoutly religious of the deceased spirits realizes eventually that the religion they practiced when they were alive is of little real benefit to them in their after death state. However, the spirit will still maintain the superstitions and beliefs of the religious practice which he or she knew, or which he or she practiced while still alive.”

(Necromancer Martin Coleman. Communing With The Spirits. 15)



  1. Bruce Grainger says:

    This is going to sound weird but then consider a forum where some is asking questions of dead people on the internet and expecting answers. I am open minded as far as the spirit world goes. It is much like a grave waiting to be filled with answers . Until I actually see the body in the ground it is just a hole . Now this is more like the questions I have about spirit communications. This is one of those situations where I would like proof and visible answers that meet my requirements but I do not want to be the one giving the body of proof. Do you have such viable and distinct proof?

    1. ITC Voices says:

      Bruce – I am not quite clear on what you are asking… you seek “such viable and distinct proof,” but are not clear about what. If you are referring to this particular post, it is one view quoted verbatim from someone regarding spirits after death. The quotes on this site provide source material for people to draw their own conclusions and in no way are represented by this site as “proof,” of anything. If you are looking for proof regarding ghost boxes and the world of spirit, well, there is no one “proof,” that can prove anything of the sort – but there are numerous audio clips and videos not only on this site, but on the personal sites of ghost boxers, facebook groups and internet media. One day, I do hope to record something like “Hi, I am a dead person and I am speaking to you from the spirit realm through this device you hold in your hands,” but there will still be people who do not consider it as “proof.” The best bet is to get (or build) a ghost box of your own and see if it works for you and whether that constitutes enough “proof” for you.

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